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there is nothing more horrifying than a bored omnipotent being.

as a human, it's only logical that you'd have desires, right? perhaps some logical, perhaps some selfish. perhaps you desire wealth and sex and power, or perhaps you only desire a happy ending to your sad beginning. but what if you were to be told that whatever you felt you were lacking in life could be provided by winning chess? a lovely deal, yes? and think, to acquire all of this, all you need to do is follow some simple rules! isn't your god most merciful?

if you are chosen as a player, you will acquire a king piece, personalized to fit your personality, tastes, and what you desire from life. fear not of the setting you awaken in; it is simply an arena designed for viewing the games most efficiently. you are allowed to perform your battles as you see fit, though keep in mind, you cannot escape your delightful fate by abstaining from battle. if that's the choice you choose to make, the god will have no choice but to get personally involved, and no one wants that!

now that we're finished with the formalities, let's get to the fun!

to quell your curiosities, here is the game information:
i. you are expected to engage in battle at least once. if you lose your first battle, you are relieved of the fighting, and your life! though, this applies to all loses during the duration of the game.
ii. upon beginning the game, you are the king. your capture results in your loss, so be careful!
iii. with each injury you obtain, damage is added to your chess piece. fear not, with each battle you win, your injuries heal entirely!
iv. if your chess piece shatters, it's the end of the road for you!
v. if you reach a stalemate, the game ends, though no injuries heal.
vi. the final one standing gets their wish granted, and gets to sit beside god for the rest of eternity.

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