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  1. No prior knowledge needed

    Welcome to Metron, formerly known as SR-388. This takes place 30 years after the fusion mission in which bounty hunter Samus Aran reintroduced the once extinct (which she herself caused) Metroids to Metron in order to save the galaxy from the X parasite. As part of an elite Galactic Federation research team you are to study the new metroid strains found throughout the planet. Do not worry for you will be perfectly safe from the metroids themselves. The team has been given Metroid augmentations inspired by the effects of the Metroid vaccine on Samus Arin's Chozo suit. The augmentation has been made so that you seemingly blend in with the metroids. With this augmentation, though this is just a theory, some of the biologists believe that you might be able to communicate with the hive. The team will only be armed with emergency ice pistols. In order to compensate for the loss of Phazon, an artificial replacement has been made called Fuzon, this material is however not ready for testing for weaponry and was made specifically for studying environments affected by phazon

    (this roleplay will contain off lore experiences, creatures, and explanations.)
    Metroid is copyright of Nintendo

    Known metroid types: (through observation)
    Show Spoiler

    Common knowlege metamorphasis of metroids (does not include queen)

    Phazon metroid
    Hopping Metroid

    No godmodding
    No powerplaying
    No metagaming
    All admin decisions are final
    Romance allowed, keep it PG-13
    Cursing allowed but only in appropriate situations
    you cannot be a hunter

    you are allowed to have different armor (there will be no negative affects to having a different type of armor) I am also allowing aesthetic changes but know that you have Metroid organic tissues covering your suit.

    Default (if you dont choose, one this is what you get)[​IMG]
    Demolition suit
    (note: picking this does not mean you are a demolition specialist)
    Classic suit
    Always accepting!

    Note: I know the lore says that SR388 was destroyed in the explosion, but it seems unlikely that a self destructing space station crashing into a planet larger than earth would utterly destroy the whole planet
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  2. This again krazaz? Oh well, I suppose it WAS a decent RP. Well, the idea of it anyway.
    Name: Orin Kazetoren
    Gender: Male?
    Age: Probably 23
    Appearance: Orin is 4'6 with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He is otherwise fairly unremarkable in his physical appearance.
    Bio: Orin's father was a federation fleet commander, and so Orin lived his entire life in Federation training. At the age of seven, he showed an aptitude for biological and medical studies, and at ten he stopped his military training and instead learned to become a field doctor. By the age of fifteen, he changed his career path again to become a biological scientist. At 18, he wrote an award winning thesis on the already known history of metroids. He graduated at 20 and began his life as a researcher, his previous combat and medical training saving him, and his team countless times.
  3. Well MCF had no interest at all, I was hoping I'd get someone else's attention. I cleaned the roleplay up a bit since it's first run so hopefully it will get at least someone's attention. I will be posting my other failed roleplays here, one at a time of course

    Accepted BTW, we start upon 3-5 acceptances
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  4. Yeah. I have so much old, unused stuff. I wanna give a rebirth to HM DAD, maybe Marika. We shall see.

    Some of the ideas between me, cloud and sol, jesus christ.

    We could change the world with this shit.
    And you should make a banner.
  5. Not a bad idea, I'll look into making one when I have the time.
  6. I'm going to do it for HMA. It needs a nice, pretty picture.

    Maybe think about using some wiki space to catalogue stuff too? I don't necessarily mean like the KUW, although that could work, but a private wiki to catalogue ideas and stuff. Its good for image hosting too.

    Or you could even use some space from the KUW.

    Just some suggestions.
  7. No I use photobucket for all my art
  8. I see. I cant get any of those sites to work. I even got caught downloading dropbox on my pas PC without asking, which was a BIG mistake.

    So now I just use the wikis (for now, anyway)
    I don't know what to do for the banner though :/
  9. Application:
    Name: Crys (I'm not spectacular with last names so... yeah, I'll think of one later.)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Tall and skinny, he has pale skin, long (down to his neck), unkempt but clean brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is clean shaven. He Isn't built spectacularly, and has more of a body of a runner or gymnast.
    Bio: Crys never really wanted to join the federation, but, he had a long lineage of soldiers behind him, and his father wasn't about to let him say no. He never really thought of himself as a soldier, more as a puzzle solver, or a thinker. However, that didn't mean that he didn't pass getting into the federation. He was fit enough, and he found that he had a surprising knack for firearms. Not that he really liked shooting them. He found that he was more at home running, or jumping hurdles, or climbing rather than actually lifting weights, or enduring blows. Somehow, he ended up getting put on a team set for what was SR-388. Hopefully the scenery could get him away from the cramped environment of the federation.
    Suit(optional): The default suit.
  10. Accepted
  11. Just noting that in the OP it says 'Welcome to Merton'
  12. And he said what WAS SR388
  13. What? Dude I was just pointing out that you wrote 'Merton' instead of 'Metron'.

    See? I'm right.
  14. :p I fixed it, I thought you were pointing it out to the new guy.
  15. Friggin' lol...
  16. Are we starting, like, ever?
  17. If we get a third person, yes
  18. If you make an app, thats three.
  19. .... I'd rather not but I am impatient, fine...
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