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    We all start on the GFS Huskarl, an armored transport ship en route to Metron, the ship is going to land on a federation research center 30 miles from the main metroid hive, a briefing commences, Capt. Sullivan begins
    "Our mission is to research the unknown strains of metroid, some of you may also know about Phazon metroid strains, though they are considered extinct since the fall of Phaaze, for the past 40 years the eggheads have been developing a top secret artificial Phazon which we call 'Fuzon' we introduced it to the planet ten years ago, the researchers have concluded that more than enough time has passed that research can begin"
  2. Orin does a slow clap

    ((Give us something we can work with kraz!))
  3. "You got something to say punk?!" Capt. Sullivan said in response to the condescending action of Orin. Captain Sullivan stood tall, helmet off, staring at Orin with piercing eyes. "This is serious business and any of us could die if we don't treat it seriously, lives are on the line son, and I expect you to have discipline and not disrespect a commanding officer!"
  4. ((It wasn't a disrespectful action.))
    "You misunderstand me." Orin stands. "My name is Orin, and I'm the head researcher in Metroids" He offers Sullivan his hand. "And the chances of us dying in incredibly low. Unless someone were to aggravate the Metroids."
  5. ((a slow clap to the beginning of a mission briefing is very disrespectful, if this was real I would shove a boot up your ass))
    "You sound like you're working for those B.S.L. nuts who started this mess in the first place, trying to clone the damn things to use as a weapon, even if you aren't, I will keep an eye on you." said Captain Sullivan, who turned his back on the youngster's handshake. "Have you ever seen a Metroid son? Have you seen it eat your sergeant's face and absorb his very life force as the only thing that you can do is run? Those things were designed by the Chozo to kill every living thing they come across, and to have almost no means of defeat, don't tell me about chances of dying kid." the captain sat back down, "While I do believe that those researchers in the lab down there know what they are doing with these suit modifications, we still shouldn't take these creatures lightly.
  6. The ship slowly approaches upon the green planet. The ship shakes rapidly as it cuts through the atmosphere. Capt. Sullivan strapped himself in as they entered. The ship landed hard but safe onto the Galactic Federation runway. "Welcome men to The Metron forward base" Captain Sullivan said, he lead the team outside and into the base. A lot of scientists were running around getting things ready for the suit augmentation. The head scientist came up to them and said "Welcome to Metron, protocol requires we go over this one more time. We are going to sedate you and then we will apply the Metroid augmentation to your suits. The Metroid augmentation will cover your body and bind to your Neural network. This will disguise your human presence to the hive," Captain Sullivan lie down onto the lab table and sedatives where injected into the contact points on his suit.
  7. "You'd think my previous DNA reconstruction would be enough....." Orin slowly approaches the table and twitches as the sedative is applied.
  8. "Pardon! Pardon!" Crys yelled as he ran through the hall. He had tripped over a raise in the metal floor, and, smashed into someone already. He was getting a TON of killer looks. How could he have not heard the announcement? How could he have overslept? He tried to push the door open before realizing it was a sliding door. It slid open lazily, and he ducked under it and ran in. "Uhh HI!" Everyone seemed busy at the moment, and, The ship landed pretty hard, and he fell over again. "Ugh... could it kill them to land more gently?" He muttered. As soon as he got in, They had to leave the ship. The Scientist announced that they would all have to take a sedative and be injected with a metroid or something like that. "Uhh, as long as it isn't permanent..." He let them sedate him and get to work.
  9. After what feels like a minute, the team wakes up, a quick glance of each other and ourselves reveals blue membrane squirming on each of our bodies but contouring to the suits. Captain Sullivan woozily got up from the bed as the scientists removed all sorts tubes and wires. "Alright, we have to get going, we will all sober up on the ride there" A set of doors to the left open, where an armored transport awaits.
  10. Dioanea came to very quickly. She had been quiet since the beginning, but she was mulling the reports. Fuzon? Wasn't Phaaze an already disastrous enough thing? "Tell me doc, do we really need these death machines to get fuzon? Can't we just biosynthetize it in a lab or something?"
