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  1. This thread's purpose is to find dedicated partners. If you aren't going to be dedicated, please don't express interest in roleplaying with me.

    Due to a relaxed work schedule, I'm able to be quite active. I play all genders and do all pairing types. I've been roleplaying for six and a half years and writing creativity for thirteen.

    I like to keep these things minimal. Don't hesitate to ask me any question at all.

    Pairings, topics and fandoms.

    Note: I'm not limited to what's listed here.

    Band Member x Band Member
    Jock x Geek
    Popular x Outcast
    Criminal x Cop
    Writer x Character
    Vampire x Human
    Open x Closeted
    Mafia Boss x FBI Agent
    Professor x Student
    Doctor x Nurse
    Celebrity x Celebrity
    Famous Writer x Bodyguard

    Long Distance Relationship
    Time Travel
    Mental Hospital
    Adoption/Foster Care
    Arranged Marriage
    Mad Scientist

    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Dragon Age
    Lost Girl
  2. Doctor Who sounds absolutely brilliant! If not that, are you up for Mafia Boss x FBI Agent?
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  3. I'm good with going with Doctor Who. Would you prefer canons, OCs or a mix?
  4. I do love canons, but if you'd rather OCs, I can handle that as well. Are there any plots or pairings you had in mind?
  5. Canons are fine. I don't have anything particular in mind. Mind sending me a PM, and we can come up with a plot together?
  6. I would love to do Long Distance Relationship or Time Travel or Mafia Boss x FBI Agent ^-^
  7. Let's go with time travel. Mind sending me a PM?
  8. Hi there! I see you've already had a Doctor Who ping, but if you'd like another I'd love to do a Doctor Who roleplay also.
    If you'd rather do something different I'm also equally interested in a foster/adoption roleplay
  9. Band Member x Band Member
    Jock x Geek
    Professor x Student
    Dragon Age

    I pick these ones! 8D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.