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    A daring safari leader leads a troop of some half a dozen would-be adventurers (more actually tourists) deeper and deeper into "uncharted" forest. He told them it was uncharted, when really it was only a few miles outside of town on foot. But after hours of trekking on foot, they couldn't be assed to tell apart the difference.

    "Hey, you said there was gonna be giant snakes out here, right?" A middle-aged man in the ghastliest-looking Hawaiian shirt, was scanning the foliage with his eyes.

    A woman by his side batted at some flies, much too overdressed for the occasion. "Ugh, the spray doesn't work on these pests..."

    The leader had a chiselled expression and wore a grizzled beard. He looked the sort that had wrestled with all kinds of apex predators. And yet, there was a glean of excitement in his eyes as he set a pace the rest of them struggled to follow.

    "'Course there'll be giant snakes! It said so on the brochure, yah? Winston von Ivy leaves no promise unfulfilled and wanting!" He declared. A bit too loudly. It scared off some birds from the trees, and was loud enough to be heard from distance away. He glanced up, smirking. "Ah, clearing the way! Thanks friends!" He charged forward.

    They were still some ways off from their destination.
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  2. [​IMG]
    "Sometimes, I wonder how dumb these tourists actually are."

    Flicking her long white tail lazily in the air, Anari flicked out her tongue. Most of her body was coiled under the water, her white scales shining in the light. Her body had to be at the least 25 feet long itself. Some snakes could get as long as 20, but Lamia could get even longer. She had been growing her tail for over twenty years, it better damn well be long.

    Pulling her upper body onto a rock, Anari took a nice breath of air. Her stomach was being warmed up by the rock, but the pool was nice and cool. She couldn't wait until she could get the cash from this. It's nice to get cash from not doing much but scaring the shit out of people. Coiling around them, letting her scales ride along their bodies, flicking her tongue, blinking her silted eyes, and lashing out at them. She did have an Anubis hat, but Anari chose to use a white band around her hair to pull it back. She had her usual clothes on, no gauntlets. She didn't have to fight anyone. Her body would do enough.

    She could disguise herself as a human, but when she does she wears a full length dress, since her tail takes up a large amount of room.

    Anari could hear the callings from far away, and Anari grinned. "Showtime." She mumbled, her body starting to move. She had to grab her top and slide it back on, along with her skirt, and started heading over. For a animal who used only scooter scales and stomach muscles shoving her across the ground. It was no easy feat, but Anari moved quickly towards the group. She could hear them all from this distance. Letting her upper body lower down towards the ground, Anari flicked her tail before coiling the mass around her to stand upright. She had to wait for Shiori to meet her, that's when they started the raid.
  3. The leader held his hand up, motioning the group to stop before some tall grass. A sign had been posted off to the side, bearing the name of his touring agency, along with some general safety precautions. No gum, no running, turn cellular devices and MP3s off, the works. There was also a large chest nearby atop a small wagon.

    There was also a crude looking sketch of a lamia, like that a child would draw. It was smiling, awwww

    "And here we are! The den of the beast! The moment you've been paying for! But first, some safety precautions..." He cleared his throat, straightening his back.

    "The scientific name for the lamia is vipiradae avaricea. If they see a single shiny object on you, they will single you out, strangle you, and pry it from your cold, dead hands!" His voice boomed, the expressions of the tourists paling slightly. Unperturbed, he strolled over to the chest, taking a key out and opening it up.

    "SO, as a safety precaution, I'm gonna have all of you stow your valuables in this locker here for safekeeping! Don't be shy now, you'll get it back at the end of the excursion!"

    The tourists cast each other looks of concern. The leader grimaced.

    "Or don't, but... don't say I didn't warn you. I can't be held liable at that point, heheh!"

    The group finally relented and, one by one, they moved forward. The leader stepped aside and allowed them to deposit their backpacks, purses, and wallets. taking a key and unlocking the chest.

    Unseen and unbeknownst to the rest of them, he grinned slyly to himself. Sharp canine clicked happily together, before he clapped his hands.

    "Well done! We're just about ready! Now, we'll be using a swampy lake as a natural barrier so we can observe her at a distance! Their bodies are enormously heavy and sink in water, so we'll be safe and protected! They can't swim, but don't go swimming after her!"

    This was a blatant lie, but he spoke it with such authority that they seemed to buy cautiously into it.

    "Ready? Okay, here we go!"

    He reached out to pull aside some of the tall grass, advancing forward. His eyes were wide, but then he seemed to droop all at once.

