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  1. Well, I adore a dark romance, and was hoping to find something like it here. I'm into fluff too, so if that's what you want, give me a bell too. And just a note - I'm recycling this old thread, any and all ideas can be done more than once, and I've got other things hidden away, and of course I'm happy to collaborate or go with any of your ideas.

    I've not got anything in mind really, but I normally do a fantasy or sci-fi based plot. I'm happy to do others, but this is what I'm most familiar with. Fandom roleplays are welcome, and I won't list all the ones I'm willing to do, as it could take a while.

    I'll list a few pairings that I'm particularly interested in, though this is not a complete list.

    Loki x OC superhero (Actually have a plot for this one)
    Hunter x Demon
    Noble x Servant
    Angel x Demon/Fallen Angel
    Innocent x Not so much
    Chaos x Order (Plot for this too)

    Another few ideas to hopefully whet your appetite. I'm quite into rivalmances at the moment always, anything goes. So just let me know if you have an idea.

    The Smith

    This is a story that was originally meant for steampunk glory, but can be adapted quite easily to fit other settings. To make things easier, I'll describe it in this form. The setting is an oppressive city state ruled by a Royal family. The law enforcemers are 'Clockwork Angels', statues that basically come to life seemingly at random. No one knows if they're machines or living things, they just know to behave if they want to live.

    Needless to say, there's a fair bit of violence on all levels, most people are in poverty and understandably desperate, and the laws are tough. You speak ill of the Emperor, you tend to disappear. So most people just keep quiet, although there is a resistance movement operating in the slums.

    The character I already have planned for this is a female tinker that sells trinkets for a pittance. She is skilled enough to make weapons and other useful things, but forr reasons she prefers to keep to herself, she ignores any opportunity to aid the resistance.

    A partner could either play a resistance member, or go the potentially darker route of a loyalist involved in the military, or a Royal. Or, I can take on another role.

    Dragon Bane

    It's an oldie but a goodie. Humans are at war with dragons, and some wise guy comes up with the idea of working with them. Crazy. The world is medieval, and there are a few factions of noble families that gain power from the dragons they kill. This is simply done through fashioning weapons from their bones and teeth. The families' power varies depending on region, as different types of dragon favour different places.

    I have two characters ready for this setting. The first is a peasant boy with a bad attitude, who happens to be the illegitimate son of a Lord, and as he has 'dragon blood' that hasn't been nurtured into hatred, he can and will speak to dragons.

    The second is a true noble who is so hellbent on proving that she's just as good as the boys that she's reckless and generally a bit stupid. She also bears a massive personal grudge against dragons, only adding insult to injury.

    The Lost Boy

    This one is more a character than anything else. Dyrnwyn is a slave, so named for the sword he wields. The sword can only be used by a worthy man, and he was the one that got the duty. The lord he served used him for his own gains, of course, and the young man is pretty useless at anything other than fighting. When he washes up on shore after surviving a shipwreck, unfortunately without the sword, he has to work out what the hell freedom is.

    Brutal Werewolves

    Another cliche! And another character. Tifa works in an office, like anybody else. Unfortunately, on her way home from work a nasty gang of werewolves attack her. Upon waking up she has no memory of any of it, and has no idea why she's in the woods, or why everything smells of meat. These episodes of lapsed memory continue, as she pretty much remains in denial about what is happening.

    The obvious choices I can think of for partners, are either another human, a member of the werewolf gang going to clean up the mess, or a werewolf hunter.


    The vampires in this world a typically bloodthirsty. They like to whip themselves into a frenzy with various bloodsports, and they're decidedly snooty. The only real difference is that they're born and not made. They can also survive without blood, as a century or so ago, some party pooper managed to create a formula to supplement the missing proteins that caused the cravings for blood. Unfortunately, it's not perfect, and the few that do use the supplements are far weaker than the old fashioned types. They are also ostracized and ocassionally hunted by the noble order that see them as a threat to society.

    I have three characters within this setting. The daughter of the supplement guy, and a pair of twins at war with eachother. They both want to stop the bloodshed, but one thinks 'any means to an end', the other doesn't.

    Seeing Red

    A nameless woman is born out of nowhere, appearing at random at the scenes of crimes in the process of being committed, or about to be begun, she is incredibly violent. After ensuring the safety of the victim, she quite literally disappears. This continues for several months, and over time this automaton begins to develop some level of consciousness and self awareness.

    The idea is that someone notices this pattern, either a policeman or some other person of your choice. This could take place in pretty much any universe or time period, so it's all pretty flexible.

    Let me know if anything interests you. Bye bye for now.

    Bye bye for now.
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  2. I'm interested in "The Smith"! Perhaps doing a loyalist who becomes a resistance fighter.
  3. I'm interested in the Innocent and not innocent one up top. I only play straight romance females though. Does that work? I'd like to play an innocent chick who gets swept away by the rebellious bad boy. Isn't that how it usually works? hehe
  4. I'd be interested in noble x servant. [:
  5. I like the Smith idea, too. Almost sounds like it could become a group thing. Like tensions between loyalists and the resistance leading to an all-out civil war.

    Also like Noble/Servant idea and had a thought that would incorporate magic into it, if you're interested.
  6. I am very interested in the Brutal Werewolves one.
  7. One more has been added. As always, anything goes.