Play-By-Post Or No?

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  1. Is there a Forum for roleplays that are more like games??

    I have an idea for one based off a show but I don't know if it counts as a roleplay for a play-by-post thing.. The idea is a roleplay version of the game Clue with the layout of a show called Whodunnit?... Can I put this in the Fandom Forum (since it's based off a Game and Show) or is there a certian place it needs to go? Or are those kinda things not allowed on here?
  2. If it's a game with no actual roleplaying posts required from the players, then perhaps the Bored Games subforum would work. If it does require people to make in-character posts, then it should be in one of the roleplaying areas.

    Fandom could work for the reasons you gave. It could go in the Dice Roleplays area (which houses things like Dungeons & Dragons as well as play-by-post roleplays that use dice for things) if it has anything to do with rolling dice to decide things that happen. If neither of those feel quite right, then there's a Miscellaneous Roleplays section that you can't go wrong with. Having a lot of game elements is fine wherever you end up putting it, but it would be a good idea to make the format and mechanics clear to people in your interest check thread so they know what they're signing up for.

    As long as you're not breaking any site rules (which you wouldn't be by making an unorthodox roleplay), pretty much anything is allowed. Iwaku is a pretty laid back forum. :P
  3. Well, each person would be playing one of the contestants and it'd be against the rules to break character.. Mostly it'd be posting in order or something like that as well as characters being killed off as the roleplay goes on.. It's kinda like playing a game where you have to find clues and such then put said clues (that you allowed to know based on location) into a theory..

    Going off what you've said though I think it'd be best in Fandom or Misc.. I'll go with Fandom and see how it goes ^^ It's been popular on every other site I've done it on.. But only 2 managed to get completed since people had to drop out of the other 3 I've hosted

    Thank you for the help! ^^
  4. If it is a game in which you write as a character and the world or the characters are from an already existing material, then yes, it does belong in the fandom section ^^
  5. I got it up in the Fandom since it's basically like what you said ^^ Now to wait and see who'd be interested XD
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