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  1. In this beautiful community of Iwakuans we have here, each of us has certainly come across one or two, or in my case many, individuals that really stand out. We make friends, we build connections, we lift each other up, we help each other out. Some inspire, some humor, some help, some listen, and some give endlessly.

    With all these amazing people about the site, I think there should be a safe little home for players to place "shout-outs" to dedicate a friendly little blip, a picture, a poem, or just an amazing rant, to other players who have truly enriched their experiences online, and otherwise.

    I give to you,


    Allow me to get us started:

    @Rainjay @Freyalise @Shadicmaster @Wytchfinder @firejay1 @Mowkie @Requiem @Silver @White @B l u E s

    You bunch, are my little charms. These folks are the current players of a roleplay I've been GMing for two years here on Iwaku. Some [Mowkie, rain, freya, shadic, toad(wytch)] have been with me for quite some time while the others are fairly new. And you know what? I value each of them and everything they've brought to this roleplay. We've gone through a lot of players over the years and in recent months we seem to have really hit the jackpot. My sturdy starters, Mowkie, rain, shadic, toad, and freya, have become the heart beat of Illos and their characters have stolen such a beautiful place in my heart. I've watched some of them grow, learn, love, laugh, and become such integral parts of this roleplay.

    As time went on, many would come and go, but a batch of four [white, fire, silver, and req] would join the party and become bright little sparkles in the eyes of this RP. I feel like you guys have been here from the start and having you in our annoyingly hectic skype OOC has been a gift, because you're all ridiculous as hell, and lovely as hell :P. And now we have our tenth team member, Blue, who has proven to be an incredible addition to the RP, bringing variety and fire into the chat and IC.

    I value you all so much, and I'm honored to have had you all in my RP, helping me create a world of wonder that would never have become the proud continent that it is today, without the help of each of you. Thank you for the last few years or months, and thank you for giving my world life. I love you all dearly and here's to getting to chapters two and three!

    Now, I also have to go out of my way to tag a few special friends. @Freyalise you have been such a beautiful person since the day I met you on RPG and I have to say that it's been such a pleasure having you in my life. Your writing is among my favorites, for you create characters that seem to jump out of the screen and become as real as can be. You're witty (you guess most of my plot points before everyone else!), funny (sometimes a little TOO much so *eyebrow waggle*) and you really bring a mature balance to the roleplay. Come back to Canada soon. My closet is waiting for you.

    @Rainjay My little co-gm. You have been such a rock in this roleplay since its start here on iwaku and your writing and characters have enriched the world to no end. Your characters blow my mind, because you play them so naturally and create such unique mindsets, something that's very difficult to do. Each is unique and each portrays this beautiful personality that seems to flow so naturally in your writing. You're the friendiest little critter I've ever met in my life, one of the very few players who's never been involved in drama, and you have shown such an incredible dedication to this RP. Im honored to have you as my Co-GM and already you've proven you're just as capable at that as you are at blowing my mind with your writing. I look forward to reading much, much more of your writing over the next few years and I hope you and I can build a beautiful chapter two together <3

    @Mowkie you little butt. I missed your face, I missed your writing, and I missed your silliness to no end. You have been a core part of this roleplay since you joined and even in your absence, your influence on Illos remained, only to be picked up and continued with new, vibrant characters that give clear tells into your skill as a writer. I've seen you change and grow over the last few years, growing the confidence to get back into GMing, bringing eternally personal characters through cycles of acceptance and closure. I've seen you go through good times and bad, hard times and happy times, and now you're reaching a pivotal point in your life that I am honored to see you reach. You have been a dear friend, despite any issues that have come up, and you've shown me that time and tempers don't break real friendships. I am so honored to have you back and to be GMing alongside you, one of the few things we never truly endeavored in the past! I look forward to many more adventures with you and I can't wait to see you bring a new player into the world to tag along for the ride <3

    I hope everyone takes a moment out of their day to at least tag someone that's influenced you or positively affected you in some way during your time here on iwaku. We're a community, and it is our love for each other, our close ties, and our support that make us so socially rich and diverse.

    There are so many opportunities to hurt, annoy, and harm. Let's make a month that stands out from that. Make it a month of love, gratitude, and respect. <3
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  2. I remember when we did shout outs at the beginning of 2015 wishing our closest friends a happy new year! That was such an awesome thing to do, and it is now as well. <3

    Thanks for that, Soul! I think we've both proven to ourselves and each other that it takes more than our individual ideas and opinions clashing to break apart a friendship as strong as ours. You are probably my favorite person to role play with, but even more than that, you're a wonderful friend who knows how to listen (once we put our tempers aside) and think through problems. You've been a huge help in my own personal discoveries, and you've allowed me to broaden my horizons on a massive scale with your role plays without becoming disinterested. Here's to many years in writing!

