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  1. Okay. This will be a pretty simple freeform sort of Fantasy RP, where we'll be making up the world as we go along. It might be sci-fi/fantasy, or it might not, it depends on what the players decide to do.

    There is a bit of a writing challenge to this RP. Like most RPs, you write up a character sheet, and you play a character in the RP. The gimmick here is that you don't make your character, you make someone else's; and you play a character made by someone else.

    So here's how it works. If you'd like to participate in this thing, make a post requesting that someone else make a character for you. If you want, you can specify one or two things that you want your character to be or not be, but please don't go overboard with this as it ruins the whole fun of the idea if you specify so many things that the person making your character can't help but make exactly the character you would have just made for yourself anyway. Then, someone else who has requested a character (or while requesting a character) will create your character and post them in this thread, using the following template (delete the stuff in parentheses):
    Show Spoiler
    [b]Player Name:[/b]
    [B]Character Name:[/B]
    [B]Class:[/B] (This would be one or two words that sum up in very general terms the character's occupation and skills. You know, something like "mage", "warrior", "thief," or "woodcutter".)
    [B]Strengths:[/B] (All characteristics that could be considered an advantage, be it in a fight, in persuasion, in research--anywhere.)
    [B]Weaknesses:[/B] (All characteristics that could be considered a disadvantage.)
    [B]More:[/B] (Any characteristics that are not particularly a strength or a weakness, including things that could be used as either and things that aren't terribly important.)
    [B]Personality:[/B] (How he or she tends to act. We're looking for a basic framework here more than an every-detail-covered explanation; try to leave in some wiggle room.)
    [B]Morals:[/B] (How does this character's ethics work? How does (s)he define "right" and "wrong"?)
    [B]History:[/B] (This section is optional; if you choose not to fill it, the person playing the character will do so. In the latter case, it must fit with the above, of course.)

    If there is anything in the character created for you that you feel you absolutely can not play, then you can change it. This is only if it's just completely impossible for you to write that particular part of the character; otherwise, please play the hand you're dealt. Other than that, your character will be added, and once we have a good 3 or 4 characters to go on, I'll start up the IC thread.

    Now, this is intended to be a setup where for every character requested, a player creates a character for someone else. But if you're really uncomfortable with making a character, or really want to make a character for someone but not play them, please get together with a person of the other of those two dispositions and work it out. Also, you can have up to 3 characters per player in this RP, but please just start with one for a while unless you really want to play two interrelated characters like twins or something.

    I will keep in the area below a catalog of who has requested/made characters, and links to the character sheets:

    1. Xindaris
    -Andronica Perrain (by Quiet One)

    2. Quiet One
    -Vivek Aharya (by Psychedelic)

    3. Psychedelic
    Kain Lysander (by Xindaris)

    4. Becca Malik
    -Alisa Marsh (by Fox in a Lab Coat)

    5. Fox in a Lab Coat
    -Elirendel "Eli" Lorraine (by Xindaris)

    6. Knight Thaniel
    -Elvira Summers (by Becca Malik+Xindaris)

    7. Jalein Draconian

    Finally, of course, I am requesting a character. I'd like it to be someone who has a great amount of power, but it's sealed up for some reason. Whether or not they know about this power or have used it in the past is up to you.
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  2. I think I can post make that character for you, but not now. I'll be back in an hour.
  3. Character request right here. And of course, I'll make someone elses...

