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So, there's this plot I've been wanting to do. It's called Skyland Hopping, though I suspect a lot of people will be able to come up with better ideas. Hell, if you've got an idea for a plot involving planes, I'd love to hear them.

The RP takes place in a world where there is no 'solid ground,' per se. Instead, each 'country' is made up of hundreds of floating landmasses called Skylands. As such, planes have become as common a transportation method as cars are in our world, and are flown by many people.
Our characters will be licensed pilots and long-time friends. One of us should be a budding ace pilot, however. One day, they're out flying. Why? For the fun of it, to get some supplies, something mundane like that. Anyhow, a storm comes right out of nowhere, and forces them to land on an uncharted Skyland.
As they search for a place to take shelter until the storm passes, they find a cave with a map. A map carved into what seems to be metal, though it is as light as flexible as paper. Thinking to have it analysed later, they take it with them, and take to the skies once more.
It doesn't take long for a squadron of black fighter planes to show up. The pair only narrowly escape with their lives, and are forced to land once more to have their plane repaired. There, an old man recognises the map, and tells of the great treasure it leads to...

OKAY, that was long. Sorry about that. Anyhow, if you're interested, there's a few things you should note.
  • My posting schedule isn't so much a "schedule" as it is a jumbled-up mess of bleh. Do not expect a consistent rate of replies.
  • I know I'm not in the right section, but I feel it must be said - I can#t play females if there's going to be anything lewd happening.
  • If you're reading these, the passphrase is "Mountain Dewritos."
  • The RP will be using WW2-era planes. Well, planes in that sort of style, anyway.
  • I'm open to communication. in fact, I encourage it. Be it casual chitchat or just discussing the RP, I'm open.
  • I won't reply to his thread. PM me if you're interested.
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