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Playing Frankenstein with my RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LadyHarpy, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Is there a proper place to ask to have a RP brought out of the Graveyard? I always find myself peeking into the Chats to look for a Staff member more than I am to try and find a Forum. For now I'll make my request here.

    I'd like the thread Twisted Things returned to the Mature Forum Please! It's being brought back to life!
  2. You're suppose to message a moderator or an admin, I do believe ^^'
  3. Mods usually like a link too. Maaaaybe they can make a request thread? Always hard to know who's online modstaff wise.
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  4. Good Idea Ocha! It's a bit nicer and I always hated blowing up peoples PMs with little staffie requests.
  5. Threads like this work fine, and so do sending PMs! never be afraid to send PMs, we dun actually get that many undead-requests for it to ever be annoying. XD

    ...but posting a link to the rp DOES help us find it, so hand that over. >>