    I find it only fair that I should mention a few other particular gems on my rather short list.

    @Silver ~ We have been RPing off and on since I created my first role play here on Iwaku back in 2012, and despite the fact that we drifted apart for a while, we have somehow managed to find ourselves RPing together again not only in Soul's RP, but also GMing together in a new reboot of that same old role play! Your characters are always so beautiful and complex, so fun to bounce off of, and your ideas very often blow my mind. You are the reason I decided to bring back my Changelings, and your excitement only boosts my own, keeping me from backing out and talking myself out of attempting to GM something that had flopped for me so many times. Here's to many years with our beloved Changelings and any other RP we find ourselves in together!

    @Bitterblue ~ You are a gem in and of yourself. Ever since I met you when you first took on the task of writing, I knew that you would be someone I could go to for anything (not just writing). You have a deep understanding for anyone, and it takes a great deal to send you over the edge. You are religious to the bone, and you let your religion guide and help you instead of hold you back. Your open mind and heart always makes me smile, and it's truly been an honor to watch your writing grow to be just as big as that. I absolutely adore you, and I hope that RT doesn't keep you for too much longer. Here's to more years of growth and love!

    @girlabot ~ Like Silver, you and I have been off and on in all sorts of RPs over the years. We've done all sorts together, and you're the only one who stuck with me after my reboot of my Partheus RP. You don't hold back when creating any of your characters, and they are some of the most beautiful I have seen. Your writing is beautiful and strong, and though life often gets in the way of writing, you don't let it get you too far down. I know as of late, you've been very busy, but I hope to see you around more often so we can enjoy each others' writing more and more through the times ahead. Thank you for being my rock. And here's to years of support and friendship (not to mention awesomesauce writing)!
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  3. Bah Soul, you made me tear up. ;-; Sap. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  4. @Mowkie Awwe hon, you're going to make me cry! Coming from you, that REALLY means a LOT. Like. Really.
    You are the one who taught me pretty much everything I know about role playing! And the one who downright dared me to go outside my comfort zone. You've dealt with all my insecurities that I've come talking to you about, you are patient and kind when I express such insecurity. Going to a high school (when I first joined Iwaku, I think I was a Senior. You were one of the first people I met!) in my case was difficult. But Jesus got me through. You have dealt with my struggling through RPing with little to know imaginative vocabulary, and encouraged me when I felt like quitting.
    You have no clue how close I come to that. I was so tired and burnt out that I wanted to quit the one escape from RT that I had. But the few good role plays I had (I believe they were mostly yours) kept me going.

    You are helpin me with my first RP to get off the ground and gain interest, and being patient about that too.

    Not to mention all that you've done with what RT has thrown your way! I cannot believe the amount of strength, willpower and even energy you have to keep going! You love people too, hon. I can see it. I love reading your blog, you are so open and honest, it blows my mind. I am so beyond happy for you and the little Mowkie coming soon, and I know you'll be a good Mama. :)

    Yes, reality is bogging me down right now, and the depression and anxiety are skyrocketing lately, but I promise to be back as soon as I possibly can. I adore you as well, and look forward to the adventures we will have in our own worlds!
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  5. @Vaila I love you , you annoying britass <3
    @firejay1 Your just so amazing and I love you tons Tons! Can't wait to actually meet you once I get the money to go to California :)

    @Andy shout out to you for actually sticking around despite my bossiness xD but we love each other <3

    @Artorias cause you my new partner and u make me laugh just so much xD looking forward to our rp <3

    And shoutout to everyone in Illos cause you guys are a bunch of cray cray ! XD
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  6. @Brovo For showing me there's always more than meets the eye.

    I don't interact with anyone else really..

