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  1. "I can't believe it! I mean, just look where we are!"
    Atia outreached her hands and nearly hit her friend in the face. It was something that, usually, the young female would notice. Today was different. She was finally getting a taste of the upper class: limosines, rooms bigger than her whole house, miniature foods that would normally be worth a fortune, it was like a completely different world.
    "ECHO! Listen to that, Lisa, it actually echos!"
    Atia did a slight twirl on her feet and jumped. She felt like she was worth a million dollars. It was clear that, while Atia clearly knew nothing of the proper and polite ways to behave during a fancy party, her friend Lisa did.
    "Keep your voice down! You're going to end up getting us both kicked out... and take off those stupid glasses!"
    Currently, Atia's eyes were covered with cheep movie theater specs. The logo on the side of them was anything but hidden. Her friend tried to wrestle them off of her. As weak as Atia normally was, her friend was unsuccessful.
    "I told you. I'm not changing my personality, or my looks, just for some silly celebration."
    That she most definitely had not. Akita was dressed head to toe in what she always was, an old fifties type dress and some annoying sounding tap shoes. It was a wonder to her friend, and probably everyone else, as to how someone actually allowed her in.
    "Besides, they kind of look good on me, don't you think? I look like those people in the movies. Watch, I'm going to go strut over to the buffet like a star."
    Akita's mind moved fast. Apparently, she was able to act just as quickly. Before her friend could scold her once more Akita was off, headed towards the one thing she truly did care about: the food.
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    The fancy party was just a get-together for Isaac. He stepped into the venue, wearing a carefully tailored suit and running his right fingers through his platinum blond hair as his careful eyes washed over the scene before him. Isaac smiled. All the women there were beautiful, wearing perfectly cut dresses that accentuated their curves, their hair shining in the light.

    Isaac walked to the buffet and plucked a crystal flute of champagne from the tray. His eyes peered over the rim of the flute as he sipped the French alcohol. Someone knocked into him, and Isaac turned around, flinging his arm out to stop the woman from falling. She wore a vintage dress, fifties-styled, and had bright red, curly hair. Isaac smiled down at her. "You'd better be careful," he said seductively. "You don't want to get that pretty dress ruined."
  3. Atia was immediately taken back by the voice. It was so... rich. She giggled silently from the pun. It was an action only stopped when her eyes caught site of his face.
    "I...I...I... Thanks. Bye!"
    Akita tried to find her way out of his grasp. She found herself sucessful, and went forth right into a wall. She fell back once more, but this time, was able to find her balance all on her own. She placed a hand to her now throbbing head, which eventually down to her equally throbbing heart.
    "Are you okay?!"
    Akita heard her friend's voice in the distance. She shook her head, held up her hand to reassure her, and laughed.
    "Nope, not at all!"
    Already she could tell that this was going to be a long night. She had just made a fool of herself, twice, and now she was thinking about boys. She re-clipped the strap on her shoe and momentarily rested against the beam, leaving herself alone with her thoughts. The most prominent of which? Get away from that boy, before she got completely hypnotized.
    He wasn't following her -- but Isaac found the girl again on his way to the bathroom. He grinned, holding one hand in his pocket while the other fiddled with a button on his jacket. "Well, fancy seeing you here, again," he said, smiling. "I'm not following you, I promise, but why are you alone? A pretty girl like you deserves the best date."

    Isaac wondered what she would do. he had seen all reactions from females, from hate to instant love. "Can I at least invite you to dance?" he asked.
  5. Atia was taken aback by the sudden offer. It wasn't usual for her to be flirted with by a boy, but... that sure seemed to be what was happening. She quickly chalked it up to some party drinks and/or the crazy instincts brought on by her mind. She felt her heart flutter once again, and scowled. She had hoped to handle herself better this time around.
    "I... I suppose I could dance. In exchange for a name."
    It was at that moment that she made her decision. If this person was, for some reason, trying to hit on her, she wouldn't let first looks or charm affect her decision. If she was going to like this man it would be for who he was as a person. She held out her hand to him but didn't move, a part of her still feeling a bit overwhelmed by his presence.
    Isaac grinned. "Isaac," he replied as he took her hand. "Isaac Morgenstern."