    "Ah, darn, where could she be..." The guide mused, a little too loudly. Some of the patrons exchanged curious glances at each other. Was this part of the excursion...?
  4. The group of tourists were so loud that she could hear them from far away. She watched from the bushes as the tourists shoved all their items into the chest. They wouldn't be getting them back.

    Pushing herself back, Anari got into position close to the entrance. She was supposed to come from far away, but Anari always liked to circle around the group and scare them.

    She could see that stupid chest getting left behind, where she could take anything she wanted. But that was for later, not now. She let the group file into the grotto, watching carefully before making her entrance. Her head was on the other side of the pond, and she looked around. Her large silted eyes blinked once, twice, before she started heading for the water. It looked disgusting, but it wouldn't take long to clean her scales from it. Pushing herself along, Anari let them think she didn't see them, her body submerging into the water.

    And then, with a snap, she turned her head towards them and hissed loudly. Tail smacking against the water, Anari pushed herself forwards rapidly, and soon enough she was in and out of the water. Winding around the group, her large body circled them easily. "Sssso, you thought you could obsssserve me like sssome little pet." She growled, letting her upper body get close to the children and adults. Her tongue flicked in and out as she circled, a grin across her face.

    "Well you are in luck, becaussssse it'ssssss feeding day." She hissed, Opening her mouth to reveal sharp teeth. Lunging forwards, she let her body get close to them, and even try and nip at them. It worked, for soon enough all of them were running into the hills, screaming and crying about the large snake that tried to eat them for breakfast.
  5. As they fled, the tour guide was knocked to the ground by the frantic stampede.

    "Oof, trampling a senior, I ain't getting any younger..." He sat up as he rubbed the back of his head. He felt an odd twitch. A fox tail had snuck its way out from behind him. He glanced over with a smirk.

    "Well, how'd that get there?? Ah, well..."


    Once the coast was clear, a cloud momentarily obscured the form of the leader, giving way to a sultry-looking kitsune, auburn fur covering her entire body (though she had covered herself up with a bright blue tunic that fluttered with every movement. Four fluffy tails twisted and wagged with elation as she bounded to her feet, reaching into her knapsack.

    "They didn't even stick around for the complimentary snackies and drinkies... catch!" She tossed a chilled bottle of water in Anari's direction, before pulling one for herself out and twisting it open, plopping herself right against the lamia's enormous, snake-like body.

    "Cheers to another successful expedition!~" She raised her bottle with sing-song cheer, before taking a swig.
  6. Anari laughed as Shiori got trampled. "Now that was funny." She said lightly, watching her accomplice's fluffy tail come to tickle her face. A moment later, the kistune was standing before her again, and Anari sighed.

    Catching the water bottle, she cracked it open and took a sip. "Careful off the ribs." She reminded Shiori, her body moving underneath her a little bit. Her tail flicked as it came to curl around her friend. "To scaring the shit out of tourists for money." She gloated, grinning before taking a sip. "I really am starting to get hungry though. Have any pieces of deer?" She asked, tail flicking back and forth. If Shiori touched her tail, she would not be happy, but she continued to wave it about.

    After a while, Anari just resolved for sitting there quietly and letting her long body absorb the heat. It felt good on her scales, and she was sure Shiori was just fine lying against her cool and soft scales. "So, how are we going to split the bounty, because I need to go get food." She asked, flicking her tail once again.
  7. "Ah, right, I was shopping for snackies in town and thought of you! They make deer jerky now! You can store this stuff until the heat death of the universe!" She exclaimed, reaching into her knapsack. There was probably about 14 single-serving bags of the stuff, and she lined them up along the tail.

    Usually she doesn't have to break it open for tourists, so she just shopped for Anari. She did have to fuel that enormous body to take care of.

    She waved her hand as the topic turned to dealing with the bounty. "Awww, so serious today, aren't you? We share everything, don't worry about it! It'll ruin your complexion!~" She grinned cheekily, shifting her body a bit.

    Thought she SAYS they'd share everything, she had something of a predilection for the shiny rocks. A girl's gotta look fabulous.
  8. Looking at Shiori, Anari grinned happily. Her tail scooped up the deer jerky. Bringing it close to her face, Anari ripped open the first package and downed the entire thing. "It's pretty good, but I still need the bones. It's much better raw, but I will agree to this for now." She said, tail flicking again as she picked up another and downed it.