    @Grothnor For not starting that 40k RP yet I guess?
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  7. @Mowkie I kinda already bragged on you, but I kinda can't do that enough. :P You. Are. Amazing. You know that? You basically took me under your wing and taught me how to fly. Thanks to you, I have found so much joy in the world of writing. (My friends and family don't understand role playing, so they think it's strange that I love it so). You put up with my mini sermons when I feel like so need to rant about something that bothers me and help me deal with it. Honestly, I think you were the first person to make me feel...comfortable in the world we call Iwaku. I am still in awe of your writing and your imagination. I love the world you have created, Partheus is amazing, and I look forward to exploring it more in detail. Thank you for being you, love. And don't you ever. EVER. Change. :) *hugs*

    @Lady Alainn Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU so much for putting up with my random, sometimes stupid ideas for our Valeroma role play! I'm not too knowledgable about several of the races, I barely have a plan sketched out, and our players keep abandoning us. Yet you have stuck with it from the beginning. I love your style. Your writing encourages me to better my own, and put more time into it. Thank you for being you, darling.

    @NorwayFOO You, my little goofball, are such a sweetheart. I love seeing you pop up in the OOC asking all the questions you do, adding fun conversations. Adding your good heart to both OOC and IC. Thank you as well for sticking around when it seemed Valeroma was going to fall apart! You amaze me.
    Also as you start out into the big scary world of GMing, don't back down! Your story is amazing. You have and incredible imagination, use it. Don't be afraid to set limits. Don't be afraid to say no when you need to. And don't you dare hesitate to ask me if you need help.
    You are precious, hon. Don't ever change.

    @Kelairn you have taught me patience. Haha I hope you take that as a compliment. I honestly haven't had a character such as Tysin before, so it's a challenge for me to learn how to react to him. Thank you so much for stepping in and taking him over! Your plot discussions are also very, very interesting and I love your ideas as to how we are going to defeat evil with life!
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  8. Alright. This is gonna take forever + a day to list everybody. So don't be surprised everyone if this post is grotesquely oversized. Like, stupidly. Like, probably spend a couple hours just writing all of these.

    So, in no particular order, it's time to spit out shining compliments to all the people that make my stories so diverse and vibrant. And the best obviously, mwahahahaha! E̷͠V҉́͘E̸̡̕̕Ŗ̷̀Ý̴͏҉͜O̡̢͞N̛͠É̸͏'̡̛͝S͝͝͏͠͏ ̨̨͝҉́G̨͞Ò̵̡͝͝Ǹ̛͠N͏̶A͘ ̛҉̴D̶͞Į̸̀͘E̵̵͘̕͠!

    @Kadaeux My battle brother! My man, the world generator! Ladies and gents I bring to you the man who once wrote a two hundred page manual for a nation role play just to provide more options for everyone. His style is different to mine, but that has only made him a valuable friend in reading my works and telling me how I can improve them. Most ideas I have for major turns and twists in stories I run by him, and when I create new RP's, he's usually one of the first I turn to. Because of him, I experimented with stat systems of my own, and adapted whole new styles of character sheets. And, hell, whenever I've needed a good friend, you've always been there. Where others turned on me, you stayed. For that, you'll always have a place in my role plays, and I'll always look up to you whenever I need advice about stats and traits.

    Never forget Zix and Xiz. RIP goblin twins. Never forget the legacy of the Goblin King, and how he rose from a simple mage to the emperor of a new nation.

    @Jorick A long time ago, on a site far far away, I remember when you were looked up to by a whole bunch of shitlords, all copycatting your every post in hopes of earning senpai's affections. Now look at where you are, a moderator. You went from being one of the shit disturbers to being a member of the law enforcement. And for a good part of all that, you've been part of my role plays, writing a variety of characters that always drew interesting elements in each their own way. From Kasim's flawed but admirable aspirations of heroism, to your cripple killing a general, anytime you join my role plays or create a post, it's always leading to something more. Even if it doesn't start out that way.

    I'm sure one day, though, we'll actually get to finish a story, and you'll actually get to finish a character arc. Aside from the one that was ended by Dirge's Warhammer. :ferret:

    @Goldmarble You might be surprised to be mentioned here, but don't be. You're a great friend: You text me whenever I vanish, you're one of the less than a dozen people I've known on the Internet to even get my phone number. And slowly but surely, you've been contemplating your own characters, improving them. From Kazumasa the asian-Canadian soldier, to Armerza, the dwarf who single handedly carried her entire team on her back through the Amazonian dungeons. Plus, your tank obsession is super productive whenever I need answers on how guns and military vehicles work. If Kad does stat systems, you do the actual weapons they're based on.

    @Snakey Also a great friend, who repeatedly tries to cheer me up and keep my self-confidence up whenever I'm beating myself up too much. You've stuck around with every role play I've made since you first joined one, giving all of them a chance, even when the idea is a little bit unhinged and off the rails. (Animus Veritas, haha, fuckin' god box player class.) You always try new twists to your characters, and your posts are a joy to read. Without a doubt, I'm far better off having you in my stories, and whenever you start to struggle, you're never afraid to tell me, and that's when I know I need to fix something.

