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    The year is 2016.
    A deadly plague has wiped out most of humanity, leaving behind only a fraction of survivors in a desolate waste-land. Staying alive is an everyday battle for them, and they do whatever they must to make sure of it.

    Basic Chara-sheet -
    Name :
    Age :
    Gender :
    Appearance : (Only real pics)

    (you don't have to wait for you character to be approved.
    go ahead and start posting once you submit your CS :3)

    things you should know :
    there are no zombies, aliens or monsters here, only humans trying their best to survive the aftermath of the plague;
    at least two sentences per post;
    no godmodding/powermodding;
    no indiscriminate killing of NPC's;
    character limit is 3;
    OOC talks must go in brackets.
    don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the backstory. (=´∇`=)

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  2. Kira Daniels ; 22 ; Female ; Appearance

    .... hide and seek is the game, we'll teach you how to play ...
    The song came through the speakers, a rough and staticky slur. She examined the round volume rocker knob on the CD player, frowning at the dangling piece of metal. It looked like it would come off with a single tug. Reaching into her pockets, she pulled out a half-eaten bar of chocolate, and bit off a tiny portion. The broth pot hissed, and she gave it a stir before setting it back on the dirty cloth mat.

    A mouse ran past her quickly, and she realized that the Church was not that abandoned after all. Just then, she heard a rustle coming from behind her. Her gut tightened. It was late in the night; if there was anybody on the streets, she hadn't seen them. It was unlikely they'd be out in the cold at that hour.
    She grabbed her gun, and followed the source of the sound.
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  3. josh (unknown last name), age: 17, apperance:

    a young boy stood scrabbling for some left overs on the ground. the tatted hoodie hiding his face and the worn out jeans only held on by a piece of string. Two things sat on his back, a old bag filled with his supplies and a strange circular object that seemed to have things sticking out of it. On his makeshift belt hung a machete, his main weapon, and a small bag.

    he heard the sound of the footsteps and turned to see the gun pointed at him
  4. Kira stopped, lowering her gun a little.
    The boy looked young, and a pang of empathy shot through her. She had initially thought him to be a stray, ones that usually roamed the streets at night attacking people for food and supplies. They were high-risk and extremely violent. But his backpack said otherwise. He was obviously living it out on his own, just like her, and the countless others that were left orphaned by the plague. She tucked her gun back into it's holster, and flashed a kind smile at him.
    "I'm Kira. You hungry?" she asked the boy, motioning to the broth pot on the altar.

  5. he reached for his blade as a reflex instinct, about to pounce at the girl before realizing that her soft smile told him she meant no harm. "i'm josh, i am pretty hungry" he says cautiously looking around, the church and at the small pot.

    a surprised look on his face arose when he saw the speaker playing music. For a second he closed hi eyes trying to remember the days before all this
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  6. Rivara 23
    Riv rested his high caliber rifle across his legs and counted his last handful of rounds, he counted out ten with a sigh, he'd need to make them last, he pulled back his smokey grey hood and looked out the window of his abandoned shack on the edge of town, nothing was moving out there. Placing a piece of meat he cooked the day before in his mouth his slung his gun over his shoulder and moved out into the street and made his way down the road into town.

    (How long ago did the plague wipe the people out? Can it be just a couple years so we can all remember the easy life before things went bad?)
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  7. "I have a broth on the fire." she told Jake as she shut the back-door to prevent the cold from getting in. She figured that was how he'd made in into the Church. She moved over to the pot, poured a generous amount in a broken cup and handed it to Josh. She knew they were relatively safe from the strays in the Church, but come morning they'd have to vacate and find a new place to stay. Keeping to a single spot was just waiting for danger to come your way.
    "Make yourself at home." she said, sighing a little and sipping her own broth.
    "I remember what this Church looked like." she said in a quiet, serious tone. "I, um, used to visit this place every Sunday. When I was little." she said, swallowing another sip and scooting into a warm corner.
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  8. The boy sat down, placing his bag and the mysterious object at his feet. He took the cup from her and sipped it nervously "umm it's Josh by the way" he whispered correcting her mistake. He kept his hood up, so his face wasn't fully revealed. After a few minutes he had finished the broth, he then reached into his bag pulling out a small packaged object. He opened it up and began to eat it.

    "why didn't you shoot me? Every other person I've met has shot, stabbed or hit me" he asks looking at Kira's gun
  9. Riv walked down the road passing all the cluttered mess and broken houses, he remembered when life was easier, when him and all his friends would go paint balling in their military issued clothes, Riv used to be so lighthearted and funny back then even after boot camp and his Air Force deployment, he sighed and chewed on the rough meat, as he made his way down the road he could just barely hear voices, stopping he looked around, the sounds were muffled and coming from off to his left near the church and elementry school. Rivara drew his long knife and moved closer to investigate
  10. Kavina Mulane ;; 23 ;; Female ;; Appearance

    What a bother this is, walking... Kavina loathed walking for extended periods of time, however what else was she going to do? She couldn't simply stay in an empty house and wait for bandits and criminals of the like.
    The young woman obviously knew she wasn't built for this, but pressed on anyways. Her boots trudged along the ground as she wandered along a small river in the forest, hopefully it lead to a pond of some sort so that she could rest.