  11. Orin speaks up. "We need to study the effects Fuzon has on the evoloutionary stages of a Metroid." He says nonchantly.
  12. Dioanea snarled and hissed for a split second. "And why is that? I say just let these suckers go extinct, the universe would be safer."
  13. Orin performs EXTREME FACEPALM. "Metroids are the only known predators of Parasite X, which is a much more powerful organism. Hang on, if you know absoloutly NOTHING about Metroids, and are entirely against this, then WHY are you on this expedition? Seriously, just leave. You really shouldn't be here!"
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  14. "Settle down, both of you!" Captain Sullivan commanded, "I too am curious about Sergeant Dioanea's Purpose on this mission, But it was GF High Command's Orders for her to be on this mission and I am sure they have their reasons" Sullivan said, he then turned his head to Dioanea. "The Chozo created the Metroids for a reason, and, this is classified information, but we believe it is for more than just repelling the X Parasite. The Metroids have proven to be a treasure trove of research opportunities ever since we started studying Subject "Baby" and this is no exception... Let's get on the Transport, we need to go" Captain Sullivan said and began to make his way to the Transport.
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  15. Diaonea followed. "The reason I'm here is also classified. And yeah I talked a bit fast, extinct is a bit strong... Do we really need to dope them with some strange shit though? They're already dangerous enough as-is, and phazon made them even more so. We shouldn't mess with it like that. What if they gain sentience and steal our ships to conquer the galaxy? What if they actually DO go extinct because of an allergic reaction to Fuzon?"
  16. "They really told you nothing did they? Fuzon has been in development since The development of PEDs, we know it works on creatures in the same way Phazon did, even Metroids. The planet has already been seeded with the stuff, however it is controlled from this base to the point where it cannot corrupt the planet. The thing is about phazon is it usually just acted like steroids to most creatures, but to Metroids, Metroids didn't just become corrupted, they embraced it, became a completely different creature, this, along with Metron's normal factors, gives us a whole new range of Metroids to study, that is why we are here." Cpt. Sullivan took a seat and then continued. "Regarding your question on sentience, If you have read Samus's reports on Tallon IV and Phaaze you would know that only Metroid Prime was sentient, but it was narcissistic and killed any other Metroid Primes that developed, as shown by Samus's scan of a dead Metroid Prime she found on Phaaze. Satellite scans only report one Metroid Prime to exist in the hive as we predicted.
    Trust me they won't be stealing our ships anytime soon" when Cpt. Sullivan said that, the GFS Huskarl lifted off.
  17. "But this was Phazon. We're studying a whole new material. Even if it's similar to Phazon there's no way to know how they will react, hell for all we know they might make organic ships themselves, or even get immune to ice. Do you imagine how catastrophic it would be should they gain an immunity to ice? And they told me all of this; I'm simply doubting the usefulness of all of that. We already have the material. To me, it looks like this is simply research for the sake of research. While we're at it, why not see if there's anything else than ice that makes them tick? That would be useful. Especially should that previous scenario where ice doesn't work anymore happens."
  18. "Fuzon IS Phazon. I've run extensive tests on the synthetic version my self, the chances of such drastic mutations are highly implausible. An immunity to ice is impossible, unless we were to, say, move all the remaining metroid specimens to an ice based planet and doused them in Phazon."
  19. "Correct, but the immunity has been done before, when the project was compromised, the subjects were destroyed by having the lab destroyed in a self destruct sequence...
    And this IS research for the sake of research, no secret plots, no cloning attempts, no using Metroids as Bioweaponry. We are here to witness the Metroids in their natural environment with Fuzon introduced. I don't know what GF High Command sent you here for, but you are asking questions that have already been answered. And questions that are ridiculous, The Chozo knew what they were doing when they designed the Metroids."

    With everyone seated, the transport makes it's way towards the hive.
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  20. "THEY did. Do we? Materials can have different properties over an immense amount of time. Although I'll accept it for now if it's just for the sake of science. As long as they retain their most important properties: they aren't impossible to deal with and they still eat X. As I previously said, my reason to be here is classified, although I probably can help with research. Never before you'll have seen a bitch in armor as agile and flexible as me."
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