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  1. Planet Z, Academy X-Y [OOC]​

    -Banner Credits goes to picture owners and @Aleina
    This is the General OOC Thread, where you keep all OOC posts and questions. Its also where peoples Characters are posted.

    During the Year 1XRE the planet of Terra (Earth) Were destroyed after the planets core getting blasted to pieces along with the rest of it. The Guilty were the Y faction, the 'Red's' as they were called. However humanity survived, They had since many years earlier started to populate planets both in milky road and its outer section.

    The Year is now 20XRE, and All of humanity now know that their mother 'earth' have been blasted away by Y-Red's. This leads to war obviously against the Y-Red's. And humanity create a Faction known as X-Blue's to oppose the Y-Red's. However the Z-Gray's cannot have Red and Blue to destroy planet after planet in their foolish battles, and thus Z-Gray Forces Red and Blue to Solve their battles Using something called Mega's for battles. Mega stand for Mechanically Enchanted Ground Anatomicon. Basically a living being who originates from the ground that have been genetically and mechanically modified for combat.
    Mega's are usually 'Humanoid' in appearance, but can sometimes be animals or alien as well as contain both living and mechanical parts. They are unusually larger than a Grown human being and are most commonly shorter but stronger as they're built on 'Teenagers years 15-19' as their 'base'. In animal case its usually full grown animals that are used instead Sometimes Genetically Enchanted one's that grow to much bigger proportions. Aliens of all kinds are also accepted, as long as they follow the same norms as the rest of the Mega's.

    You are a Mega. And you have been breed for combat even if you have lived a rather 'human-nary' life from the moment you were born, or from the moment such memories were implanted in your brain. You have been sent to the planet of Zerro's where you will live out the rest of your possibly short life in an Academy like environment. Here you will study and live on a Campus ground that's also the 'New' battle-field of the X-Blue and Y-Red factions under he surveillance of the Z-gray faction. And your either produced by either of the three factions as a champion marked with a bracelet that have your color and a digital screen that will call you to battle against other students.

    Red's and Blue's are obvious natural enemies, but are not necessarily required to fight against each other unless called into battle by their bracelet. And both faction's Mega's are produced using the Same general spec's even if they both add their personal touches and ways of training to their Mega's.

    The Gray's are neutral in the battle, usually serving as Mini bosses along the way if either side is gaining an unfair advantage over the other. Mostly both the Red and Blue faction see's getting to face a Grey as a 'reward' for victories against the opposite faction.

    During the normal school days, Students study and live usually normal lives because of the 'Humanoid conditions' rule that is at play in the school. It means that nobody is really allowed to fight the other factions outside of set fights, even if breaking the rules aren't really as big of a harassment. Its also that way to make the student 'seem' to have good lives instead of just being 'breed' for battle.

    The battles are inevitable... The Question is... will you survive?​

    Word explanation (open)

    Short Word explanation.

    Reg-nr: Registration number of your Mega, everyone have one.

    WOC: Weapon of Choice for your Mega, it can be a built in or added weapon.

    STE: Secondary Technical Equipment: A secondary tool that's usually used to balance out the most obvious weakness of the primary weapon. It can be a secondary 'smaller' weapon or something like a shield generator, etc.

    Power: A 'Fair' special power is usually added to each Mega to boost their abilities.

    KOA: Knowledge of Action: basically things you have been taught to perform or genetically been implanted with, such as Material arts or other helpful teachings to make you better in combat its usually not more than one to three things. Usually things that directly takes effect.

    KOE: Knowledge of Effect: Basically things taught to utilize in battle. Such things can be Tactics, and things that take effect over time instead of directly such as battle-repair. Or Mine laying...

    Anatomicon: It means something that have both Robotic and living parts that follow anatomical structures to either look Human, Beast or Alien alike and usually work in its appropriate ways.

    Mega's Can be one of the Following.

    Humanoid: A Human-Like being with mostly Human features.
    Android: A Robot-Like being with mostly Robot like features that's been made to look like humans.

    --- Humans and Androds have: 1 WOS, 1 STE, 1 Power, 1-3 KOA and/or KOE.

    Animal-oid: A Animal like being that have mostly beast-like features.
    Andrimal-oid: A Robotic like being with mostly robot like traits that have been made to look like animals or beasts.

    --Animal-and Andrimal's have: up to 3 WOS, 2 STE and 1 KOA or KOE. But no power unless its a inherited one or built into a STE

    Alien-oid: Alien-oid beings are usually rather unique in structure and form.

