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  1. "But- but Landyn, I love you!"
    In the middle of a nearly-silent night these words echoed down the streets and into the homes of many peaceful sleepers. The words cut through Landyn Tate like a knife. Why couldn't the girl just hate him? He was a player, after all! It was the world's most cruel punishment, to remind Landyn Tate of the havoc he had caused in both his life and in the life of his lover. Landyn continued to do what he did best in these situations, run away. He headed down the streets of Maryland until he could no longer hear the tearful cries of a woman who's name Landyn Tate had already chosen to forget. Once the cries came to a stop, and the town became quiet once more, Landyn slowed his pace down to a sorrowful walk.
    Her name was angelic, his mind couldn't erase that. She liked ponies, and art, and long walks on the beach. Whenever he asked her what she wanted to do she'd let out a small giggle, as if he was crazy for asking, and say "I want to hang out with you!" Her nose twitched whenever he kissed her too, which was the cutest thing. For a girl who was just supposed to be a sex toy, Landyn sure did know a lot of simple things about her. Now if only he could forget... perhaps another female companion would do... or maybe two. Landyn kept an eye out for the perfect place to meet his next girl.
  2. Close to the street that Landyn walked on, there was a small gas station with a convenience store. A woman, whom looked to be the age of an average college student, discreetly watched the inside of the gas station. This act would have looked suspicious in most cases, but the girl was giggling as she stared into the window. There would be times where she'd quickly look away and turn her back to the window.

    "Oh my goodness, Stephanie..." the woman shook her head and turned to her bag of snacks, pulling out a candy bar and beginning to unwrap it. Glancing around her area for a bit, she decided to pull out her phone and check the latest messages on Facebook and Tumblr.
  3. Just a few blocks of walking went by uneventful before Landyn made the executive decision to pull out his Edger Allen Poe book and give some of the poems a read. Normally, Landyn tried to avoid reading and walking. He always got way too sucked into the story and once actually got hit by a bus. Luckily, it had just started moving and wasn't going very fast- but still. Next time it might be. The reason he had decided to read tonight was unknown to him, although it seemed to be like perfect timing with most of the streets empty due to the time.
    Landyn didn't just read the book in his hand. He analyzed and considered all the deeper meanings the poem might possibly have. His favorite, To F--S S. O--D, brought on an overwhelming set of emotions and thus among the page, was marked repeatedly with notes and comments. It was like responding to a Facebook status, but in a book. As far as Landyn was concerned, that was the better version. Landyn was considering once again the deeper meaning of the poem he loved the most, allowing the world to spin around him as his eyes focused on each and ever syllable, when he ended up side by side with one of the town's many gas stations. For some reason, it was here his steps paused.
  4. As soon as Landyn stopped, he would hear a sudden eruption of laughter. The same woman was nearly doubled over as she watched what was happening in the store. She turned away to cover her mouth in an attempt to calm herself down, and caught Landyn's figure.


    The woman suddenly stood up straight, with her shoulders upward and looking to Landyn. "Oh uh, sorry," she said. "I thought I was alone..." she would laugh with an embarrassed tone as she spoke. "Didn't mean to bother you."
  5. That laugh... Suddenly, Landyn was pulled away from his thoughts and was faced with an all too familiar scenario. The girl, or bait, and how to woo her. Something didn't feel right, though. For some reason, he felt like he could almost hear his mind telling him to leave her be. His heart hurt before he even knew her name. It was the oddest feeling, but what was weirder? Although a part of him was telling him to go, another part of him was telling him that he couldn't. Landyn made the concise decision to stay, at least for now.
    "You were no bother, really. Might I ask what you're doing though, on such a lovely night? It almost looks like your spying on the people working at the gas station."
    Landyn couldn't help but laugh.
  6. At first, the woman thought that Landyn was ignoring her. She was about to turn away until he asked his question. "Oh, what I'm doing?" she began, "Two of my friends are in there, trying to give the cashier a hard time. See, the person working there is also in our class and..." the woman shook her head, putting her hands up in a "stop" action while laughing. "It's a long story, really."

    "Carmen why didn't you come in!?"
    As the woman finished her sentence, two girls were walking out of the station. One had brown hair with blonde highlights and dressed in edgy clothing. The other had blonde hair, and was wearing a black and pink dress. Not only that, this girl had caught sight of Landyn and gave him a weird look.

    Carmen, whom the woman was referred as, shook her head. "No, I told you I wasn't going to be apart of that!" she laughed.
  7. Landyn couldn't help but smile at the interactions happening in front of him. It always lifted his spirits to see other people cheerful, even if he didn't always know why. While thinking next about what exactly to say and/or do, Landyn's eyes ran across a familiar feature of hers that he simply could not ignore.
    "C-C-Carmen Brillinger?"
    His voice cracked worse than anything through his years of puberty. There was no way. No way on Earth, the moon, the sun, no way inside or outside of the milky way! It simply could not be. That cute young lady Landyn knew from his high school years was gone! She had moved, right? Maybe he had moved... Landyn's mind was too scrambled to remember just what had happened at this particular time. What was she doing here, in front of him? He needed to leave. This could only end in disaster.
    Slowly, all those thoughts Landyn hadn't understood moments ago slowly began to make sense.
  8. Uh oh, full name. Carmen turned to Landyn with a slightly anxious look. "Um...Yes?" She didn't realize that the man in front of her knew her, and her awkward expression revealed it.

    The blonde woman next to Carmen sent a glare in his direction. "Who are you and how do you know her last name?" she asked with a hostile tone.

    "Jade, no..." Carmen stopped the woman with a light tap to the arm. She then turned to Landyn. "However..." she began, "I'm sorry but I don't exactly...recognize you! Remind me where we've met?"
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