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    Platinum Beach is a sprawling metropolis on the southern Atlantic coast in the US. It is a haven of new technology and striking intellects. It boasts a high population of people from all walks of life, and those that reside in the city have wonderful amenities and a high standard of living. The city has beautiful white sand beaches, gleaming skyscapers, both a subway and a skyrail for public transit. As a port town it is also a hub of multiculturalism, being home to many people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world.

    This RP is about SUPAH HEROES! Your characters will be hiding their powers from the general public, they can be newly found powers or you've known about them your whole life! Feel free to get creative with your origins and powers but one requirement is that they must reside somewhere inside Platinum Beach.

    The theme I'm trying to play for is something like the Justice League or X-Men so it'll be a mix of lighthearted antics with some grim moments and lots of action.
  2. City Map (open)

    District by number:

    1. Science District
    - This district is home to the majority of the science labs and other major research company facilities. There are two major companies found here. Soto Biosystems Technologies which specialize in medical technologies, as well as genetic research have an extensive lab on the edge of the city, and Cosmos Research Inc, who focus on aeronautical research and are almost always working on the newest ways to get humans into outer space. Also contained in this district is the solar power plant and the wind power plants. Both of which power the majority of the city thanks to the scientific advancements made by other smaller corporations in the district.

    2. Starlight Heights
    - Situated on the northern part of the city this is where the fabulously wealthy have their homes. The houses are very large, very ostentatious and very exclusive. Usually belonging to the heads of the Science District corporations or come from old money. Things here are usually quiet and boring unless you're invited into one of the many fabulous homes. Part of the area also borders with Lake Oconomowoc, the smaller of the two lakes, this one being man-made. The lake-shore is home to the Starlight Greens, the city's prestigious golf course.

    3. Lake Shore Heights
    - This is the home to the majority of the suburban non-rich residences. People here are those accustomed to the high standard of living without being downtown in apartments. This is where people come to settle down and start a family. This district hosts many parks and open green spaces which serve as picnic destinations as well as many people enjoying a nice stroll along the north-eastern section of Lake Oconomowoc.

    4. Platinum Beach North
    - The original Platinum Beach as a city was just along the barrier island on the eastern edge of the map but as the city grew the original city was divided into a northern district and a southern district. The northern district is the newer section of the city. There are many islands between it and the mainland all of which tend to cater to the tourists. Many hotels and fancy shopping centers can be found here as of course, the ever popular beach. Platinum Designs, a famous design firm also calls Platinum Beach North homes with it's headquarters in a high rise just looking over the beach near the border of Platinum Beach North and Platinum Beach South.

    5. Silver District
    - If Platinum Beach North is the home for tourism, the Silver District is the home of the nightlife. The hottest clubs, bars and restaurants can be found here. There is a wide variety of options for the gourmet at heart, but the specialty is Cuban and Haitian dishes. Club 29 is the number one club in the city and resides in this district, catering to a very exclusive demographic. The only way in is to know somebody on the inside. The southern part of this district is the beginnings of the skyscrapers.

    6. Aeronautical District
    - This is usually the first district people see when flying into Platinum Beach. It is home to Platinum International Airport (which, despite its name also serves as a national airport operating out of two separate hubs yet sharing the runways.) This is also where Cosmos Research has set up their hangers and factories for building purposes. There is a large warehouse district also contained on the western edge of this district, mostly used by the corporations of the Science District.

    7. Downtown
    - The Downtown area is a mixture of different things, though still predominately a housing area. The skyscapers here are mostly apartments, but there are all sorts of things found here, from grocery stores, to yoga studios, to smaller businesses. This is the general urban area. It also shares a border with Lake Seminole, a natural lake which is mostly just overflow from the marshlands nearby. It's a source of fresh water but it's mostly skipped over in favor of the ocean.

    8. Marshlands
    - The Marshlands extend deep into the city and are a preserve of sorts. Most people avoid them but it there is also a center for ecological studies housed along the outskirts of the marshlands, just inside the city. Many creatures call this area home, and more intrepid tourists (and a few locals) like to take swampboat rides out to see if they can spot any alligators.

