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there is nothing more horrifying than a bored omnipotent being.

as a human, it's only logical that you'd have desires, right? perhaps some logical, perhaps some selfish. perhaps you desire wealth and sex and power, or perhaps you only desire a happy ending to your sad beginning. but what if you were to be told that whatever you felt you were lacking in life could be provided by winning chess? a lovely deal, yes? and think, to acquire all of this, all you need to do is follow some simple rules! isn't your god most merciful?

if you are chosen as a player, you will acquire a king piece, personalized to fit your personality, tastes, and what you desire from life. fear not of the setting you awaken in; it is simply an arena designed for viewing the games most efficiently. you are allowed to perform your battles as you see fit, though keep in mind, you cannot escape your delightful fate by abstaining from battle. if that's the choice you choose to make, the god will have no choice but to get personally involved, and no one wants that!

now that we're finished with the formalities, let's get to the fun!

to quell your curiosities, here is the game information:
i. you are expected to engage in battle at least once. if you lose your first battle, you are relieved of the fighting, and your life! though, this applies to all loses during the duration of the game.
ii. upon beginning the game, you are the king. your capture results in your loss, so be careful!
iii. with each injury you obtain, damage is added to your chess piece. fear not, with each battle you win, your injuries heal entirely!
iv. if your chess piece shatters, it's the end of the road for you!
v. if you reach a stalemate, the game ends, though no injuries heal.
vi. the final one standing gets their wish granted, and gets to sit beside god for the rest of eternity.

alright, so here are the roleplay rules:
i. people are going to die in very graphic, gruesome, and bloody ways. you have to be okay with this.
the death of a character has to be fair and consensual. i recommend a dice battle, though i shall leave it up to the two battling.
iii. you are completely allowed to continue roleplaying after death. foul play by bitter spirits is exciting, no?
iv. please follow the website's rules! i can't tell whether or not that should have been first or completely self-explanatory, but it's here now.
v. i'm not sure how you'd have time to have sex in the midst of all of this, though, if somehow it happens, fade to black and take your booties into private messaging.
vi. drama is greatly encouraged, though none outside of the roleplay.
vii. no fighting with the roleplayers. hate a character, i don't care, but no out of character fighting.
viii. have fun!!

character sheet:
[photo of character, preferably illustrated]

character name:
(has to be in between 16-24)
(description here, sorry)
(this is necessary for you to have whoopsie)

in character roleplay
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Whether I win or lose is up to you; Although, I'm not saying I won't put up a fight.

✗Kabosu Tsukino✗



Kabuso has white, fluffy hair that often falls over his eyes. His skin is quite pale, and because his eyes are red, he's mistaken as an albino quite often. He's quite tall, standing at 179 centimeters and weighs 78 kg. He has rather dull features, his lips are kind of thin and his nose is slender while his eyes are rather large and he has full-ish cheeks. He often wears a white button up shirts with a tie and a deep green jacket to go along with it. He wears regular jeans and normal brown shoes.
He is very cunning, heartless, and manupulative, though playful at the same time. By playful, I mean that he enjoys playing games that mislead others into thinking the wrong and/or take risky chances such as betting on whether they can guess which hand he has a coin in, or asking riddles. Kabosu will normally try making allies with others, playing nice and seeming as if he's helping, but more likely than not, he's only trying to get an advantage. He's very strategic and often goes through life using logic. He's more likely to follow his mind than his heart. He's very skilled with word and will often twist them to confuse others. He's also what others would say an opportunist. You know the, "Half empty or half full glass of water"? While you're asking the question, he'd be the type to drink the water while you're worried about being an optimist or a pessimist. So if someone gets fazed by him and hesitate, he's most likely to be the one to take control. If he finds them interesting, even slightly, he'll most likely look into this person adn find out more about them. Meanign her's quite curious.


Calm under pressure
Not caring about what happens to others
Excludes feelings from decisions
Weak spot for children
Takes risks for fun
Not caring about what happens to others
Things that trick him
Seeing others worry
50-50 choice games
Everything and everyone
Also, being frusterated
Kabosu carries around a simple penny in his pocket.
He is also homosexual
He's a Dacryphiliac, one who's arroused by tears or sobbing.
"You're shaking, it's cute..."

