Planning a school trip?

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  1. Even though I am homeschooled and only go there for Latin, my school is making me plan next years Highschool trip to Washington DC "Because I have been there." (We're very Isolated.) so, I have a few questions.

    1. would it be cheaper to fly 15 kids (Small High School.) to DC, and get group rates, Economy class, etc. or to Take a bus, and pay for Gas and lodgings on the way there?

    2. Fundraising Ideas. I need them. We are a small Private school, and barely have money. We have some money from school fundraisers given to us, but we need more. So, Fundraising ideas that would make us some money. No Bake Sale, cause 8th Grade does that.
  2. You mean the staff aren't handling the finances? o.O

    Odd... :/
    That really depends on what air line company you're using, bus company your using, rooms you're using etc.
    Factor in stuff like sales, special deals and discounts etc.
    1. Dunk the Teacher in the water pit. If they can't be bothered to organize their own thing it's the least they can do.
    2. School hosted Car wash
    3. Buy bulk packages of chocolate and sell them door to door? (Less likely to work with High School though, you lack the sweet little kid appeal)
    4. Ask parents for donations and/or require parent payment
  3. They are handling Finances, they just asked me to figure out flight stuff, and some more fundraiser ideas.

    1. Brilliant. Just, brilliant.

    2. We have suggested that, we may do it.

    3. A lot of them have siblings.

    4. Funny thing: Parents pay for half of the trip in installments.
  4. Flight bookings counts a finances though. :/

    Siblings might work. But those kids should get something for it in return (and no, the promise of the same trip some day doesn't count. Schools can't predict that far ahead and the kids may move since then).
  5. I'm not booking the flight. I just have to check into which would be cheaper.

    Also, I was kidding with the siblings thing.
  6. Oh... I know that... Pfft!
    And I knew that too! SHHHHHH!
  7. The bus, nine times out of ten, will be cheaper. Hands down. Easily. So long as you don't find one at an obscene rate.
    Lawncare services & bottle drive. Just be sure to go in packs and guilt trip convince people that you're an impoverished private school of children just trying to enjoy a field trip for the bottles. Easiest money you will ever make, so long as you have a truck to toss bags of bottles in.
  8. Alright. thanks. I'll tell the Teacher.
  9. Best of luck! :ferret:
  10. Wait! I know one thing you could do that will draw in the students.

    Throw a pie at a teacher! You just ask for one dollar for the person and they will get a pie and throw it at a teacher (that's willing to get pie all over them).
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  11. This plus the teacher water dunking should do wonders.
    Just make sure they're cheap-ass pies.
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