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  1. Dreamer's Official Search Thread

    Craving: I really want to play some transgender characters. Let me know if you're up for working that into a plot.

    Meet Dreamer

    My name's Jessie, but I certainly don't mind being called Dreamer. I'm new to this site, but I'm not new to roleplaying. It's been seven years since I began roleplaying. I'm on vacation from work and on a hiatus from school. So, I'll be online quite a bit. I enjoy playing LGBTQA characters. I'm comfortable playing multiple characters. I like finding realistic pictures for my characters, and I pretty much always provide at least one picture for each of my characters.

    Things to Know

    If you're only interested in straight romance with straight characters, I'm not the partner for you. I only write roleplay posts in third person and past tense, and I expect my partner to do the same. Please give me something to work with. I'm not particular about post length as long as I have enough to reply to. I'm comfortable playing female, male, transgender and non-binary characters. Don't automatically expect me to play as a male. I don't like playing the same gender all the time.

    Some Starting Topics

    Long Distance Relationship
    Foster Care/Adoption
    Arranged Marriage
    Summer Camp
    Starting a Family
    Super Humans
    Rekindled Romance


    Teacher x Student
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Soldier x Significant Other


    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Lost Girl
    Red Band Society
    Orange Is the New Black
    Dragon Age


    coming soon

    Departing Thoughts

    I'm certainly not limited to what's listed here. Interested in playing with me? Please send me a PM or reply here since I have no preference.