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"would you like to play a game? no? t o o b a d!"
character name:

sai, though they'd prefer the title of god.

many millennium old, though they suppose this is a positive side effect of immortality.

essentially genderless, though they have the capability of taking the form or image of whatever they choose. isn't omnipotence lovely?

sai can't say they look like anything in particular, considering their entire appearance varies on their emotional state. besides, they can't remember what they looked like in life anymore. most frequently, however, sai takes the form of a short androgyne, complete with short, messily cropped white hair seeming to have been cut by a child. their eyes are large and black, devoid of of pupils or anything of the like. in fact, they could be likened to big pools of pitch, unsettling in appearance. their skin is pale white, darker than their hair, but so light it seems to glow. their body is small but firm, seeming capable of strange amounts of damage. in this form, on their chest, there lies a messily stitched scar. it's believed this is only for intimidation, though.

sai is considerably strange. they're very fun oriented, doing only what they find interesting, as apposed doing what any responsible, decent dictator might do. they are rather sadistic, cruel, calculating, and near childish in nature. they're obsessed with cute things and having a good time, so they are frequently found laughing or smiling. they're powerful and a considerable force to be reckoned with when angry, though

sai was the winner of a game very similar to the one they're conducting now. and, of course, they've hosted one before. they remember nothing of their life prior to becoming a god, what they did, how old they were, what their gender was. this bothers them none, considering it couldn't have been more fascinating then leading mortals for enjoyment, though sometimes, they are curious. they reign over the area that used to be the former god's, though they have no idea where the past one went.

near everything, really. their possibilities are endless.

cute people. they have a strange obsession with things they find cute.

cute things, games, gore, being god, playing, laughing, screwing with people's mentalities, having fun

not having fun, debby downers, someone telling them no.

"welcome to the game!"



"hello! you've come to join playtime? how lucky are you? it's quite fun."
character name:
ione mette
(ee-OH-nee MEH-de)

i do believe she just celebrated her first millennium!


ione is a very small young lady, standing at a mere 140 centimeters in height. her curly, bubblegum pink hair rests only on her shoulders, bangs dipping right before her big, blue eyes. her milky white skin has a constant light pink flush spread across her body. she's thin, body soft and squishy, very similar to a young child. she never seems to have aged past around thirteen, though she's extremely self-conscious about her height. don't tease her about it.

ione is a talkative, generally mild-mannered but quick to anger. she has no fondness for the majority of the ongoings in the game, and even less for those playing it, though it makes her god happy, so she accepts it. she's quick to resort to violence, generally set to fight if someone goes against rules or sai's wishes. she has the capability of being sugar sweet when she wants to be. stay on her good side, though, and she'll have no issues.

ione was the winner of the first game sai ever held. she's stuck with him all this time, choosing to recall what meager memories of her mundane life she had, completely devoid of astounding of any significance. in the time the two have spent together, ione has grown remarkably fond of sai, making them seem like an extremely obsessive younger sister and a strange, irresponsible eldest sibling.

being cute, beating up n00bs, being enthusiastic

her anger, annoyance, dank booties

being cute, violence, a happy sai

jerks in the game, people making sai sad

"our rules? don't say no."
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❤ ❝A quote? Oh.. uhm... Good luck!❞ ★

★ Mikael Koboyashi ❤

❤ Age: ★
16 if thought a male
22 if thought female
★ Gender: ❤

❤ Appearance: ★
Mikael appears to be a young boy or lady between the ages of 16 (male) or 22 (female). He has a small stature (150 cm) and very pale skin. This and the fact that her eyes are usually tinted light yellow, makes her appear very sickly. His slightly curly hair is a purple-ish grey. Her hair is also very long and it normally covers her right eye. He wears black cargo pants that are cut up to his knees. On Mikael's right leg, she wears a black sock. His left hand has a long black glove. Mikael wears a light pink shirt, with a black waistcoat over it. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up to his elbows. She has a white, fluffy hat on his head that resembles a panda. Two black, long mittens are connected to the hat by strings and Mikael is often seen wearing them.
★ Personality: ❤
Mikael has a very bubbly personality. She is always active and child-like, sometimes even naïve. He is very loyal to friends and has an affectionate relationship with them. She is a very cuddly person and warm hearted, often hugging others whenever she meets someone new. He is really energetic and often likes to jump around and/or do gymnastics. Besides all of that, she can often get her spirits down if others are rude to her. Though he can get his spirits up again with being around others that make him feel positive. She's really understanding about most things and if you sit down and talk to her about something that you did, she'd almost always be okay with it. Even if others are mean, he's understand easily. She's quite sympathetic and cries when others cry.
❤ History: ★

