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  1. @Windsong

    Moving future discussion about this game here so we don't derail the GW2 thread.

    Any ways, who here plays Planetside 2?
    What Server do you use?
    What Side do you tend to play on?
    Any Classes or Vehicles you focus on?

    Server Connery
    I'm usually on TR, but that's cause the friends who dragged me into it wanted to be TR.
    I specialized in Heavy and Sunderer, but also have some invested in the Prowler and Engineer.
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  2. Damn. Everyone's TR on Connery.. Me and my friend are mid-Br NC over there.. While our TR that have nice guns and paint jobs are on Emerald.

    We're talking about resubbing so getting back up to speed won't take too long.

    We main NC. I'm medic/max while my friend plays engineer. Picked up the Lightning pack when it was on sale and completely wreck MBTs with the AP gun and dominate the sky with its sky guard flak gun. He uses a decked vanguard with me as gunner and occasional emergency repairs and driver.

    Talking to my friend here he reminded me of what my TR has. Since its account bound I should be able to use them on other servers. Pretty high upgraded stealth harasser with a G-20. Well geared and certed out heavy with a mini-chain gun and that six pack AA missile launcher.
  3. Should be noted I haven't played for a while, like for about a year.
    So it sounds like there's a lot of new stuff that I missed.
  4. I do want to point out that starting a new character on a different server does carry over your equipment and stuff. I found that out when I made a TR on Emerald.

    But if anyone wanted to make an outfit, I'd love people to play with. I even play support classes, so I'm helpful!
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  5. I'd be up for making an outfit and playing at some point.
    With Iwaku's combined might no one would stand a chance. :3
  6. Well. We've got.. 4 people counting me and my friend. That's enough to cause problems and ghost cap or provide flanking to large pushes.

    @Dervish Is that only bought-with-cash items or everything? Friend says its cash only. Which most of my tr was cause fuck grinding I have disposable income.

    @Gwazi Magnum We'd probably be better off joining a large and active outfit. If not for the perks but also in case we can't all play at the same time. Though just having our own doesn't seem too big a hassle.

    As it stands my game time is usually midnight to 3 or 4am eastern time. Same with my friend. Weekends are free.
  7. I'm usually free at any time.

    Though the main reason I haven't played for so long is because I don't like just joining random squads of people I don't know.
  8. That's mostly the reason why I specced into NC medic so far. Join random squad. Follow group. Heal and revive while dropping my shield bubble. Wallow in the exp ticks.
  9. Well either way, I forget if it's the login or character name one needs to add people.

    Login: SplaterKing117
    Character: Gwazi Magnum or GwaziMagnum
  10. Character name.

    My NC is RobouteGulliman with the AHNOLD voice pack (first purchase) and I believe my TR is like GeneralGenocide or SergeantSlaughter. Something along those lines. Have to check at home cause lol work
  11. Pretty sure my Connery TR is just Dervs.

    And yeah, might be cash items, which would explain why one of my weapons didn't carry over.
  12. It is just cash.

    Cash items are account wide.
    Level items are character locked.
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  13. Since this wasn't discussed and it seems to be split.

    What faction are we using? Since we're already on Connery and you two both are I figure that's a non-issue. But faction wise we seem to be split. Me and my friend are wanting to keep to NC, while both of you are TR.

    Also, we can make an outfit. But we're naming it Ghost Division. Dervish you better know why.

    Edit: Dervish add me on Steam, if that's your preferred platform as well. Kiarrn, picture of a Dorf.

    Edit Edit: My TR on Connery is named HombreHomicide. He's level 20, my NC is 44.
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  14. I'd be fine trying out NC.
    The TR people I played with would always outright refuse.

    Steam ID: AddictX360

    If that doesn't work just look up Gwazi Magnum because that's the display name.
  15. I'll add you guys when I get on the computer. I'm fine rolling up an NC (if you said VS, I would be forced to vivisect you xenos scum).

    And yeah, Sabaton FTW. :D

    But I have another suggestion; why don't we do both factions and switch it up from time to time?
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  16. This works too.
  17. Added both of you guys, going to get an NC character set up now.
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  18. Going to do the same.
  19. NC on Connery: Dervz
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  20. NC on Connery: GwaziSenpai (Gwazi Magnum was taken by TR)
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