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Play with dressup dolls with Diana!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. http://www.i-dressup.com/

    It's not the greeaaaatest dressup doll game in the world, but it might be more fun if there are others playing too. O__O I like the designer events. I used to play on Miss Bimbo, and I have been trying to find another fashion doll site that I like the artwork on. >:[
  2. Am I not good enough friend? ;____;
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  4. No! You'd rather flaunt yourself to ever Tom, Dick, And Harry! D=<
  5. I'll flaunt YOUR Tom, dick and harry!
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  6. O___O

    Well then...
  7. Which admin has a hairy dick now?

    I'm so getting banned for this.
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  8. VAY! I <3 That Manga!

    There, my duty has be dutified.
  9. I know this really cool dress up game website called rinmarugames.com

    I really like the character designs there~
  10. Rinmaru is really nice for dollmaker games!

    I am looking for the best site to play that puts out new fashions on a regular basis. O_O I wish rinmaru could do that in some of their dollmakers.
  11. Oh no! Not another dress up game for me to get addicted to. I still haven't recovered from my Miss Bimbo days! >.>;'''
  12. Oh man, I just can't be made at Beefer Sutherland. ;__;
  13. I tend to go to Dolldivine and Azaleasdolls
    It puts out new ones regularly, some off of different sites, and sometimes exclusively made ones that I love.