    "And the only thing that is worsening my complexion is the murky lake water in that pond. Honestly, we should just go back to the clear one. Much nicer, and more secluded. Perfect for both sunbathing and swimming." She added, looking at Shiori. "However, even though we do split it, I get some of the pretty rocks this time. Last time you took all of them for yourself. I like them too. I like the white ones especially, they match my scales." She added, her body tightening around the fox a bit. Not enough to kill her of course, that would be cruel.

    "Why don't we go take a swim and look at the bounty in a place the tourists don't know." She offered up, her tail reaching for and tugging the chest towards them.
  9. Shiori shrugged with regards to the jerky. She was a lover, not a fighter... or a hunter for that matter. It wasn't exactly subtle to bring along a butcher's cut for an expedition too. Tourists were abominably stupid, but even they would question that.

    Her expression turned to the murky water with some degree of contempt. "Agh, no kidding. It smells funky, too. But you don't get any annoying people out here, either..." She murmured, slightly conflicted, before shrugging. "Ah well! Let's mosey!"

    They had to move their spots around a fair bit to make this work. Otherwise the cops get involved. She remembered the nice spot they used before. She rose to her feet, heading to the sign, again waving her hands as if to deflect accusations that conflicted her magnanimous generosity.

    "Ah, details, details! Didn't I leave you some pretty seashells last time? Those were white too! And you could hear the ocean, too!" With a grunt, she uprooted the sign.
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  10. Anari smiled as Shiori started to pick things up. They were going back to the nice lake, which was only a little bit father. "Great, I could use a good soak right about now. I need to clean the swam alge from my hair." She grumbled, her upper body rising yet again so she could sit up straight in front of Shiori. She had picked up the sign in no time, and Anari had her strong muscles looped around the chest which was on top of her mass. Leaning back, Anari grabbed the straps and tied them around her tail, making sure they were tight before starting to move towards it.

    "You did leave me shells, but you got almost a whole necklace of shiny rocks. You practically looked like a queen. I had to convince you to not wear all of them at once into town or we would get caught." She insisted, still moving along. "I wish I could go into town more often though. To bad tails don't hide themselves." She added, her own tail flicking slightly as Anari smelled the air. Continuing to move forwards, they were at her favorite lake in no time.

    "Ah, relaxation." Anari sighed, undoing the chest and letting it flop off her. With a snap, she pushed her whole body into the water, letting it surround her. Her head floated above the water. "Now this is a much nicer spot."
  11. Shiori snickered as Anari recounted that old story. "Heheh, that was a good day... they were sooooo glittery too! I bet they could see me from space!~" She cheekily remarked as she bounced with her step.

    She turned her head as Anari lamented the struggles of visiting town, frowning a bit. She opened her mouth, but then closed it, watching Anari slide into the lake. Her head tilted as she ruminated.

    "I've tried to find dresses in town that could fit you for that... but I've found bupkus on that front. They don't make 'em for, well... big, beautiful women like you.~" She snuck in a compliment. Being honest, it was really quite lamentable to Shiori. She'd enjoy her company more to being alone. It was boring to hotfoot it alone. Maybe she was a little clingy on that front.

    "Ah well! We'll figure something out! We always do!~" She cheered, brightening up immediately as she fished around her pockets for the key.
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  12. Looking at Shiori, Anari rolled her eyes, her body still tailing into the water. She looked up at Shiori, who seemed to be concentrating on speech. "They could probably see you from Pluto if you squinted hard enough." She added with a grin, her tail slowly reaching around her friend. Anari wasn't going to let her get away with looking at the loot before she was with her. Besides, the fox deserved a bit of a refreshment.

    "I appreciate you looking out for me though." Anari added, her tail slowly but gently curling around her fox friend. "And for that you deserve at the least a little bit of the reward. And I don't mean the cash reward." She added, before she used her muscles to tug her partner towards the water. Once she was finally under the cool liquid, Anari released her grip, large body sinking to the bottom. "But thank you for the complement. It means a lot. Most people just thing I am some sort of 30 foot freak. Well, technically I am." She added on the end, pulling her upper body to rest on one of the rocks while her tail slowly meandered about the bottom of the lake. Her coils were still pretty loose around Shiori, but she kept her presence known.
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  13. The tough feeling of Anari's scales coiling around Shiori's waist elicited a yip from her. Just as she found the key, she dropped it atop the chest, letting it clatter as she was pulled into the water. A sinking feeling hit her gut as she as dragged closer and closer. She struggled pitifully.

    "Ah, ah, that's okay, I'm fine with sun-bathing, you don't need to- at least let me get chang- whoooAAA!!"

    With a splash, she hit the water. She was expecting it to be colder than it actually was, but it was a nice temperature. Anari was a testament to that.

