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  1. Hello!

    I just got my new computer after my last one broke two months ago, so now it's time to start some new roleplays.

    I don't mind smutty roleplays so long as there is some kind of plot, otherwise it gets boring too quickly. Also, these will all be MxM. Sorry if that's not your thing. Also I like to keep the age range of characters between 17-29 depending on the plot. And I love fluff and angst and fighting and tears and conflict and lovey super cute romance.

    Things I have been wanting to try:

    Modern/twisted fairy tales – these can follow the plot lines in the stories/movies closely or very loosely

    Beauty and the Beast
    A boy is kidnapped/tricked into living with a narcissistic rich boy who was cursed long ago.

    A rich boy is sick of feeling trapped in his perfect sheltered life. His whole life he has been forced to grow up too quickly, get perfect grades in his private rich boy academy, be polite and never question his parents, all so he can eventually take over his father’s company. One day he can’t take it anymore. He dresses in dirty, plain clothes and runs away to the city. There he meets a boy who has been living on the streets forced to steal just to have enough food to eat. The rich boy follows him, fascinated by a life so much different than his own. Eventually he is found out and is forced to return home. When the poor boy realizes what happened, he pretends to be wealthy because he thinks that is the only possible way to get he rich boy's attention.

    A boy has lived in a big house on a hill his whole life. He has rarely gone outside and has never ventured out of his yard. His mother has told him that he is better off staying right where he is because the world is not a good place for him. Then, a boy from the neighborhood sees him in the window one day when his mother isn’t home. Intrigued by someone who has never been out of his house, the boy continues to come back every day and soon becomes determined to rescue him.

    Alice in Wonderland
    There are a million ways that this one could go. It can be anything from super dirty and smutty, to very innocent. Wonderland is crazy :)

    Any other fairy tales you think might be fun or interesting, go ahead and ask. I love to hear ideas.


    Bleach – really any yaoi pairing you can come up with, but I would especially love to do Ikkaku/Yumichika

    Pokemon – Original characters only please

    Modern Plots

    This starts on a crowded subway. The characters don't know each other, and one character starts to feel the other one up. The second man tries to stay as quiet as he can because he's embarrassed that he is getting turned on. Maybe the character getting felt up isn't gay (or is in denial)? The first character pulls the second off of the subway and they have sex somewhere. They go their separate ways without saying a word. Then, they meet again and the same thing happens. They have rough, dirty boy sex in some filthy location, and then leave each other. Almost as if fate is pulling them together, they see each other again a few days later in a completely different part of the city. The same thing happens over and over, each time, the sex gets less rough and more passionate. But they never speak and they don't even know each other's names.

    First love
    Ten years ago, a fourteen year old boy had a crush on a senior in his high school. He followed the boy around, watching him constantly, but too scared to talk to him. Then, one day the older boy asked him why he kept watching him. He couldn’t stop himself. He broke down and told the boy that he loved him. For two weeks, they had a perfect, unforgettable love. They went home and were together for the first time. Afterwards, the younger boy asked whether the older boy loved him. The older boy laughed. The young boy was so humiliated that he ran away. He convinced his parents to let him study abroad for the rest of school. And they never saw each other again.

    [This is where the roleplay starts--->] Ten years later, neither of them had gotten over that epic first love. The younger man starts a new job, only to find out that his new boss is the boy he had desperately loved all those years ago. Little does he know that the older man has been looking for him all these years, and is now determined to make the younger man fall in love with him again.

    Other just rough thoughts/ideas/things I like:

    Church camp
    Brother/Brother (possibly twins)
    Mutants (possibly running from the government)
    Mpreg (never done it before but I am strangely in the mood to try it, so long as I'm not the pregnant character)

    Things I'm not so into:

    Angels and vampires and werewolves and what-not
    Stuff with no plot
    Super violent gory bloody yuck
    Historical crap

    Things I want in a partner:

    Someone who can write at least two paragraphs per post. I want to know what your character is doing, thinking, feeling and saying. (I write multiple paragraphs for each post)

    Replies on a somewhat regular basis. Every day would be nice, but every other day is fine too.

    Likes to develop the plot through PM conversations. I always have tons of ideas to play off of.

    Has a basic grasp on grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

    So that's it I think. Feel free to look through some of my current/past roleplays to see how I write.

    Play with me! <3
  2. You know ... I think that I had put in my RP Resume that I didn't want to do MxM but you have a really good idea with that first love one...and it makes me want to try it out... :D
  3. We can mix the mpreg with the Rapunzel one! I don't mind being the mpreg one. Like the 'Rapunzel' guy is kept in the house because of his birth defect where he is a guy that can get pregnant and the mom knows this and doesn't want that to happen so she keeps him locked inside and such?
  4. I'm really interested in your 'Touch' idea! Especially if there is some cross-dressing involved.
  5. I quite like the idea of a male Alice that still wears the same clothes. Maybe paired with the white rabbit or cheshire cat?
  6. I'd be very interested in your First Love or Rapunzel ideas!
  7. I'm no longer taking anyone for Touch, Alice in Wonderland or Rapunzel right now. :)
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