Planet Viel OOC

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    This is the place to ask questions about the mysterious, yet simplistic, and lovable planet of little creatures who don't have any dialogue!

  2. Actually slightly interested. How do the creatures look or can we decide on the look ourselves?
  3. Creatures vary. Take their habitats and lifestyles into consideration however, and all that other good stuff.
  4. Well I meant if there were different species we could play though I found the actual rp for this. I'm not sure though
  5. Yes, there are different species. Hence why I mentioned to think about habitat and all that good stuff.
  6. Okay... This work?

    Name: T'Sani
    Species: Lolock
    Appearance: A long low creature with a layer of fur across her body, her thick legs make end in large paws which make gripping slippery rocks easier. She stands three feet tall at her shoulders but is about 7 feet long from snout to tail tip. The pads on her feet have thin hairs resembling that of a gecko giving her the ability to stick to most surfaces that are even slightly rough. Her fur is long and dense in the winter but shorter and thinner in the summer; it is mostly smokey grey with darker stripes, paws, face and tailtip. Her head is wide and triangular set with golden, almond shaped eyes. From either side of her mouth the tip of a fang protrudes. Her tongue is a vibrant blue in contrast to the grey of the rest of her mouth.

    Other: Lolock are usually solitary although they can be seen mingling with others of their own kind and different species of animals. It depends on the individual's preference. They have the ability to learn others languages to an extent. If the language sounds more like their own they can learn more of the language and use it somewhat effectivly.