    --Aliens have up to 2Wos, 1STE. Up to 2 Powers and 2 KOA and/or KOE.
    Registration Number example.

    X-blue: Xplu-1111
    - 4 digit numbers starting with 'Xplu'
    Y-Red: Yray-A666
    - 3 digit number and a letter starting with 'Yray
    Z-Gray: Zero two-Anna
    - A double name made of a written digital name and a 'Sure name'
    Character Sheet (open)

    [General Cs]

    Name and "Nickname":

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  2. [​IMG]
    Reg-Nr: Xplu-0220
    Name and "Nickname": Tiffy "Kat" Stormdrake

    WOC: High level expensive Plama Scythe

    STE: Grade-B personal Shield generator: A Full body energy shield that temporarily can block smaller projectiles and direct fire from smaller weapons for a short duration.

    Power: Mirage-Pierce: A Five Yard Near instant vertical slice THat make her seeme to blur out reality as she charge a foe in range and possibly bypass all their protection. It Got an alternative 'Faint' version where she actually leap around foes and slice from behind too.

    -A Humanoid with catlike features-
    Tiffy originates from the planet of Nova-6 where she were breed forth by a Rich archduke who intend to create a line of Mega's who possess both danger and beauty for his own interests. "Kat" was one of his first creations but a very successful one at that, yet were quickly sent to support X-blue's battle against the Y-red on the planet of Zerros as a 'Commercial' item mostly to attract customers for the duke.

    KOA: Tiffy knows high level close combat scythe fighting and her main focus is accuracy and deadliness over strength. She's thus trained for agility, speed and evasion rather than bawling.
    KOE: Tiffy also possess the knowledge of how to cripple her enemies, and strike weak points in armor and bodies to make maimum lasting damage.

    Other: Tiffy is rather sweet and kind durign her free time and usually is rather good making friends. In all she's a great assassin class Mega with secondary skills of a maid that were personally programmed by her master.


  3. Here's a Beast Example:

    Reg-Nr: Seventy-Six Grawin
    Name and "Nickname": Grawin "Gray" Terration
    Canine Claw's Mark-2: Close Combat purpose claws for tearing asunder metal and flesh with ease.
    Canine Fang's Mark-2: Close Combat Purpose Fangs for ripping through flesh and crushing metal and bones with ease.
    Mark-3 Auto-Rifle: An AI auto-turret type rifle attached to Grawin's back that automatically tracks and fries towards opponents that Grawin hunt.
    Phypriotion Demon Armor Z4: A Unique Armor made by unique metal plating's created in such fashion they allow full movement while being able to take nearly any kind of harrasment before breaking. Its said that the only weapon able to Directly crush it is a Thor's Hammer.

    Guility Sense: A Six Sense Modifier placed in front of Grawin's Eyes that enchant all his seenses and allow him to track foes through solid walls. It have heat senses, cold senses... Sense senses... you name it.
    Power: N/A
    A animaloid from the planet of Zerros. He was breed for the main purpose of being a Combat driven Canine and serve only as the Schools protector. He's the Headmasters 'pet' And only obey the headmasters orders without question. If he's ever sent out after a student... that student probably will not see the light of a new day.

    KOA: A Breed Combat wolf created soley for the purpose of hunting down and killing foes in direct bloody combat while without a care hhow much pounding he take's to get there.
    KOE: N/A
  4. Alien Example:

    Reg-Nr: Zero-Zero "Mistress"
    Name and "Nickname": Phillia Marnjaw
    WOC: She actually uses Magic as her primary and only weapon.
    She Wears a beautiful garment that grants a full body barrier once activated, it also enchant her telekinetic and magical abilities.
    Gravity Force: Phillia is capable of creating gravity rifts that an push, pull or change the gravity around her or an object. This allows her to 'levitate' above ground and send any opponents flying.

    Healing Force: Philla can use a healing force native to her people, it can mend flesh and mechanical beings over a short time period.

    Phillia is the Headmasters wife, and usually acts as either the math teacher or the physics teacher. Not much else is actually known about her besides that she's kick ass serious about anything she does.

