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  1. He was that cuddly type and, of course, it never seemed though he were serious when it came to dire situations. But one thing was for sure; he's been keeping you safe anonymously for a couple years now. He's been doing it without your notice and it's been a good amount of amusement for quite some time.

    Both of you talked occasionally and it never seemed old to speak to one another day in and night out. There was something this boy wanted to do and it seemed though he'd love to do anything to keep you at your best. It was the fact that he enjoyed seeing you smile and hearing you laugh. Although he was far from this world, it seemed though he may not be the only one. Whether or not you were even human, his goal was to continue to keep you happy and cheerful. No matter what others said towards you, he was always there to fight off every dark word thrown at you - but what if...

    He wasn't there when you needed him most? What happened if he had succumbed to something dire - something life threatening? What if it was the other way around?

    Pm if you're interested or leave a message here~
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  2. I really like this idea! I'm interested if you're still looking for a partner :D
  3. Sure thing! Just shoot me a pm and we can get started!~
  4. I love the idea! If you have others, I'd love to jump in!
  5. Haha alright! Send me a pm and we can get started!
  6. If you'd have me as well, that'd be great :)
    I had an idea similarly to this before so I hope you do consider.
    This is an interesting plot that can be moved to a lot of directions :3
  7. It is no problem at all! Go ahead and shoot me a pm ~
  8. awww not sure if you still open but if this ideia is already filled with partner i would like to try other ideia if you have or we could develop one :)
  9. Sorry for late reply but sure thing!
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  10. Yay please PM me :3 and no worries
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.