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    Castle Deiruva - a place which held a king with a golden heart. He looked after citizens, even those who were poorest were given a fair go. Though, as it seemed, someone had been scheming against His Majesty, and as such, news reached the throne that there was an outbreak of the deadly plague.
    "An outrage! How could this have happened?!" The king demanded the female messenger, who seemed awfully frightened by the situation. His Majesty stood from the throne, a proud man who could take the place of any of his knights if he truly needed to.
    "S-someone contaminated the water, and now... It's bad, really bad. No one knows if they're going to live or die. W-we need some help, Your Majesty!" The girl kept her gaze low, as the man walked over and placed a hand upon her head.
    "... Gentlemen, we have a job. This plague cannot be allowed to kill those we so fervently protect! I want food, water and supplies brought to these people, we shall kill this plague like we would any enemy..."
    "Thank you Your Majesty! I am truly honoured that you'll help us!"

    The bell tolled to mark the noon of that Sunday, and even at this time, the two brothers were training relentlessly to further their swordsmanship. Being privileged enough to be within the castle grounds, the two lads were born noble and as such were given a seemingly normal life, far away from those who made the effort to work each and every day. Unfazed by this knowledge, Broderick swung his sword into the dummy, just about cleaving the hay and cloth fixture into the next age.
    "Ah... It feels good to draw blades, yet a lack of opponents who we can truly test metal with. Do you not agree, Brother?" He looked over to the man who was training at the opposite end of the grounds they stood, no other men were in the immediate vicinity, as it was prime time for the rituals to God.
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  2. Basic CS (open)

    Name: Thane
    Age: 20
    Appearance: He is strong but lean, which gives him an edge in speed. Average height. His hair is black, wavy, and cut short. He has olive skin, made a bit darker by the sun during his training. His eyes are black enough that you can't see the pupils. His look is very severe and intimidating, despite his height.

    Thane stopped and looked at his blade. He swung it in the air testing it, as if offended by the feel of its weight. He turned his dark eyes towards Broderick, who looked more like a distant relative than a brother, "Indeed," he replied, "I'm beginning to tire of so much training without even a little taste of true combat."

    The noon sun burned in the sky with a fierceness that made the day's training more overwhelming than most. Thane's wavy hair was all but painted on his head with the amount of sweat he'd worked up. With the calculated lazy manner in which he moved, Thane put down his sword and took up another, once again testing it with a few swings. "Have you had word from home Brother?" he asked offhandedly. Of all the brothers Thane was the more... unique looking in the family. And before Broderick could answer, he launched into a set of swings aimed to hit at nothing solid and more at landing necessary footwork for a battle against an opponent that might be stronger but perhaps prone to be little slower.
    Then, as if mentally prepared to hear the news for which he asked, he stopped and walked back towards his brother in that lazy manner of his. Without eye-contact to be made. In fact, he seemed to be much more concerned with the sword's craftsmanship, and yet not enough to comment on it and rather trouble himself with an idle comment about his Brother's strong swings against the battered target.
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    The slightly taller brother cleaved through yet another dummy before making his response. "Aye, aye... I've heard there's been a bit of conflict to the south, those damned Drulls, always wishing to take land which is not theirs. Though, it would be nice to meet blades with men we've never fought before. I say we ask for permission to go on the next patrol, it isn't uncommon for us knights to be doing such a thing, so I say let's go for it, Brother."

    Broderick had a certain interest in tactics, his mind always formulating the most effective way to take down an opponent, even if that opponent happened to be one of his brothers. The two standing there were two of seventeen, and while their mother had been with many men, their name wasn't soiled due to their father, who was one of the most loyal knights within the entire kingdom. Fine examples of blade and wit, these two were a force to be met with.