    KOA: She known's seemingly everything about old lost material arts and even newly invented ones. Some people mostly wonder why as they can't even get close to her due to her magic ability.
    KOE: She knows maths and physics in and out and can quickly calculate the effects of things around her giving her a huge edge over opponents.
    Other: She mostly Disiplin students rather than fighting them. ​
  5. [​IMG]
    Name and "Nickname"
    Metal "Steel" Hunter
    HF Claws
    Steel,s High Frequency Claws are sharp but what makes them deadly is there ability to Vibrate at Nano Level giving it the ability to slice Metal like Butter,as when on the claws would Glow Bright orange heating themselves a swell,But as powerful they are,it has a Drawback,If used for to long his claws would literally melt off so it needs to cool down.
    Steel Coil
    Steel can Launch from its body Tungsten reinforce Filers (Tentacles) that are able to rip apart his opponents and a swell can be use both defensive and Offensive way as Steel is made of such way.As they mostly come from his mouth or tail.

    Steel.s Inner Body is made of very thin strings of Fibercore and Nano tech.,as the strings coil around making larger ones and continues doing so till they are Visible as seen in his body,as Steels energy is separated equally around it and meaning that steel is "Undying" Or unable to be immobile as for example,steels head is cut off and his legs a swell and he would still be Operational and "alive" as his "Memory" is all over its body and energy...But He is not immortal as the way to make sure he is down is Removing its "Core".

    Steel has a second form or "Stage" named Rage or savage as its when Steels Body Over heats and concentrates all energy on his body and he starts glowing from the heat,as steel is faster,stronger and acts a more savage way as his Data are in Overdrive.wen this is On Steel has no intelligence and only concentrates on getting his target his Undying perk is MUCH more effective.
    "Stalker and Savage"
    Steel has been Directly program to be two things a Savage or a Stalker as The "Hunter" is wen steel is Hunting its pray and always alerts and Hiden and wating for the Right Moment to strike,as he is more patient and inteligente.As he is never removes his eyes off his Prey,his meal

    In Savage he is much oh a Killer and Unpredictible,as he would charge at his enemies with no seconds thought and only has one thing in minde "Eliminate"as here he is VERY dangerus and Very savage like as he would use his soroundings to his advantage and Pile his enemy in confusion

    Steel is a Mute Mega as he is silent and serius,and wen out of the "Slaughter zone" Like he calls it he is silent and a Solitary and rather stay by himself,he ussually likes to stay alone as he has been made like a Sentinel "Wait till its time"​
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  7. Well as you spell checked it and it look a bit better I guess your good to go =P
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    Also you should edit the Reg-nr to either Xplu=Blue, Y-ray, or a written Number for Gray ^^
  11. ~Now Complete, if this needs to change please notify me~

    -Apperance- Tall, wears a green trench coat like armor with four round circles and the end. A long white scarf. covers almost all of his face except for his dark blue eyes. He also has a hat inspired by detectives from the nineteen fifty's. He also has green glove like hands and tall black boots.
    Reg-Nr: Xplu 7472
    Name and "Nickname": X-472 or "Detective"
    WOC: X-472, or Detective as he perfers to be called has a small energy pistol he stores in a little gun holder outside of his metallic trench coat. This pistol like gun uses condensed light to wipe out his enemys. It is small so it's easy to grab but it doesn't do much damage as rapid fire. It is used more to get a fast advantage on his opponents since the longer it is exposed to light the harder the hit. But it has to recharge for its first blow and shots fired during this period of a minute can only do minimal damage. His pistol needs two hands to fire, or else he could dislocate his wrist.
    STE: His STE is an invisibility cloak which lasts one minute and makes him completely invisible. His invisibility cloak needs 10 minutes to recharge.
    Power: Super Scan. This allows him to scan even the smallest detail and save it into his database. Thus letting him deduct something someone has done, see a small burn to a chip, etc.
    About: X-742 was a robot created for spying purposes. He his very stealthy and can deduct weaknesses of other robots and exploit them. They made 742 to spy on the Ys and better plan ambushes.
    KOA: He was taught to when in his invisible state to scan for weaknesses in his opponent and advantages in his surroundings. He was taught to when reloading and when his opponent is without a weapon to try to hit the head since this is where the mother board is most commonly placed. He is a skilled boxer.
    KOE: Detective was taught a tactic that he calls the "ghost shot". First he shoots his most deadly pistol shot which is always the first. Then he changes into his invisibility cloak while scanning for his opponents weaknesses to better deal with his threat. His hacking skills are umatched due to a screen that he can get out off his left arm which makes it easy to get into any database
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  13. Well You should cut down your Reg-nr to 0742 xD as it two digits too long.

    And You need to choose 1 of your Secondary Technical Equipments to start with as Humanoid's/Androids
    only can have 1.

    The Hacking could be placed under KOE:

    Other than that it looks good ^^
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