    Awesome idea, by the way.
  4. Could someone do a character for me? And I will make a character for you, Psychadelic!
  5. Player name: Xindaris
    Character name: Andronica Perrain
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Andronica's hair was bleached white by the magic that made her a Shifter. She stands at 5'6", and has a thin, slender frame. Her eyes change to match the eye color of whoever she's looking at. Her appearance is perhaps the least permanent thing about her, though, as it changes so easily and so often.
    Class: Spiritual being - nomad
    Strengths: Being a Shifter gives her the ability to take on another person's attributes. Not only does she gain their abilities, she also gains insight into their thoughts, some of the stronger aspects of their personality, and mild traits of their physical appearance (example: change in hair color, growing another inch or two etc.)
    Weaknesses: This same ability damages her sense of self. She can easily become swept away by other people's emotions if they're powerful enough. If she gets too far gone, she can forget who she is for a short time.
    More: She can spend hours at a time meditating, trying to lock herself in place so that she has some sense of control.
    Personality: A fighter, Andronica tries her hardest to retain her sense of self, to keep track of who she is, but her powers sometimes make that difficult, even impossible. While she is honored that the gods would choose her, she often wishes they had not. She wants to fulfill her destiny soon, so that she may find someone, settle down, and return to something of a normal life.
    Morals: The gods would not have chosen her to wield such power unless she was pure of heart. Andronica avoids violence for as long as she can, using her powers for what they were meant for: negotiating peace. She is naturally repelled by violence and hate. Sometimes it can make her physically sick. She can not, however, ignore a helpless being in danger.
    History: Andronica was one of three daughters born to the finest golem-maker in the world. His creations were great and powerful, yet he was a poor struggling man. Andronica's sisters had married and left the hard life of their father behind. She hated them for that. Her father did not make enough to earn a living, because the lord of their city was a cruel sorcerer and would not pay full price for all his mechanical guards. She assisted her father in bringing the golems to life, drawing energy from her own soul to animate them.

    As they did not earn enough, Andronica took to stealing to make the difference, and keep her father in business. One night, while she was off, the sorcerer/king came to her father and commanded he make the most powerful golem to ever exist. He reluctantly agreed, not knowing that the sorcerer planned to use his soul to power the monstrosity. When Andronica returned and found her father dead, she sought revenge on the sorcerer/king, but failed.

    Run out of the city, ashamed and defeated, Andronica prayed to the gods of the elements to grant her the strength and the power to avenge her father. The gods agreed, but told her that she must watch over their creations, and prevent them from destroying each other. Once their people were safe, she would be allowed peace. Andronica knew she would know no peace so long as the sorcerer/king lived, and agreed. They filled her with white light and gave her the power of the Shift, and when she faced the sorcerer/king again, she destroyed him.

    But her destiny was not finished, and so has wandered ever since, protecting people from one another, holding off fueds and wars, keeping everyone from harming themselves, while they unknowingly harm her.
  6. Quiet One, I'm not exactly sure if that qualifies as a person with a sealed great power, but I seriously don't care because Andronica is too dang cool a character. So I'll take it. To be clear, Andronica's shifting ability is activated at will, not involuntarily, right? Also..I derped in the first post, thinking that [noparse]
    [/noparse] tags would work like [noparse][noparse][/noparse] ones. Would you mind editing in the bolding in the character sheet format?
    And, in an effort to make the network of who-made-whose-character more interesting by avoiding direct trades, I'll make a character for you, Becca. (Since otherwise with the current setup and one made per one requested I would be making Quiet One's..)
    If nobody else shows up (and I'm hoping more people do of course), this would leave Psychedelic making Quiet One's character.
  7. An awesome idea! :D I would love to request a character. I'll get an opportunity to make one later in the day. ^_^
  8. Yep, one character for Quiet One coming up.
  9. Psychedelic, look forward to seeing it.

    Xindaris: Most of the time, her power is activated at will, but if another person's emotional state is too strong, she may get caught up in it. As I've stated, she has a hard time keeping track of herself. Also, I will go back and bold everything.
  10. Hmm OK, here's the setup as we have now (with --> meaning "makes a character for")
    Quiet One-->Xindaris-->Becca-->Psychedelic-->Quiet One
    To add Fox to the bunch, I'd like to do this:
    Quiet One-->Xindaris-->Fox in a Lab Coat-->Becca-->Psychedelic-->Quiet One
    So I'd be making a character for Fox instead.

    If there are no objections to that..Fox, I have a kind of half-formed idea but want to be sure you'll be okay with it first. Would you be comfortable with playing a Chivalrous Pervert? If not I'll come up with something else.