    9. Glass District
    - The Glass District gets it's name from the distinctive glass skyscrapers in this area. If the Science district has half of the wealthier populous of the city, this is where the other half come from. Design studios, high end banks, if it has a CEO and is based here, this is the district that you will find it. At around 9pm this district tends to get a bit more quiet as most of the businesses are closed for the day.

    10. Platinum Beach South
    - This is the true heart of Platinum Beach, the original city was formed right here. There is a historic block that has a few preserved buildings from the original Spanish occupants which operates as one large museum but the rest of the district is a testament to the technological advancements by having shining skyscrapers and fantastic rooftop-gardens.

    11. Point Park
    - The majority of this part of Platinum Beach is a natural park. Open to the public, the large peninsula is completely closed off to regular traffic. Many people like coming here and enjoying the beach, the parks and the nature preserve.

    12. Little Cuba
    - Due to the proximity to Cuba many of the immigrants from that country have set up in their own district of the city. There is a mixture of residential areas and small mom-and-pop businesses and restaurants. Coming here is almost like being in an entirely different country at times. The main attraction here is Mama Cubana's Restaurante.

    13. Rocket District
    - This district is really more of a section of the marshlands drained and repurposed for a launching facility for space exploration. Though the majority of this area is devoted to the space programs, some of it is a mixture of residential and storage areas. Some have said that the warehouses in this district belong to small time crime syndicates trying to get their hands on some of the technology of the shuttles to sell on the black market.

    14. Chinatown
    - In recent years the number of Chinese immigrants to Platinum Beach has skyrocketed so much so that they've adapted a section of the southern part of the city into their own little haven. Like Little Cuba this area mostly serves as a mixture of businesses and restaurants but also bring a bit of eastern mysticism along with it. It isn't uncommon to see fortune tellers and Taoist priests handing out charms and other things to bring in luck. The Golden Dragon is a library slash occult shop that has been very popular with the locals.

    15. Lowtown Docks
    - This area is home to the docks as well as the warehouses for fishing ships. The northern part of this district is also where many people come to get on the numerous cruise lines that call Platinum Beach their home. Beyond boarding the cruise ships, or working on the docks as a fisherman there isn't much to do here.

    16. Platinum Beach Bay
    - The easiest sea entry to the city is through the bay. It's commonly used for the upper class people to go out into the Atlantic Ocean on their personal yachts, the cruise ships to head to their destinations and the fishing ships to go to work.

    Hero Name:
    Secret Identity/Human Name:
    General Appearance:




    General History:

    Present Life:
  4. Cast list will be here

    Hero Name: Jade Dragon

    Secret Identity/Human Name: Eric Wu

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Human/Chinese-American

    Age: 21

    Birthplace/World: Earth

    Occupation/School/Grade: College Student (Chinese History major)

    General Appearance: In his guise of Jade Dragon he wears a simple pair of black biker shorts, letting the rest of his jade-body disguise his identity well enough.


    Jade stone control - Jade Dragon can create a jade-like stone substance that he uses to form spikes and other jade weaponry which he uses in combat. He also transforms into a sort-of living Jade substance that retains the mobility of normal flesh. He can also create spikes out of his body using this power.

    Flight of the Ancestors - Jade Dragon can take flight using the spirits of his ancestor's guardian animal: the dragon. He can carry about as much weight as he can when standing on the ground.

    Limitations: Despite being encased a sort of living jade, he isn't invulnerable to damage. He can be injured if he is hit by enough force. In the event that he might lose a limb, or other major trauma, he will still be okay until he regains his regular human form. He is quite susceptible to psychic and magical powers.

    Fears: At the moment he's partly afraid of his powers, unsure of how to completely control them. He's also partly afraid of his loved ones being harmed because of something his powers might have caused.

    Personality: Eric is a kind hearted person, also looking out for his parents and serving mostly as a translator for them. When not studying for school he busts petty crimes in Chinatown in his guise of the Jade Dragon. He has a strong urge to right wrongs and believes in justice but he also tempers it with morality, usually deferring to emotional reasoning to make decisions about what to do. He abides by the standard superhero code of no-killing.