    @Orion Good god we've known each other for 7-8 years now mate. If anyone here is loyal beyond reason, it's you. Yet, never blindly so. You always come to me and talk to me when something is bothering you, when something just goes too far and doesn't work. I listen to your criticisms intently, and my work always benefits as a result of them. You were there for the original four and a half year story's conclusion, where Dean rose from peasant to knight. You were there when I went through 5 different versions of LoR 2's stat system, which still required a reset. You've been there through all my haphazard experiments and failures and successes alike.

    Now you're with me for the remake of Legend of Renalta. The original story, told so long ago, being changed and improved, made dramatically better than the original incarnation I wrote as a fifteen year old.

    And, without a doubt, Dean's already proven one of the most important characters in it. You're not afraid to take the lead, and where other players struggle, I can always rely on you to push ahead and find a way. At this point, for all the hard work you've done, a simple thank you seems like a sorry and inadequate manner in which to express the boundless gratitude I have for you.

    @Holmishire & @HerziQuerzi The West Coast Bros. I'm not even a little sorry.

    Holmishire the statistician, your spreadsheets are amazing. You're always looking for more information to throw into them and your colour guide is bar none one of the greatest guides on Iwaku. (It's a shame more people don't read it though.) You always come up with unorthodox and yet interesting characters. The Blood Sea underwater race, remember them? You took something distinctly non-human and gave it a very human heart and soul. Now? You've got a druid and her husbando in a wolf's body running around. I made an exception to the one character rule just to see how you would handle this concept, and you've not at all disappointed.

    HerziQuerzi, you still hold the record for the most characters to end up dead by my hands. Then, when you finally had a character survive to the end of a mission, LoR 2 came to an abrupt end. If ever there was a trophy for "unluckiest person in a Brovo role play" you earned it and then some. Yet it hasn't stopped you from coming back and trying again, and playing out characters, and having fun with them, and improving with each and every iteration. You may be the unluckiest, but you're also this.

    Yes, I did pair you two together just because you're brothers now forced to share the spotlight. I find a cruel and amusing fun in that.

    @Alan I'm sure your dwarven cleric still has nightmares about all sorts of creatures thanks to our D&D campaign together. And by "creatures" I mean Ankhegs. Endless swarms of Ankhegs. Telepathic Ankhegs. :ferret: Regardless, I think that was one of the best D&D campaign attempts I've ever made with you and the others, and though it may have been our only RP together, it showed me how patient and awesome a guy you really are. Also, fuck your stupid spectral mace, that thing was more powerful than all the PC's. WHY DID THE DICE GODS LOVE YOUR MACE MORE THAN YOUR CLERIC?!

    @Limeypanda Like Holmishire, your characters also tend to stray away from the orthodox. Unlike Holmishire, you seem quite content with creating characters who might be loathed by everyone around them. Your slaver was a unique look into the minds of another people, and was one of the only attempts not to portray them as universally evil, which I appreciated likely more than I ever expressed. You're fun, your British wit never grows tiring, and we always seem to find new things to bond over. Like our shared love of furry animals, or going 50/50 win/loss in League of Legends. Posts with Rahim in them are 100% better, at least, according to Mikan, I'm sure. :ferret:

    @Seba Between our 1x1 (which I will reply to when I get the chance, don't you worry) and your consistently upbeat and compassionate nature, you've been one of the greatest joys in my life. You're a great friend, and in many ways, our styles of writing reflect well upon each other. I'm never really at a loss for something to respond to with you, and you don't seem to be either with me. You're also one of the hardest working people I know, juggling a job and post secondary alongside familial obligations, and sometimes even religious ones, yet you still somehow find time for role playing with me. Kasienka x Hanus forever... Assuming they survive! Mwahahahaha!

    @Darog The wrestling musician. No, really, let me introduce y'all to one of the most interesting men in the world, and a long time friend of mine. Though you often don't find yourself inspired to role play, I think we can agree on one thing. Just one, particular thing.

    Toorg was adorable.

    And beyond that, for all the good times we've already had, I'm looking forward to so many more with you. Whether we're laughing at JonTron videos or going into another Skype call and doing a roast. (Never forget, Vlad the Camoflager! NEVER FORGET!)

