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  1. ALRIGHT, Here's our planning thread, so we can get our stories straight!

    Witch x Human:

    Siren Engel is a witch, plain and simple.
    Some would replace that with a B, but it doesn't change what she is.
    She's grown up in her family's huge mansion,
    being pampered by them, as they're very rich.
    She has two older sisters, who she never really speaks to.
    In fact, she barely speaks to anyone.
    After the accident last Spring, she quit speaking, hoping to never do spells again.
    But then she meets (insert your character name here) and she starts speaking,
    hoping, and maybe even loving.

    (Or you can come up with a different idea!)

    Human x Ghost:

    Arachne Summers is your average teenage girl-
    except she's psychic.
    And in her new house, there's a ghost.
    Not a scary creepy kind-
    it's a young boy.
    He hasn't crossed over. And she ends up falling in love with him.

    Jerk x Nice person

    Basically, my character moves to a new school and
    meets either a jerk or nice person, depending on what you'd like to be.
    They fall in love, blah blah. xD

    Bad boy/girl x Bag girl/boy

    Same as above, pretty much.

    Best friends:

    Best friends since kindergarten, ----- & ----- do everything together.
    Now in high school, they spend all their time together, and everything thinks they're dating.
    But they aren't.
    And my character thinks it's laughable, she'd never date -----!
    Then a new boy comes along, and she decides she likes him.
    And a new girl comes along, and likes ----.
    Then she discovers she's like him all along.
    But is it too late?

    Fan X celebrity

    I'd be the fan, and there'd be some sleeping around,
    and possibly love. :>

    Cheating boyfriend:

    My character is totally in love with her older boyfriend.
    She adores him!
    And trusts him.
    But suddenly, he becomes secretive, and starts hiding things.
    In the end, will they be done, or will he decide to be the man she deserves?

    And if you still want to do vampire x human and angel x demon, lemme know. :>
  2. Witch x Human

    There were rumors about a witch at their school, but Makoto tended not to notice. Most people said she didn't talk much, but this just managed to get his curiosity to start. He begins to try to get her to speak, and when he does...Things seem to be blooming that he can't comprehend. When did things outside the rumor mill get so interesting?

    Human x Ghost

    Guy Polter is a ghost, but if you ask him, he thinks he's a normal guy. He doesn't remember dying, and he seems to think he's still alive. But then someone moved into his house.
    He's a little confused, bashful, and a bit shy....But maybe the psychic can explain why he can suddenly move through walls. Or how he died. And maybe fall in love with her in the process.

    Jerk x Nice Person

    Takashi Mido is little more than a bookworm. He doesn't talk much, but he has his fair share of friends. To many, he's manipulative, but really, he's just a shy guy who's good with knowledge and not so good with people. When a new girl comes to school, though, she seems to catch his attention- causing some to worry, and others to feel relief. What are these strange feelings though? For Takashi, it's not something he really understands.

    Bad Boy/Girl x Good Boy/Girl

    No one can fully tell if Rakuto's a good or bad guy. He has the air of a genuinely nice guy, but he tends to have a mysterious streak and an air of authority. He openly helps people, but seems to know more than he should. There are rumors he's psychic, or that he's in with a bad crowd. So what's the truth? Is he good, or not?
    (seriously, I just don't know if he is yet. I'm used to him being psychic, but that can just add to whether he's good or bad being a mystery. I have no clue yet.)

    Best Friends

    Joe is a nice guy. He's spent his entire life with ----, and grew up in a kind household under the care of an orphanage. He was raised well, and really liked his best friend ----, but he couldn't really comprehend it. When ---- begins to like another guy, and a girl begins to show interest in him, he goes for it on a whim to try to figure out his feelings. But what is it that really gets to Joe? He's not fully sure, but his new girlfriend thinks he loves history and ---- more than her for sure.

    Fan x Celebrity

    I have two ideas for this. One involves an older character, Micah, who'd be an author. The other would be Sayakuas a musician, since he still is one. Either way it's a guy with a sister complex ironically...But Micah's older and a bit more whimsical than the simplistic Sayaku, so...Either one could be good.

    Cheating Boyfriend

    Still figuring out if I feel confident with this one, but I can sort of see Shawn being a cheater. He seems like an honest guy, though he has a bad history with his sister, and he's in med school. But he has a bad history with his sister for a reason. Cheating on girls might be one of them.

    Vampire x Human I can definitely do if you want it. xD We can probably mix some of these into one instead of doing them all separate, but for now leaving them separate is fine~

    Image Links subject to change later.

    ALSO. You said yes to Harvest Moon too, right? So...What role would you want to play? I only do OCs though. Since your favorite game was AWL, we can go with Forget-Me-Not Valley as a setting, or use a different game. Whichever you prefer xD
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