    Quiet One, I thought of more questions because I tend to be super pedantic about magic powers work. I'm weird like that. If you don't really know/care about these details let me know and I'll decide on them...
    -Can she "unshift" and return to the base, white-haired form at will regardless of who's present (assuming the emotional states nearby are stable enough to do so), or does she need to be alone to do that?
    -How would the physical appearance aspect of the power react to partially or fully non-humanoid people? Like, if she used it on a centaur or some kind of sentient lemur would she gain some small animal-like aspects or only change to emulate the traits that the species has in common with humans (like hair/eye color)?
    -Would someone with a magic power that effectively "resists magic" short-circuit her ability to shift to or from that form, since the shifting is a kind of magic that applies to herself? Or would she just not gain that ability as a failsafe?
  11. Is there anything in particular you do/don't want?
  12. Works great for me, Xindaris! I welcome the challenge to try new things. ^_^ As long as there is more to the character than the one trope alone.

    Alright! I'll work on a character for Becca. ^_^
  13. Player Name: Fox in a Lab Coat

    Character Name: Elirendel "Eli" Lorraine
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Elf
    Age: 29
    Appearance: Elirendel is a handsome, well-cut man of average height with rich dark eyes, flowing black locks down to his shoulders and a wild, but short moustache-goatee hybrid surrounding a nearly ever-smiling face. His ears are only slightly pointed, the tips hidden by his hair, but his fair appearance can easily betray his elvish heritage. He wears fancy clothes, not quite up to the standards of a noble but flashy enough to catch attention. He always has a shortsword sheathed by his side and a lute on his back--when it's not in his hands, being played.
    Show Spoiler
    (because I am bad at describing clothes in detail, and this pretty perfectly captures the character)

    Class: Magical bard. No, seriously.
    Strengths: Eli is a brilliant musician, trained in a number of instruments, and singing, and even has a knack for composing. But, one might say, what good is that in a fight? Well, Eli is also talented in Spellsong, a very special kind of magic that allows his music to woo the elements themselves to his command. If he so chooses, the fire and rain, lightning and rocks move to the tune of his songs; underestimating him could well be the last thing an enemy does. A true mage would outmatch him, of course, but he can get by. He is also a literate man, of course, fairly well-versed in literature and arts, and not entirely unaware of political situations and histories. Finally, he doesn't keep his sword around just for looks; he could use it to defend himself or others in a pinch. He is a fairly charismatic fellow, hard to hate and easy to get along with most of the time.
    Weaknesses: As mentioned before, Eli's magic is not as powerful as that of a true mage, and it can be a bit touchy in how it reacts to his music. Years of practice have eliminated almost all rhythmic accidents, but when they do happen, they happen at the most inconvenient of times. Eli is extremely fond of his lute, and harming or stealing it would be an easy way to enrage him (one of the few ways that can ever happen). While he is an excellent musician, poor Eli just can't seem to get a handle on poetry. It's not for lack of trying, as he would rather not rely on poetry written by others, but every time he tries to utter or sing something poetic, meaningful, or romantic it comes out as dull, tacky, tasteless, or worse--offensive. His skill with the sword is mediocre--he knows how not to cut himself, but a true swordsman would easily outmaneuver him. He was taught in prim, proper fencing classes, so he would have trouble adapting those skills to a chaotic situation.
    More: Eli will go out of his way to help a lady in distress. This benevolence doesn't tend to extend to men quite as quickly, although he likes to be a nice guy and help people when he can. He isn't above fighting a woman in self-defense, but he finds it a bit distasteful and will attempt diplomacy first.

    Personality: Eli is a cheerful, intelligent fellow, generally eager to make a good impression on people. He has a good, if rowdy, sense of humor, and a harmonious laugh to match. He loves the look and feel of a beautiful woman, and will often go out of his way to impress one. However, he won't do anything untoward, and will defend a lady's honor rather than allow it to be tarnished, or tarnish it himself. When he hits on women, he tends to have some idea of how far he can go while still being able to safely back off and play it as a joke, but sometimes he misjudges by a bit, and occasionally he goes a bit past that line anyway. In the end, he really just wants other people to be happy, even if it comes from a joke at his own expense.
    Morals: Elirendel doesn't have a precise set of rules in his head for what's right and what's wrong, but when he sees a villain he calls it a villain. Anyone harassing or harming a clearly innocent lady is a villain, naturally. He'll generally try to avoid breaking the law because being a criminal is a lot of trouble and gets one lumped in with all the wrong kinds of people, but if the law or an officer thereof is clearly the villain in his eyes he has no qualms saving someone from it. There is always a risk he will jump to the wrong conclusion, but if he finds this is the case he won't be stubborn about it.

