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  1. This will be a Rp I had in mind for a while now, I'v started it before on another website but when I came to this school im at now they blocked the site, so I gotta remake the RP. To get a good mind and idea of what I want the plot to be, go to my home page and read my blog "Boku's Home Planet" I'll post the link here to I guess, be much faster and easier lol.

    But the idea is that one female (You) would be out in the forest hunting, who attempted to take on one of the larger critters that roam the planet, she end up getting hung upside down by a tree branch and beneith her are critters tempting to kill her, but at the last minute Boku (me) rescure her just before she gets killed, not realizing boku was the man that she had always loved and cared for, fo so many years. He didn't really care for her the same way until she began following him everywhere, she looked up to him as a big brother, excpet she had deeper feelings for him.
    The two do end up getting together and married, but that won't be for a little while down on the RP.
    If interested feel free to PM me and were discuss more ideas if you have any.