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Hey there. I'm seeking story-driven roleplays with plenty of sex scenes, of course.

[fieldbox="Me as a Roleplayer, red, solid"]

- I'm able to be quite active. If this changes, I'll be sure to make my partners aware.
- Currently, I'm only interested in FxF and MxM pairings.
- My genre preferences are Slice of Life and Fandom.
- Regarding sexual situations, my characters are generally switches.


[fieldbox="Requirements, red, solid"]

- Your character must be dominant or a switch in sexual situations.
- Be active. When you can't be active, let me know.
- Participate in the planning process.
- Help move the plot along.

[fieldbox="Pairings, red, solid"]

Band Member x Band Member
Professor x Student
Assassin x Target
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Artist x Muse
Criminal x Cop
Neighbor x Neighbor
Prisoner x Prisoner


[fieldbox="Fandoms, red, solid"]

Ask for pairings.

Harry Potter
Doctor Who
Orange Is the New Black
Lost Girl



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Hello, I'm interested in Professor x Student in a FxF.


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Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Smut, YAOI, Slice of Life, Modern Fantasy,
I'd be interested in the bandmembers or prisoners (both mxm)
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