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  1. I'm looking for someone to take over the role of a religious fanatic in my Noir Roleplay.

    His name is Atlas Sulliman. He looks like this...


    ...and he has only been mentioned once, in the opening post of the roleplay. No character sheet exists for him. The opening post is the only reference to this character and his motivations.

    This is a high quality roleplay written in the first person Noir style. It requires great cooperation, interaction and communication. The plot is a detailed and pre-planned one, and we have high hopes for this story.

    If you think you can manage this commitment and get inside the mind of an obsessed henchmen, let me know.
  2. I stumbled on your thread a little while ago and it's been a joy reading everyone's input thus far. I'm interested in the role but I don't want to plan too much into his personality until I hear what you have outlined. I have a scene idea from the picture, as well as him likely viewing Mother-Mary as a divinely granted matriarchal figure to the city. Possibly even more so on a personal level but I don't want to weigh down one option before I see what tools I'd have available.
  3. Ah, five hours late, Mr Weiner. Quill has applied for the spot and ejaculated all over me.

    I guess I should remove this thread and stop cock-teasing everyone >_>
  4. Haha, that's what I get for getting caught up on the storyline before I commit to the idea. No worries though, won't keep me from reading it. Fantastic job so far.
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  5. The moment anyone twists their ankle, makes eye-contact with me, or starts drawing shapes in the sand, I'll put them down and give you their spot.
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