★ Strengths: ❤
❤ Weaknesses: ★
★ Likes: ❤
Any pastel colors
Cute things
❤ Dislikes: ★
★ Other:
Mikael is kind of cat-like considering he never lands on anything else other than his feet or butt.
He's very flexible and limber for no reason.
❤ ❝ Wanna cuddle?❞ ★

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[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]character name: mai yuzuki[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]age: 19[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]gender: female[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]appearance: mai is quite a lanky, twiggy girl who is a bit fumbly because of her height and legs. she is quite scrawny, but she doesn't usually take fault because of this. she has snowy-white skin, almost resembling porcelain. she has soft pink lips, and light brown freckles that dot the bridge of her nose and the rings underneath her eyes. she has dark brown eyes, almost fading to black, and always has dark circles under her eyes. she has long, silky black hair, and choppy bangs that barely fall over her eyes. for a girl her size, she has rather large breasts. she doesn't really care to recognize her gender, but she's okay with it. she has rather large eyes as well, and she has large eyelashes that outline her upper face.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]personality: just like her appearance, mai is rather odd. she is completely and utterly mute. she has only uttered a couple of words in her entire life, and she prefers to talk with expressions and actions rather than words. there's also another slight problem about her. she's schizophrenic. she experiences heavy hallucinations, and is often confused about where she is and what's going on. she can be merciless and surreptitious at times. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]history: mai was born into a nice home with a loving mother and a story:hard-working father. however, it all fell apart when her mother lost her job and her father left them for another woman. all hell broke loose, and that's when her muteness began to settle in. she then became silent, and she hasn't spoke in years.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]strengths: speed, brains, strength, weapon-wielding [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]weaknesses: schizophrenia, hallucinations, her mind, long limbs, clumsiness, personality[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]likes: collared shirts, black and white photos, clouds, sunsets[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#cc99ff]dislikes: people, the color green, chapped lips, sunburns[/BCOLOR]
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I wish people would join ;u;
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Don't cry, dearie. Everything's not alright.

Character Name:
Moe Yoshida.



Moe is a short, frail little human { 150cm }. With black hair that is so thick and almost mangled-like that it's usually kept up, hardly her face is noticed due to bangs that may only cover half of her face, the rest of her hair almost hides a face that hardly holds any emotion. Her eyes are a soft, almost dull pink that is rimmed by a midnight black color. With skin that looks almost like a light gray, it hardly carries any other colors, only on the tips of her fingers- in which the gray is lightened into an almost white color. Though her skin may be a light, almost sickened color, her lips hold a tinge of pink, hardly noticeable.

Having hardly giving in to trust with others, she's rather cold but she never says anything terribly rude. She can be very stubborn, and will not fake no for an answer. Sometimes people may see her smile, or even laugh, but that's only to herself when she believes she's alone. Moe doesn't really care about others as much as some, but if they could be used to her advantage, she'll try everything in her power to help them. Though that hardly ever works, seeing as sometimes.. She can have a temper and lash out at the other, thus losing any possible ally. Moe can sometimes be cracked, it just depends on if it's good or bad. If she gets angry, she'll lose her shit. If someone tries their hardest to make her act.. Other than herself, she can show the possibility of kindness and whatnot.


Very agile and small.
Lack of trust.

Lack of trust.
Temper problems.

Silent places

Noisy people
Physical contact with another person.

I'm silently biting you, dearie.
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:deer: Honoka Mayumi :deer:

no clue, he's lost count

he could consider himself male

honoka is a tall, willowy-looking male. he has wispy white-blond hair that curls over his frame at the end.
he has pale, unblemished skin that does in fact bruise easily. he has soft red eyes that are rather bright
for a male of his complexion. he has a small x tattoo underneath his eye, and he doesn't remember even
receiving the mark. he also has strange antlers that grow out of his head, one of them broken into bits.
he also has a certain mask he wears over his mouth and nose for health precautions.

honoka seems to be a little broken, as he can be rude, snappy, and selfish sometimes. he is always going
through moodswings, but they don't bother him too much. he can also be a very generous at times, and if
someone is hurt, he'll make an effort to fix it. he can also be very gentle towards animals and young kids.
he is very in-sync with nature, and enjoys sitting outside and listening to the birds or watching clouds. he
is very absent-minded, and often finds his mind wandering off without any real cause.

to be revealed

his way with words, his antlers, his healing skills, his way with animals, his speed

too trusting, very absent-minded, is too gentle sometimes, helps hurt strangers.

animals, nature, the sky, sunny weather, meadows, nice people, flowers.

mean people, guns, bad weather, bad smells, people touching his hair.​
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