Planet Viel

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  1. OOC:

    Imagine a world that isn't all that complicated.. Maybe another planet, or realm. One filled with little huts and homes. Some don't have much. Others, may have some technology and/or magical things. These homes would all be inhabited by strange creatures, with a simple language.

    Dialogue is almost non-existant. Maybe a couple words at best?

    Actions and simple sounds such as grunts, bellows, burps, yawns, laughs, etc would help convey meanings, desires, and so forth.

    Post length doesn't have to be all that long. But it helps to have some details, seeing as dialogue is limited. Think of how characters talk to eachother on the show Maisy, or the 'Bad Days' series on youtube.






    Within the confines of a little stone hut, that was certainly larger on the inside than the outside, was a simple, round creature that rested on what seemed to be a large, soft rectangular object that one could only assume to be a bed. The beast itself was a plump little thing. Unfortunately, it seemed that decades of hard work took their toll on the poor thing, and he possessed bolted bands which kept his chest together, as well as a sturdy belt about his waist. A dark brown shade was the tone of his physique, as if crafted by clay.

    Despite having lived decades, this being was as much a child as a youthful young toddler. Adobe, was his name. Adobe slowly began to move, rising upwards and upwards to lift himself off the ground. Heavy as he was, he was used to his weight as a hardened stone-like member of the Gum-Man class of planet viel. His eyes blinked once. And then they blinked twice. Adobe raised his large hands to rub them. the middle of the tri-digits on his limb answered the call, as his large feet found their way to the ground, nearly startling the short, pudgy little worker.


    Adobe made his way outside, and recoiled a bit in fear of the sunlight. It would not kill him, no, but he simply dreaded the light when he was in the shadows of his estate for so long.

    After slowly attempting to adjust, little Adobe was surprised! There was but the mushy form of the traveler in white. The snow stretched on for miles within what had become an empty tundra.

    "Augh guuh!" Exclaimed the golem joyfully. He shivered then, but only slightly. A Gum-Man such as himself was strong against extreme temperatures, especially if they wanted to be.

    But Adobe wanted comfort. So he hurriedly skittered on back indoors, and began on his preparations, which consisted of a pair of large dark blue boots, and a red suit that conformed to his body, much like a pair of long johns, both found in a crude box he had out in his 'living room,' in preparation for the snow.

    With the essentials on, Adobe reached into a large compartment attached to the wall, which contained a few simple outfits, mostly for his work. He was a kind of carpenter, or a construction worker, but overall a hard worker. Difficult tasks for a strong man were but games to him. From the compartment he pulled a large poofy winter coat, and a pair of baggy pants, both of which were puffy, and soft, filled with materials not unlike cotton.

    The Gum-Man hurried out his front door, a simple machination that required only a push. He tripped down into the snow below, rubbing his face a bit, namely where a nose would have been if he at all had a real one, and ran off to find a spot in which he could begin some more leisurely pursuits.