    "Excuse me? Sirs?" The voice of a gentle lady was heard, as she approached the two. "I've terrible news. You are to meet with the King at once." Broderick sighed somewhat, planting his sword into the now broken dummy as he removed his gauntlets and allowed his sweaty hands to breathe.
    "Come, Brother. Let's make haste."
  4. As soon as Broderick put down his sword, Thane followed. He took off his gauntlets and the leg armor he used for training, which was heavier than the real thing. His brother was already following the king's messenger through the side corridor. Thane caught up to them shirtless and said, "I hardly see it as terrible news to be called on to meet with the King, my lady. So then, I must presume that it is HE who will deliver the terrible news... " He looked at her sternly and his demeanor came off too severe.
    "Y-yes brave Sir," she stumbled.
    Just as Thane had high expectations for himself, he had them for others and disliked when others did not fulfill their job to perfection.
    They passed by the armory, where Thane stopped to look through his bag. He pulled out his spare water pouch and poured it onto his head, washing away the sweat. In a hurry, he took out a clean white linen shirt, put it on, and sped up his pace to look for Broderick.
    His brother was waiting by the squire's training area, yelling some advice to a few of them. "Sorry to make you wait," Thane told him, "you know I can't stand feeling dirty for too long."
    The lady messenger had gone, and the two brothers marched themselves straight to the throne room. When the King called and there were hints of bad news, it was bad manners to make him wait. As they arrived the Captain of the King's Guard, his right hand man, marched to the King's right side. He was covered in mud.
  5. The knight had become accustomed to shouting advice, even to those who did not need it. It was either out of habit, or out of a genuine need to further those who were technically below him. "Aye, 'tis no rush, the King is sure to understand." Shooting a smile toward Thane, the pair soon made their way into the throne room nearby.

    The King was seated with his legs crossed somewhat, a hand upon his beard as he seemed a little more frowny than usual. "Men, I've got something of grave concern. The waters down in the main city have become contaminated with the plague. I'm unsure as to how this happened, but I do know this:

    I will not let my kingdom fall because of this. As such, I've got a job for the two of you, and if you're not willing to accept, well, I'll even throw in some coin for the trouble. I'm busy sorting things out on this end, so it is imperative that you complete this job. Knights, you are to investigate the water source, and also escort some of the doctors to the most effected areas. Proceed with caution; I cannot have you two contracting the virus. I ask you to wear your full armour for this, to protect yourselves." After the King spoke, he stood up, walking over to his loyal knights who knelt before him. "Rise, Sirs, you are dismissed."

    Broderick stretched somewhat as the two left the throne room, his eyes directly ahead. "Brother, while this may not be real combat... There's still a chance of dying. Be sure to watch yourself, as always." Speaking softly, the man seemed to be impacted by the scale of the ordeal; thousands of people used this water, and this could end in disaster if nothing was done about it.
  6. Thane remained silent. How does one fight an enemy he cannot see? he asked himself. His brother's words lingered in the air, it seemed. "Broderick," he called just as his brother walked away to prepare for the trip, "you too." Thane walked away.
    The two brothers were used to working together. Most often than not their orders were of a similar nature, particularly since it was well known around the castle that they made a good combat pair, even if their fighting styles differed. Therefore, for some time now they'd divided up the preparations so as to speed up the process. Thane would pack their gear and Broderick would pack supplies; they had yet to find a servant that satisfied their standards.

    Since they had hardly unpacked from their previous journey, Thane's work did not take him long. He decided to walk over to the Knight's shared bath rooms and give himself a good and proper wash. Most likely the best one he was going to have until he survived this journey and came back.
    In the baths he met with the Captain of the King's Guard, who turned to him and said, "we can't let this thing spread. You understand?"
    Thane merely nodded in deep understanding of the Captain's fear.

    "Broderick," he called, "I was at the baths, are we set to go? I have yet to meet the doctors that will be traveling with us"
  7. The knight soon found himself with an armload of supplies, carting it down the halls of the castle toward the central room. From here, he would sort everything out, making sure there was double the amount of everything, before packing it into sacks which were easy to carry and handle. Broderick soon placed everything in a cart, before taking it down to the stables where everything would be double checked by the stablehand, a good lad by the name of Gerard.

