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  1. So here's my idea. We have a modern and/or realistic RP but, to make it more interesting a godmoder can be in in it.

    The godmoder will be a normal person that was born with these powers, this person doesn't know why she has them and has never let anyone else know until now.
    Of course, this has a lot of potential to be abused so I'll make a few guidelines.

    As a godmoder, you may not use your powers to:
    • Directly influence people's minds.
    • Create an apocalypse.
    • Significantly change the economy, weather patterns, or planetary motion. (No solar eclipses every day, snow on a hot summer day, or infinite cash.)
    In general the godmoder must be good at heart, but not perfect.

    So, what does iwaku think?

    Also, if this took place in a modern time would it automatically be Modern Fantasy?
  2. If it was in modern time, I'm pretty sure it qualifies as Modern Fantasy. I might be interested in joining. It depends on what everyone comes up with. I could do the godmodder, btw.
  3. All right, I'm just gonna spitball so I can get the ball rolling.

    How about it takes place in a semi industrialized city, the protagonist is the godmoder and he/she lives in a small apartment.

    The protagonist has a big advantage being able to simply spawn in everything but often gets extremely bored and drinks a lot to cope with the boredom.
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  4. Sounds interesting!

    If you couldn't tell, I'm interested.
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