    He lead her to the dance floor. "What about you? What's your name?" He was genuinely intrigued. He placed his hand on her waist as they began to dance to the slow song.
  7. Atia uncomfortably placed her hands loosely around his neck, making sure to keep her eyes focused on anything and everything else but his face. She found herself swaying slightly to the song.
    "Isaac? It's nice to meet you. I'm... I'm Atia."
    She eventually found herself focused on another, seemingly happy couple. They were dancing together just as her and Isaac were, but it was clear they were actually romantically involved. Their happy nature brought a smile to Atia's face as well.
  8. "Atia? That's beautiful. Just Atia? No surname?" He smiled again.

    The music picked up and Isaac moved gracefully and carelessly around the dance floor, guiding Atia in their fluid dance moves. "What do you do?" he asked. He wanted to get to know the pretty girl in his arms.
  9. Atia hadn't heard the first question, and had been equally on track to miss the second. The music had just somehow managed to dip at just the right time, giving him back her full attention.
    "I'm... an artist. How about you?"
    She was becoming mildly impressed by this guys persistence, as well as his ability to hold a simple conversation. It was the last combination she had expected to meet at a party such as this.
  10. Isaac laughed softly. "Me? Well, I don't really do anything. I was studying philosophy in college but then I dropped out because I didn't like it. I'm an heir, so I guess I'll inherit my father's business."

    Isaac twirled the girl off the dance floor, leading her to the bar. "Can I buy you a drink? We should get to know each other more."
  11. Atia laughed as she spiraled around, similar to a little kid. Once she stopped she sat down on one of the bar seats and nodded.
    "You can, just nothing alcoholic, please. A pop or some water will do just fine."
    Atia wasn't well versed when it came to bars, or parties, for that matter. One could easily count on one hand the amount of times she'd been out of the house for some sort of entertaining activity.
  12. Isaac raised an eyebrow and turned to the bartender. "One non-alcoholic raspberry soda, and one Scotch, please," he said, placing a crisp fifty-dollar note. He turned to the girl.

    "So, what brings you to this party? I'm friends with the birthday boy, and I don't think I've seen you at any of his events ... ?"
  13. Atia's eyes widened momentarily with the sight of the large dollar bill, even with him having mentioned something about him being rich, but she quickly regained composure -at least in that aspect.
    "Ah. My friend, Lisa, knows him. Or one of his friends. Or one of his friend's friends. I'm not to sure on the details. She must be close enough to receive an extra invitation without any questions, though."
  14. Isaac sipped his Scotch. "Well, I hope he invites you to more parties, because you've certainly brightened up these dull events."
  15. "Heh. Don't count on it."
    Atia took a sip of her drink as well. She glanced at him momentarily before looking back to her own drink.
    "Even if these people don't hate me to the point that they won't invite me again, I'm pretty sure my friend does. She says I'm an embarrassment."
    Atia rolled her eyes, clearly not to torn up about the insult.
  16. "An embarrassment? Never. The only negative feeling I could ever feel towards you is sadness if you left ... "

    Isaac was putting all of his best moves on the girl with no shame and no effort. He had won the hearts of many like this ... and then promptly destroyed them.
  17. "Really?"
    Atia wasn't about to budge so easily. Though she could tell her feelings for this man were growing moment by moment, she wanted to make sure his feelings were genuine, something that she found nearly impossible against the world's most honest guy.
  18. "Because your smile brightens up the entire room," he breathed, leaning in slightly. "And you're different from all these Barbie dolls. You're real."

    "Isaac," said a seductive voice from behind him. He turned and there stood Lauren, a girl he had hooked up with a month previously. "How are you?"

    "Good," said Isaac, smiling coldly at the girl. "I think I heard Lewis saying he wanted to talk to you about the trades. He's your boss, right?"

    Lauren looked disappointed and slinked off. "Sorry about that," said Isaac to Atia. "Ex girlfriend."
  19. There was a momentary frown from Atia, for multiple reasons. Just then, she had gotten a very bad vibe, though she couldn't quite figure out why. Was it because Isaac didn't seem honest? Or was it because his ex seemed psycho? So many thoughts flew through her head, but she reminded herself, she was probably -no, definately- just being paranoid. Seriously. How could someone who commented postively on her smile have anything but good come with him?
    "It's quite alright. So, anyway..."
    Her voice trembled a little bit. She twisted her hair around her finger, careful not to bump her glasses.
    "Um... wanna ditch?"
  20. "Absolutely," said Isaac. "This is quite tedious for me." He held his arm out to her. "Shall we?"

    Isaac lead the girl to the garage and unlocked his Mercedes with the remote key. He held the door open for her. "So, where would you like to go, m'lady?" he asked. "Restaurant, cinema ... the sky's the limit."
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