    Soon, he found himself sharpening his sword with the trusty whetstone, making sure the blade was as pristine as it could be. Luckily, he did not have to spend much time on this, and simply answered to his brother's call. "Aye, we're ready. It seems the doctors still haven't shown up yet, I wonder what keeps them..." Broderick sighed somewhat, before he went to retrieve the cart and the horse which would allow them to carry so much gear. All precautions had to be met, even the King came by and checked the cart, and everything within it.

    "Well, lads, it is time. I wish you good luck. May God be with you." With that, Broderick went off to equip himself properly with gear Thane had sorted out quite finely.
  8. Sybil sent her packs ahead of her. Actually, the king had sent someone to pick them up and the only thing she was expected to do was show up at the right place at the right time. However, Sybil was Sybil and that meant she was already late and not quite sure how to get there.

    "Sybil you silly thing you! Only the gods know how you manage to help people with that scatterbrain of yours! Now get outta here child before the King has my head!

    "Ma! I'm a grown up woman n' it's about time you start treatin' me like one... I bring home the money do I not?"

    "You should bring home a husband that's what you should! But I gave that up a long time ago," her mother walked away into the kitchen with a single wave goodbye.

    Sybil stuffed the rest of her things into her leather bag and walked out of the house in a rush scaring the chickens as she passed them by. She was a short blonde that dressed too masculine and she'd cut her hair as short as a mans yet still managed to look feminine. She was a very unusual person by any social standards but quite skilled at her job.

    She arrived at a solid trot and stopped before the knights in a huff. "Ready!" she said.

    Thane frowned severely as he looked down at the unusual creature, not entirely sure as to how to respond. He turned to look at his brother who Thane was sure was just as perplexed but hiding it well. At some length Thane managed a noble's bow followed by, "I am Sir Thane of Dunlath at your service."
  9. A soft huff escaped Broderick's lips, as he too bowed at the arrival of Sybil. Luckily, he knew how to do such a thing within the heavy armour he wore upon his body. "And I, Sir Broderick of Dunlath, am at your service milady." Afterwards, he stood himself up straight before making sure the horse upon their cart was fine and calm.

    Their job was simple, but it held dangers which could fell a man even without so much of a cut. The trio had to be careful, else they'd be subject to one of the deadliest viruses to ever exist. Broderick soon walked the horse, and with that, they were off.

    It was a good ten mile journey, to the main city, but this was due to Dunlath being a large kingdom - the outer wall was somewhere in the region of fifty miles from the main castle, which sat upon what once was a volcano millennia before. By now, the kingdom was advancing and expanding it's innards, and soon they'd rise to a power unseen within the region.
  10. They had left the castle later than planned. The sun was soon high up and hot. The party of three consisted of the two knights, each on a horse wearing their suit of armor, the female doctor on a horse she did not know how to ride and was there for tied to the cart. The cart or supplies was being pulled by a bigger heavier horse bred for the hard labor at hand.

    A sudden thought came to Thane's mind just as he turned to look at the traveling party and the midday sun, "the horses will need drink before long," and he looked at his brother. They'd been told the river crossing the main city had been polluted with the disease. Although the river that Dunlath depended on did not make contact with the other, Thane couldn't help but be apprehensive about water. Once in the main city, how would they know what water was safe?

    Thane turned to look at Sybil and asked, "pray tell milady, is there a way to know if water is contaminated by the disease?"

    The sound of hoofs echoed as they passed under an old bridge. Sybil giggled like a commoner giggles after watching somebody fall off a horse; she found it so odd to be refered to as 'milady.'

    "Yeah I'm sure, but it's gonna take time. I will have to take samples to compare with clean water and see what I find," she said absentmindedly as her attention was drawn to her parcel to write down notes.
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