Play one crazy night with Diana? :D


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So, my minions, I would really love to meet to new roleplay partners or get some play-time in with some of my lovelies. It will be Private RP (just me and you) in a thread with the theme "ONE CRAZY NIGHT". Basically it's one night for the two characters we play (plus optional npcs?), the conclusion will be getting home or accomplishing whatever they're trying to do. It'll be a "short" roleplay for practice.

YOU can even pick the genre we play and the story. It can be serious, dramatic, or funny. >:D Just look at my Player Resume to see what I like and don't like. As a warning, I only play female characters. I do -love- romantic subplots, but I don't do lesbians. Sorry dudes. XD I AM open to smutty things. (So if you want to try this in Smutclub, I am for that too!) I don't like stuff to get "LOLRANDOM" so even with a Crazy night, "wtf" kind of crazy is too much for me. o____o; I can do posting sprees if we're both online at the same time. >:D Otherwise I should be able to post once a day/every other day. Rarely on weekends cause I'm with the family.

This is mean to try out some dusty characters I have lying around and get some MUSE going. I'll play with ANYONE and EVERYONE. So if you wanna start a thread with me, posty here or shoot me a PM. Basically a different thread for each person that wants to try this with me. I have no limit on how many Private threads I can play in. :D Even if you're already roleplaying with me and just wanna try out this idea, that's cool too. XD

*Kicks at the dirt.* t____t Someone will want to play with me... right? Anybody...?
Why, that sounds EXCELLENT. >:D
Hell yes a noir game would be badass! >:D Like old school detective noir?
*puts on the black holes and revelations album*

Thar be yer muse!
Unless you intend to PLAY with me on a Muse Inspired One Wild Night, get out of here! XD
*converts the CDplayer into damaged spare parts with a krak grenade*

How about guy meets girl (at a club) guy gets girl into car... and runs someone over, predictably funny stuff ensues.
Vay, you had me "runs someone over". >:D
I miss the Princess and Quinn. We never were really able to get their dynamic down with all of our do overs and multiple characters ):
I freaking loved that RP....I enjoyed playing Mieranor entirely too much.