    @Kestrel Speaking of long time friends, I'll always remember all that I learned from The Library. Kadaeux is the only GM so far I've mentioned on this list that I've said I've looked up to, but that's not really true. There's also you. You've been an amazing GM for a long time, and I enjoyed learning a great deal from you on how to create interesting scenes with things for players to do. Without you, I think I'd still be struggling to figure out how to finish a story, but because of all the time I spent as a role player with you, I learned from all your successes and failures. I sometimes miss The Library, truthfully.

    We've leaned on each other in hard times, too. I know that you're always there if I need to talk, and so am I for you. Like Kadaeux, when others turned on me, you didn't. You stayed. For that, I can't thank you enough, and you'll always have a place in my RP's.

    @Red Velvet & @RedWillow Because name twins!

    Red Velvet, it was a bash to role play with you in D&D, but thereafter, it was great to get to know you as a person. We've already spent countless hours laughing and playing league of legends while running skype calls, or talking about role play related topics together. For some reason, you never seem to tire of my company, and I've been honoured to help you through some of your hard times. I'm looking forward to getting to know you more.

    RedWillow, we've known each other for years. You and I may think very differently on some things, but it's never stopped you from being a close friend to me, who I can trust with my inner thoughts and fragility. Though we've not roleplayed much together yet, I look forward to seeing how you and Red Velvet form a dream team in The Last Bastion, and I'm happy I could give you a place to belong here on Iwaku. Have fun around here, belle.

    @Slade My long time, old friend of mine. You mad, unorthodox actor you. From devising ways to torture Sisera, to playing Star Wars Battlefront II via GameRanger, to all the drama you've had to endure with me when others turned their backs and I was in a dark place... Yet you never strayed. You never turned away or shunned me. No matter how much we may disagree politically, personally, I consider you a great friend, and like Orion, a time honoured companion through many years of role playing. I've watched you improve, step by step, getting better with every character and iteration thereof you've made. Now, the future only looks upon us brightly, friend.

    To previous players in my role plays (and those who would prefer I not mention their names): I've loved having each and every one of you. Yes, even the ones who bailed, or the ones who raged at me when I did something they didn't like in the story. It was worth giving all of you a try, and I thank each and every one of you for giving me time out of your life, even if things didn't work out, or if you're on hiatus due to life circumstances. Next time I drink whiskey, I'll make a toast to all of your dead characters, and all of your hard and wonderful work on my stories.

    @West @RoranHawkins @rusty4297 @Tyrannosaurus Rekt @Thymine @Grothnor @Sai Zhang @Maxim @WhisperingWillows @Rain of the Night

    Ah, I see some of you have returned from your previous defeats. Others, returning to failed projects, and others still, fresh meat for the carrion. Whether you face Typhon the Archangel and his army of zealots, or the political murder machines of Bunker Chicago, I wish you all the luck in the world. For I urge you, look to thy left, look to thy right: At least a third of you will not survive, if not half outright. I thank you for the time you spend upon my worlds, and the hard work you will wield in writing your wonderful posts.

    Though, I should wonder...

    Will your characters be as interesting in life as they are when the life is ripped from their bodies unceremoniously through gunfire or swordplay?

    I wish you the best of luck, indeed. As for those of you who think yourselves clever enough to survive on your own...


    As for the rest of you lookin' 'fer thank yous... JOIN MY ROLE PLAYS THEN! Hahahaha I love all of my players, all of y'all. It's just, you know...

    My job to kill and/or torture all of your beloved characters.

    So... You know...

    I may as well enjoy my job.
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  9. That was amazing :3 lol I love seeing how people come to know and love each other. Oh the feels ^_^
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  10. [​IMG]

    (But seriously; a lovely post all around. I thought I'd mercifully omit most of the post because I only wanted to make a my mention.)
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  11. It truly was fun, and I sincerely hope we can pick it up again sometime, or even start anew. I very much enjoyed it!
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  12. I don't do it very often. Partially because I'm a private person with my emotions (a lot of deep scars), and partially because I feel as though a complement (or insult) loses value the more often it is said.

    But these people are honestly some of the greatest people I've ever met. They work hard, they write creatively. I throw obstacles at them and they don't bitch about it, they find ways to resolve it. If they don't get it, they ask me. If they have suggestions, they tell me. If they need something, they ask me. Despite months of playing with them, they still find ways to surprise me with clever lines of dialogue or actions I couldn't account for no matter how long I thought about it. Their characters are vibrant and interesting, either as classic tropes that everyone knows and loves, or new and risky ideas that could turn out well or poorly in the long run. They create people of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, colours, genders, sexes, sexuality, races (as in species), and take personal responsibility for themselves. When I make mistakes they don't take it out viciously on me, they point it out and we work on it until it works.