    History: Elirendel was born the 7th child of 14 under the roof of the Lorraines, a low-ranking noble house in a little kingdom that knows long years of peace because all the bigger kingdoms around it don't think it's worth the trouble to conquer. He was groomed to be a knight, and picked up on the artistic and chivalrous parts of his training much quicker than the whole "wearing armor, using lances and swords, riding a horse, serving a king" part. Eventually he just decided to take a lute given by his favorite instructor (the music one), a few sets of clothes and what little money actually belonged to him, and set off to make his own adventures.

    At the time he was not so great at defending himself, and on his very first attempt at being a hero he nearly wound up killed by a pack of wild beasts riled up and empowered by a dark wizard. Ironically, his life was saved by a beautiful woman, an elf, a master Spellsinger with an angelic voice that could make fire rain from the heavens on command. He did manage to help some in eventually dispatching the wizard, and after that they traveled together for a while, him telling his stories and jokes and playing songs she didn't know, and her teaching him a bit of the magic she knew.

    She was the sort of person who could laugh down his advances without ever finding them overly offensive; this had the unfortunate effect of encouraging him to behave that way around other women in the future, hoping they would find it funny if not charming. After a while he agreed with her insistence that they should just be good friends. They walked together for a good year or so before she finally had to say her goodbyes; the two of them swore they would see one another again some day.

    Since then, Eli has lived the life of a dashing vagabond, earning money or food and drink in taverns with his song, defending fair damsels and righting wrongs at every opportunity. In reminiscing he dwells on his adventures, rarely thinking of home, other than the old man who taught him his love of music in the first place.

    Okay, hope this works for you, Fox. What I leave vague about the elf woman you're free to fill in through thoughts, conversation, flashbacks, and whatnot.
  14. Psychedelic: I assume your question was for me, in which case the only thing I don't want for my character is to be someone...normal. I don't like normal. Normal is boring. No one normal ever changed the world.

    Xindaris: That's quite a few questions. Let me see:
    Yes, she can turn on or off her Shifting powers at will, provided she doesn't get swept up by someone else's emotional state.
    Partial to non-human I'd imagine varies. If it's a very humanoid race, like say an elf, she'd turn into an elf. For creatures like the centaur you mentioned...I'm not sure. She probably can't take the full form. You can decide how that one works.
    I'd never thought about anyone being able to resist magic. I guess if someone's resistant to magic, her light (soul) can't react to their light (soul), and nothing would happen.
  15. I understand that most of this may well not make any sense...But here we go.

    Player Name:
    Quiet One

    Character Name: Vivek Aharya
    Gender: Male
    Race: Asura
    Age: 43 (due to his condition, appears roughly 15 - 17)
    Appearance: Albino. Scruffy, midlength hair. Large eyes. His extremities and lips often become blue. 5' 11 - wiry build, malnourished. Basically a bag of bones. Has a constantly weeping wound on his chest (over his heart). Tends not to worry about clothes, so if he remembers to put anything on, it's usually quite baggy, often dirty rags.

    Class: Red mage
    Strengths: Versatile magical abilities: can use low level magic from almost any school, so long as he can find someone to share their souls knowledge with him. Excellent tracker: generally very stealthy and extremely good at remaining hidden in plain sight, be that through the use of camouflage or simply by appearing so bland that no one notices him. Doesn't need to eat or drink to survive. He's also a good dancer, thanks to being lightweight and flexible.
    Weaknesses: Needs to replace his heart at least every year - the frequency depends on who he takes the heart from. An animal heart will last a week or two, a razy powerful necromancers' will last a year. Unfocused abilities limits the strength of any power he might have. Can't read. Animals hate him, and will usually attack on sight, or else run the hell away. Lacks a soul.
    More: Almost impervious to pain. He's impulsive, and so focused on his goal that he rarely notices the route around a problem, instead choosing to just go through it.