    "Ohhh, this is nice! Aw, but I'm gonna smell like wet fox after this..." She lamented. The feeling was fleeting though, as she adjusted her position to lay on her back, slipping free of the loose coils and floating along the surface of the lake. The bouyancy felt nice.

    She glanced over, smirking as she wiggled her hind legs to kick and splash herself along. "Aww, stuff that. If a bloke can't look past the scales and claws and fangs and stuff, they's just shallow is all. We ain't that much different, right? We're partners in crime!" Shiori cheered, drifting along like she was on vacation.

    "...Though I guess they ought to be sour we're robbing them blind and all... eh! Details, who needs 'em?" She guffawed.
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  14. Anari couldn't help but laugh at her partner's wails of sunbathing as she crashed into the water. "Now if you hadn't agreed I would just have to give you one big scaly hug until you did." She grinned, flicking a little water at the now floating fox. It was nice to be able to relax with her partner, just float around in the lake. But after the topic of scales, and teeth, and nails came up, she sighed, shifting to her back so she could watch Shiori.

    "Well it's not like I want to date people. I just wish they would be a little more accepting of us. Then maybe we wouldn't have to rob people blind to earn any sort of currency." She said, looking at her friend. "But then again this lifestyle is much more fun for me. I don't have to shove my coils into a stupid dress. I swear the only way I passed off last time was saying I was royalty, and that ended pretty quickly." She mumbled, flicking her tail across Shiroi as she too let herself relax. Most of her body had sunk to the bottom already, but with her tail floating, it was kind of like resting. "For now this is the best life to live. At the least you understand that too." She added, closing her eyes.
  15. Shiori went silent for a bit, allowing Anari to speak her mind. Her eyes drifted to the tip of Anari's tail as it brushed along her waist. It was a gentle, deliberate gesture. Shiori smiled. For all the walls Anari put up, she was a real sweetie on the inside.

    If only others got to see that. Her head raised to see Anari leaning back, letting her eyes rest. Shiori opened her mouth to say something, then hesitated, her mouth flattening.

    Anari didn't get the perks Shiori had. Shiori could blend in seamlessly, not skipping a beat. Well, she thought so, at least. Anari... just existing, she terrified people. It was a challenge, one that Shiori probably could never fully understand herself. It kind of hurt to see.

    "Mm... I've been around for a while. Those humans are a superstitious lot, but... you find a few'a them that you get a real conversation with. They're important to the world. I remember a funny face when I see one.~" She turned her entire body to face Anari, letting her head and shoulders stick out of the water as her tails and feet flowed gently to keep her up.

    "Heh, there was this one dame, she got caught up in some arranged marriage junk to some rich heir guy. Like, super rich. Like, six shiny rock necklaces rich, maybe seven! Think he was an oil baron... or maybe he made cars... eh!" Details. She shrugged.

    "This loon, she ran away, can you believe that? Cuz I didn't! Big bed, great parties, and all just to suck up to this one jackoff! But she did it, the maniac." She laughed heartily, splashing a bit.

    Then she went a little quiet. "And we ended up crossing paths..."

    She toyed with her hair a bit. "I might've... helped her get-away a bit. Some pyrotechnics, smoke-and-mirrors. I mean, she begged me, I couldn't really say no, and... ah shit, where was I going with this?" She paused to think, tapping her forehead. She had a tendency of losing her train of thought.

    "Well, we got to talking and... she didn't love the man. Didn't really hate 'im, but she wanted to be free to do whatever. Go trailblazin', meet new folks, fall in love for realsies and all that junk. Kids? Eh. I dunno! She was such a hopeless romantic, but..."

    She trailed off, a wide grin on her face as she leaned back. "...I guess a few of them are alright..."

    She wondered if that woman's naivety rubbed off on her. But she was too prideful to admit it.
  16. Anari let them stay silent for a bit. Her tail rested on Shiori carefully, trying not to tickle her with her movements. Being half snake was hard. She took a lot of naps. Not to mention all her organs were elongated, and she did have ribs. So when people kicked her on their way out it was like getting a kick to the lung, or the ribs. Good thing she wasn't small enough for people to crush them though.

    The worst was when people started touching her tail. All the reproductive organs of a snake are in it's tail. Not that Shiori knew that. It was a sign of affection that she entrusted the woman enough not to mess with it. It didn't look like much either. It was strange, being a jumble of human and snake. Half of her body was just like a humans. Flesh, bones, and everything else. And the rest of it repulsed people. She had to get countless things hand made for her, and if she let one thing slip out, they would run. She had never really hurt anyone, but they hurt her regardless. That's why she put up all the walls around her.