    General History: Eric's parents were immigrants from the Wuhan in China, moving to Platinum Beach just before he was born to give him a better life in America. Shortly after he was born his mother gained citizenship but his father had to return to China for a few years. During that time Eric's mother taught him about his family's proud ancient tradition as Taoist priests and monks, which he greatly enjoyed. When his father returned from China and gained citizenship he tried to dissuade Eric from following his mother's stories but still fostered his interest in other studies pertaining to China. When Eric turned 16 he started noticing small things about himself, occasionally he'd wake up and his hand would seem like it was green, or he'd fine little chunks of jade about. Thinking this was his mother's doing he would shrug it off, until one day he actually lifted off the ground and hovered a few feet above the ground. Sure that it wasn't a trick he turned to a magic shop near his house and got a book on ancient Chinese magic and for the next few years learned about his powers and eventually started stopping petty crimes around Chinatown.

    Present Life: Between his studies at Platinum Beach University and helping his parents at home he dons his disguise as the Jade Dragon and fights petty crime around his district of the city. He occasionally tracks some thieves into other parts. When off duty he does like going to the beach and spending time with friends. Up until now he's been too afraid to go public with his superheroing, but he is a bit of a cult legend in Chinatown. He's slowly been working up the courage to expand his fighting against crime to other areas, unaware that there might be others like him in the city.

    More: His abilities stem from his ancestor's abilities, derived from a magical source. As such only magic can block him from using them.

    Hero Name: Kaleidoscope
    Secret Identity/Human Name: Sara Henley
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Nytinian
    Age: 45 (appears 26)
    Birthplace/World: Nytinia
    Occupation/School/Grade: Computer operations manager at a large communication company (World Talk)
    General Appearance: (Will try to find her pic tonight)


    -Into the Mirror- Power Absorption
    -Prism Mirror -A blast of energy that can pierce armor.
    -Chemical Mirror -A beam of chemical energy.
    -Power Suit in the form of leather pants, boots, and jacket with a hover disc provides armor and flight. This suit is activated from a console grafted to her left wrist.

    Limitations: She cannot fight in her human form and must transition to her alien body before being able to fight. She is unable to fly without her disk, though she is good at falling short distances.
    Fears: Frogs, floods, suffocation
    Personality: Sara is strong willed and often blunt by human standards. She knows how to turn on the charm to get what she wants, but often saves that for a last resort, preferring to keep people at a distance.


    General History: Kaleidoscope was born on the planet Nytinia to loving and protective parents. Her childhood was sheltered, and she often dreamed of being a princess and other such things many young girls, no matter the planet, dream of. As she grew older, she grew slightly rebellious, taking up hover discing and becomming rather good at it. Her interests spread to computers and electronics and she found she had a natural aptitude for such things, making her own suit of collapsible power armor by the time she had reached her species ages of accountability. She joined an elite unit of Nytinians responsible for quelling problems on other worlds so that they never spread to Nytinia and took off for Earth, only to find she wasn't the only one with extraordinary powers...

    Present Life: 'Liedo lives life as Sara, a simple computer tech in charge of a small communications group in the company World Talk. Her group is in charge of making certain that people's cellular phones and smart devices are communicating properly with one another. In short, she's a cellphone tech with a fancy title. She has a small apartment in Downtown Platinum Beach and spends much of her off time patrolling and trying to make contacts who can feed her information about Cosmos Research, Inc., which she views as a potential vector for trouble.

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    Character Name: White Widow
    Secret Identity: Nasrin Nobelius
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Birthplace/World: Earth
    Occupation/School/Grade: Escort Agency Employee
    General Appearance:


    Talents/Powers: Phasing; Pheromone Manipulation
    Limitations: Pheromones that please one gender tend to make the opposite gender territorial and agressive and she can't manipulate both at once. She can't stay phased for long, so her natural enemy is thick metal doors, walls, etc.
    Fears: Being trapped; being powerless to change her fortunes.
    Calm and collected, Nasrin likes to be in control of everything around her.


    General History:

    Present Life:
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