    Personality: Often apathetic and withdrawn, it's safe to say that he isn't exactly the life and soul of the party. Due to his time constraints, he can oftenget quite antsy and crabby when part of a group which he feels are dilly-dallying. However, he can often be quite charming, particularly with children, as he is frozen in his teenage state - both mind and body. So, he's immature at times. Once he has seen a piece of someones soul, he becomes quite enamoured with them, and will follow them around like a dog for a few months. It passes over time, but he will always be kind towards them.
    Morals: He only seens right and wrong in terms of himself. He will do anything for his own ends, aside from harming someone whose soul he has shared. Other than that, he is pretty neutral. He might step in to stop a fight, he might start one. It's all quite random.

    History: The Asura are a humanoid race of unknown origin. There are plenty of rumours, but even the Asura themselves have forgotten where they originally came from. The true Asura (the product of two Asura) are androgynous, and live for more than 1000 years. These births are only possible once every 500 years, and so the majority of the race is made up of half-Asura. These can be male or female, and most die by their 50th year. This is due to the ritual that is performed at birth. The newborns heart (and soul) are removed by the shaman, and the physical heart incinerated in holy fire. The soul will then be attached to another person (can be literally anyone), and must be found by the child by the time they reach 50. (They will know their soul as they will experience intense pain when in close proximity - some go mad due to this, so it's a double edged sword xD) At this point they can choose to take their own soul, and become true Asura, or else take the host soul and become whatever species they are. In this case they will be hunted down by their clan, as Asura don't tolerate outsiders, particularly ones that know their secrets. They're basically just insular religious zealots. The newborns heart will be supplied by his Asura parent and will last until puberty, at which point they're on their own. Bear in mind it is forbidden to harm another Asura unless directly ordered to do so by a tribe leader. Oh, and technically they're all mothers in the tribe - fathers aren't allowed to visit, and usually don't know they've had a child. Most births are ordered by the tribal council The only real contact they get with the outside world is in trading their trinkets.

    As for the man himself. He grew up under the wing of a close friend of his parent, learning to forge weaponry and the various oddities they sell at market. He was not a particularly skilled smith, but was certainly reasonably adept, particularly when crafting from the precious stones that the Asura are so famed for. Don't let him near wood though...he sucked at that. He left the tribe unusually early, at the age of 11. He was fascinated with the world outside, and so was keen to leave. His parents heart didn't give out until he was 13, and since then he has been killing...At first he hated it, but as time went on he became more anxious to continue living, and so killing others to gain their heart just became an ordinary chore. He did become a little jaded though, losing his innate curiosity, though with luck he can regain this.
  16. Xindaris: He's great! Definitely outside of my norm which is what I was hoping for. ^_^

    Starting on Becca's character now. ^_^ Didn't end up getting to it yesterday!
  17. Psychedelic, love the character you made for me! And I think you may have inadvertently made an enemy for the character I made for Xindaris. If Vivek gets a Shifter's heart, with all that pure energy and power, he won't want to live as an Asura. It looks like he has a choice between finding his heart and taking Andronica's.
  18. Glad you like him. I hope he's 'not normal' enough for you xD
  19. Yes. I'm glad you could make use of my decidedly vague request.
  20. Fox: Glad you like 'im. I feel it's always good to have at least one spirit-lifter type in a party; everyone being gloomy downers is really boring/annoying.

    Quiet One: Thanks for indulging my questions. Probably what I'll do if it comes up is cause some of the animal traits to appear in a way that doesn't require complete anatomical restructuring. Things like tails, hooves, some fur here and there. It may not even come up, but I like to know these things. I'm that special kind of nerd that likes being really in-depth, detailed, and logical about how the magical powers of an imaginary fantasy person works.

    Everyone--Looks like we're just waiting on Becca's character from Fox, and Psychedelic's character from Becca, now (hopefully at least one of which will be a girl for gender balance purposes). So..let's talk about how we're gonna start the IC.

    I tend to start the IC thread for my RPs a lot of times, and therefore I come up with where people start and what the situation is, setting the mood and some stuff about the setting and whatnot, but I'd like to try and mix it up a bit here. The last time I tried to have everyone vote on the beginning setting, it took so long that it bogged down the RP and it lost too much momentum to go before it even got started. So..what if I just use to decide on someone other than me to make the IC thread/first post? Would anyone be willing to be included in that drawing, or would you guys prefer I just write it like usual?