    Shiori was different though. She could change in the bat of an eye, she could summon fire. She could walk on two legs easily. Shiori didn't even have that luxury. Sometimes, she caught herself envying the kitsune. How lucky she was. But for such a lucky person, she was so caring, and spent most of the time she could be running free with her.

    Smiling gently as the kistune came over to her, Anari sighed. "Some humans are nice. Some know how to accept anyone, no matter what they look like. That not everything that looks scary is scary. But with me, it's a dice roll. Fitting a 25-30 foot snake inside a house isn't an easy task, let alone trying to work anywhere. They don't even like out of control hair in some places. You can do favors for people, help people easily, talk with them, understand them. But when they look at me, all they see is the 25 feet extra." She mumbled gently, looking away. Anari let herself sink deeper into the water, trying to push away the thoughts.
  17. Shiori frowned a little as Anari lamented her miserable situation. Shiori was usually around to witness how people reacted, and... yeah, Anari was right about the challenges in town. Worst part is, Shiori herself wasn't smart enough to really think of a quick fix.

    She instead paddled up to Anari's side, grabbing her shoulder and gently pulling so they were right next to each other, shoulder to shoulder.

    "It's okay, Anari. People change, they'll warm up, I know it. I just worry about you, sometimes." One of her tails brushed against her backside, a little tenderly. "You're beautiful, all thirty feet of you. Just don't want you forgettin' that."

    She floated there for a bit. In time, she turned her head to look over.

    "Hey, you want first dibs on the loot? You were great today.~"

    Rare. Shiori almost always got first dibs.
  18. Anari pulled herself out of the water a bit as Shiori came over to her. Bumping shoulders, Anari just let the fox console her, one of her tails tenderly touching her back. Smiling gently, Anari's tail flicked under the water. She was just content knowing that the fox thought she was pretty, or that she cared enough to try and convince herself. "Thanks Shiori." Anari said softly, one of her hands reaching up to ruffle her hair a bit. A friendly gesture of appreciation.

    Flicking her long thirty foot tail, Anari raised an eyebrow at the idea of getting first picks. "Are you serious? Sweet." She said, wrapping her arm around her friend. Anari was quick to pull herself out of the water, only half heartedly dragging Shiori with her. "Thank you for giving me this esteemed opportunity." She joked lightly, snatching up the key and pushing it into the lock. The top flipped open with ease. Grabbing the first backpack, Anari started to look through it. She found a nice little necklace with amber jewels. "I think you should take this one. It suits you." She said, motioning for her friend to come pick it up. Not a moment later, Shiori also found a nice small velvet box. Eyes gleaming, Anari opened it up and flinched. The diamonds were reflecting the sun perfectly. "And this one is mine." She said, taking it out and slipping it onto her hand.
  19. Shiori was wrapped in Anari's arms. She was strong! She squished against Anari's chest as they moved as one. As she was released, she was sopping wet, her fur soaked from head to toe. Her hair draped over her eyes. She looked right pathetic.

    "Ach..." She shook her head, spraying beads of water everywhere, before getting on all fours and trying to do the same. "See if there's a towel in there too, would ya?" She laughed, raising a hand to pull aside from hair as she stepped closer.

    "Ahhhh, gorgeous.~" She grinned, hands snapping for the necklace like a rattlesnake. She held it up close. "Ooh, ruby! Pretty!"

    Hearing Anari find something for herself, she raised her head to observe. Her eyes widened.

    "Oh, that's pretty!" She was star-struck. It looked really expensive, too.

    "...Hey, wait." Her eyes squinted. She reached for the velvet box, opening and closing it a few times. It clicked woodenly with each move. She gasped.

    "Anari! Do you know what that is??" She was getting all kinds of anxious now, waving the box around.
  20. Anari looked back at Shiori, smiling at her wet locks. "You look adorable when you are soaking wet. Almost like a kitten." She joked, looking back down at her hands.

    Looking at her ring, she let the light reflect off it. "I know it's pretty. I don't think I am ever going to take it off. It sparkles too much for me to ever take it off my finger." She flaunted, her tail slowly wrapping around the chest possessively.

    But as Shiori spoke up, Anari's head snapped towards her. "It's a ring. A ring that is now mine, and came in that nice little box." She added, flicking her tail slightly to take it from her hand. "Besides, this box makes the perfect space for me to keep it in, so it will never get swamp water on it.
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