Planet Dangerzone

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    Welcome to Planet Dangerzone. It's got every climate, both urban cities and suburban towns, all of which have ridiculous weaponry and gadgets hidden off for your personal pleasure during combat.

    You are a gladiator in this infinite game of war. You need not worry about death: A Respawn system is in place. But, I can't guarantee your points… nor victory prizes.

    Now go on. All the people on their moon colony resorts and their space station casinos are watching this. Betting on this. Lusting for this.

    Welcome one and all, to Planet Danger Zone.


  2. Name: Rusti
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    Age: 1018
    Appearance: (avatar)

    Items: (none)
    Weapons: (none)
    Powers: Super speed, super strength, blood sensing.

    Quotes: "Your blood asked me to do this"
    Fun Facts: Rusti has never been rejected by any girl. He has a charm that no girl can ever resist
    Theme Song:

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  3. Name: Richard Wrath (at least, that's a name of his that you can pronounce - his real one is incomprehensible to anyone of the third dimension or lower)
    Gender: Man. It's like being male, except more.
    Species: Human. Vaguely.
    Age: 64, or so he claims.
    Richard is, without a doubt, one of the most freakishly muscular beings you will ever see. Standing at just under seven feet, his muscles look like steroids didn't kill you, and that its effects could stack infinitely. Superman looks at him and thinks "Maybe I'll come back later." And boy, doesn't he flaunt it. The sole piece of clothing he wears on his torso is a vest, and that thing hasn't been used in well over three decades. Instead, he wears... Well, to put it simply, he walks around with his obscenely powerful chest on show, complete with chest hair in the shape of Great Britain. His legwear is hardly better - a pair of knee-length jean shorts that, quite thankfully, always come out unscathed. Clothing-wise, that's it. Shorts. Baggy shorts. It's still a mystery whether he wears underwear or not. Nobody's willing to find out.
    His hair is in a crew cut, simply because he doesn't believe in any other hair styles. Rumour has it, that his hair's actually too scared to grow. His eyes are an oak brown, and burn with a manly fire not seen in anyone - or anything - before.

    History: Once upon a time, Richard was a norma man. Not a very happy one, and a little obsessed with his work, but he was normal. However, what he mistook for a gamma radiation source, was actually the element Brittanium. Able to penetrate through the suits used to protect from gamma radiation, he was gradually turned into a hulking beast of a man, obsessed with fighting, drinking, fighting, money, fighting, and fighting. Did I mention fighting?

    Items: Industrial strength paint remover and a miniature power sander, complete with mobile solar-powered energy source. He uses them to clean his teeth.
    Powers: Ridiculous strength, superhuman durability, overwhelming manliness, immunity to cold/hot environments.
    Skills/Abilities: Using his strength, he can push himself off of the ground with enough force to super-leap.

    (To audience) "If this sensational fight does not stop your adrenaline-gorged hearts for FIVE ENTIRE SECONDS, I will send you a signed certificate stating that YOU DO NOT EXIST!"
    "The name's Richard Wrath - Englishman, chairman of Manly Man's Weapons Store, and the man who's going to burn this place to the ground!"
    "I'll endanger you like I've endangered HUNDREDS of other animals!"
    "You're dead, get over it!"
    "It's just you... Me... And my bare hands..."
    *Guttural roar*

    Fun Facts:
    Richard Wrath's notable achievements include, and are not limited to:

    • Cutting his way out of "primate hell".

    • Teaching his Girl Scout troop, the "Richardettes", fire safety tips such as "Grizzly bears burn".
    • Fighting off a lion while simultaneously having a haircut.
    • Single-handedly wiping out the Indonesian Berserker Shark (and making them cry).
    • Retrieving a stolen puck from a thieving tortoise despite its thirty minute head start.
    • Inventing Jarate, the JAR-Based karate.
    • Becoming the wealthiest man in the Western Hemisphere.
    • Becoming the fourth richest man in the world.
    • Firebombing Woodstock from a helicopter.
    • Being in no way involved with the explosive death of the British monkeynaut Lord Alistair, nor being anywhere near the launch site at the time.
    • Introducing the Crafting system to both the GRN and YLW teams in an effort to fuel the war.
    • Publishing a special issued magazine (at a price of 20 pence per issue, even though it was demanded to be free) to answer questions made by his fans about, among other things, playing Pong with a hydrogen bomb and tennis rackets made with explosives.
    • Discovering the existence of the Internet and starting the Manly Man's Weapon Store.
    • Purchasing North America.
    • Having a website made up entirely of absolutely true Richard Wrath facts.
    • Killing the perverts at various websites.
    • Hosting the First Annual Richy Awards.
    • Inventing the "high-five".
    • Eating a whole ostrich.
    • 'Manslaughtering' 1593 physicians.
    • Defeating Haxton Sale in a popularity contest.

    Theme Song:

    Richard's brutish shout, slightly louder than a lion's roar, sounded as his inhuman fist collided with his unfortunate opponent's face. Said enemy was sent flying landing in a mangled heap on the floor, which Wrath took no small enjoyment in pummelling further into the floor. By the time his repeated blows had ceased, what was left of the man was a vaguely recognisable assortment of crushed organs and other body parts, with blood applied so liberally, it was as if a paint brush had been used. That was his style, though - beat them down. Honour and glory were things he did not care for - he just wanted to fight.
  4. Name: Mia
    Gender: Female
    Species: Elf/Demon
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Elf-Beauty.jpg

    Items: Sack of potions, poison,and demons
    Weapons: Sword (Wants more weapons) ... The Art of White Lotus Tae Kwon Doe(most deadliest knug fu)
    Powers: Spells, reading minds

    Quotes: "My Body Is A Weapon"
    Fun Facts: She may be a serious women on the battlefield, but Mia is funny and loving outside of war.
    Theme Song:

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  5. Name: Icarus the
    Gender: appears male
    Species: God Instrument Alpha
    Age: a few lifetimes
    Items: a gray goody and a belt with a pistol holster on the right hip and two leather rings to hold sheaths on the left.
    Weapons: A silver pistol that seems to never run dry of ammo and two high carbon meteorite steel daggers that hold an edge incredibly well.
    Powers: Icarus's body is fueled by the heartfire bestowed upon him by his godly creators. He uses that flame which burns a vibrant blue. His own body is designed to be able to withstand high pressure and heat.
    Quotes: "Here. Catch." - regarding a soon to be thrown fireball.
    Fun Facts: Icarus is one half of a pair of weapons created by the gods to wander the universe and purge it of evil. These hypocritical gods often use Icarus and his brother to fight for their own amusement, sometimes slaughtering droves of innocent lives in the process. Icarus is strong on his own, but when he and his brother are together, they can initiate a world-destroying ritual. This rite is reserved onl
    y for the most evil of places. His brother will not be appearing in this story.
    Theme Song: Icarus Lives (Periphery)
    Extra: Icarus is practically a living fire. He can use heat to raise the temperature around him in a flash.He can jump great distances and fly at great collateral damage by raising the air pressure beneith him though flash heating. He is leathal and he knows it, however he has a tendancy to withhold thatviolence.