    They're smart. They're determined. They're loyal. They're kind. They're excited to write with me, or in the case of D&D, act with me.

    I could not ask for better friends, and one day, when I escape poverty, I could not ask for a better life than to have them remain part of it.

    That is as sincere and emotionally expressive as you will likely see me get. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stare at ferret gifs, and pretend that the tears welling up in my eyes with the joy I have from friendship and the sheer, unbridled pride I have in my players is instead caused by dust. Lots of dust, yes, it's spring time you know.
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  13. I'm so glad I started this thread. We need more of you and your friends in the world! Also, more ferrets. *nods*
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  14. I don't really interact with a lot of people, but for those I do, you're all amazing. I love the roleplays I'm in, and the people in them are all beyond great. @Soulserenity20 @Mowkie You two are taking a big chance on me letting me join your roleplays, and I appreciate that. I know I'm not always easy to work with, and I like to play kind of difficult positions to trust someone you don't know well with, but I do appreciate you both giving me the opportunity. @Silver You have been my friend for... A ridiculous amount of time. How you've put up with me for so long is beyond me entirely, but you have, so thank you for that. Also thank you for introducing me to not only Soul and Mowkie, but also to Iwaku itself. @Mippu @- Falcon - We haven't talked a whole lot lately, and that's a bummer, because really, I do miss talking to you two, so it'd be nice to hear from you both. This is really all I have to say, or at least all the focus I have to say it with. Basically you all are great, that's all.
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  15. @Howlykin Followed me from another site to RP with me, and so far, ours is awesome. =D I can't wait until he's feeling up to continue. <3 He's one of my favorites.

    @Patch-Work Supposedly didn't RP for years before they approached me, but I don't believe it. Our RP is fun and has the opportunity to go on for a long, long time. =D

    @Lstorm A fabulous RPer with one of the most vivid imaginations I've seen, who makes even fantastical, incomprehensible worlds draw people in.

    @Aerylei Hey nerd, why aren't you RPing here? <3 We should start something here.

    @Royal Pain Sup dork. ;D You rock.

    @Tyrannosaurus Rekt Dude. Our RP is only beginning, but it's awesome.

    And so many more! Everyone on Iwaku is seriously awesome.
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  16. I completely agree @The Mood is Write . There are so many amazing people on here :| it makes me wonder how there can be any cool people on any other sites.

    *pets iwaku*
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  17. Iwaku is home. There is no better place for me. <3
  18. Been busy all day but here we go...

    @J_"Kraken" I won't get too sappy, but thanks for always sticking by and being a great support in my silly endeavors. I'd be lying if I said I haven't learned a lot from you over the past years both in writing and in storytelling/creation, and your characters (of whom I always love) have really inspired me to put more into my own characters. You're awesome to GM with and awesome to write with. Here's to a new record in roleplay-lasting-length, and to hopefully many more!

    @Soulserenity20 You already know just how happy reading your post up there made me, but I'll say it again! The silver lining of my day, it made my entire week. I remember being so nervous joining in RotDT, but you were never once intimidating or scary, just always welcoming. It made a huge difference in mine settling into Iwaku and in the past few years. I came back to roleplay in the hopes I would develop my writing skill and I have, and a lot of that is thanks to you and your beautiful roleplay. You've fostered such a wonderful community and I'm so glad I decided to become a part of it way back when. I can't really express how grateful I am for everything you've taught me and the support you've shown me. Long live RotDT!

    @firejay1 I'm super glad you joined RotDT. I've bonded with everyone in there but we're almost twinsies. I've missed you while you're on hiatus, but I look forward to welcoming you and Narbear back. You've helped me a lot with developing Saira (and half of Illyria's sheer existence and awesomeness is accountable to you), and it's always fun talking with you! Until you return: good luck on your finals and send Narbear my (probably unwanted) hugs!

    @Requiem @Freyalise @Wytchfinder @Shadicmaster @Mowkie @Silver @White @B l u E s
    Some love for being generally awesome people and for also being great friends!
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  19. That's cool, I guess. Certainly better than nothing. For what it's worth, @Brovo, I've always enjoyed the lore and various setting fluff you created for your roleplays. Gotta have dat good lore.
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  20. In before I get zero mentions. <3
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