    She had remembered a time before the post apocalypse. Kavina was a doctor, well, she was one in training, however she couldn't exactly complete her studies when the world practically crumbled beneath her feet.

    "Guh... How much longer... Stupid forest..." The young girl spat.
  11. [​IMG]

    James allowed a breath out, watching stoically as a stream of smoke escaped his parted lips, and formed a circular formation in the air. The twenty-three year old man sat on the edge of a sturdy oak branch, dark black eyes drawn to a female figure wandering down the path, down through the forest. James rose an eyebrow, lazily twirling his two .44 Deagles around his fingers before sighing and sheathing them in their holsters, on his hips. "Hey, woman." He called out from between his cigarette, dropping down to the ground and walking out into the open. He wore a dark leather jacket - weathered and worn, but durable enough, with a dark gray tanktop underneath. He also wore torn jeans tucked into combat boots.

    "There's a few bandits up the trail here, hiding at the entrance to the city." His voice was apathetic as he spoke - his dark eyes calculating as he looked her up and down before turning towards the path. "If you want to go, I won't stop you." He took a step back and breathed a ring of smoke into the sky.
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  12. Kavina whipped her head around and cringed lightly as the smell of smoke wafted in the air. "What?" The young woman turned her head to face the shady male. "I'm not going to the city, I'm just trying to get by- Hey, what are you even doing here? Are you going to rob me?" She gripped onto the straps of her backpack. Finding a gun out of mere coincidence was rare, so sadly she only had a pocket knife on her.
    Death was imminent at this moment, but at least she would die trying to escape. Slowly, she began to back up, taking one slow step at a time. "I'll just uh, you know, get out of your way and probably not go to the city."
  13. James shook his head, an amused quirk on the edge of his lips as he watched the girl back away. "Don't say I didn't warn you." He said dismissively, turning away and preparing to get back into his tree. However, the sound of crunching leaves - not coming from the woman made him pause. A second later, the sound of gruff voices, and James narrowed his eyes. "Shit. Here!" He whispered harshly, turning back to the woman and slinging something from his pack. At the same time, he unholstered both of his Desert Eagles and pointing them both forward, just as the first bandit's head poked out of the bush.


    A spurt of crimson blood and brain matter sprayed into the air, as a large, obese body fell out of the bushes with a gaping hole in his forehead. James coolly twisted on his heel, using his non-smoking Deagle to pistol whip another bandit in the jaw, the sharp black pistol tearing open the man's entire jaw and turning the bone into powder.

    Five bandits, their ambush ruined, charged from the surrounding forest, holding things from machetes, to makeshift spears, and one even had a sawed-off shotgun. James narrowed his eyes and leveled both of his powerful pistols at two men that was running towards him - one even had the shotgun. Two bangs ranged out loudly, and the two each fell with twin holes in their forehead, their brain liquified from the .44 bullets. James smoothly turned on his heel and, without even looking, placed Ivory - his silver Desert Eagle - against the head of a bandit with the spear. Another bang rang out, and blood splattered onto the man's leather jacket. All of this death happened in four seconds.

    Two more bandits were left, and they headed straight for the girl, seeing her as a weaker target.
  14. Riv made his way toward the church listening to the voices, one belonged to a female and the other a young boy, he figured they were safe where they were and intended not to bug them as three shots rang out quickly from outside the city, he jerked his head toward the sound, it was seemingly far off but he knew the echo was being faded by all the broken houses and buildings, pulling his hood quickly up over his head he took off in the direction of the shots.
    As he neared where he thought they had come from he slung his AWM down from his shoulder and checked to make sure it was loaded
  15. Kavina let out a shriek as she squatted down and covered her head. She had heard gunshots and grunting causing a shiver to run down her spine. No... Don't let it get to you... Kavina you've been surviving for so long, seeing blood or a corpse won't make you hurl. She uncovered her face and sifted through the ground, picking up the .44 Magnum the man had tossed to her. While to two men approached her, she raised it up towards them and hesitated, her hand visibly shaking. Soon however, she did the job and shot both of them. The recoil of the gun practically snapped her wrist back.

    When everything grew silent she heard the footsteps of another, and on impulse she pointed it in the direction where the sound had seemingly come from. "Gah, what am I getting myself into..."
  16. James narrowed his eyes as a hooded man, a bit shorter than him, walked out into the forested clearing. The man was Asian in appearance - a farcry from James' own Italian and Caucasian heritage. "Is there a problem?" He asked neutrally, lowering his Deagles, but keeping his fingers on the triggers. A drop of blood dripped from his jacket, hitting a puddle of water with an audible 'pop'.
  17. Riv arched an eyebrow tossing back his hood before resting his rifle casually across his shoulders, he'd watched the girl shoot the two men seemingly attacking her and took it for self defense, he rested his arms across his L115A3 AWM before settling his eyes on the man "You tell me" Riv's gun was useless at this range as was his knife, if the man wasn't holding two pistols it would be another story, if the man was gonna waste his bullets on Rivara he didn't mind, he wasn't afraid of the death that would seek everyone out in the end, it didn't make him pessimist, just a realist.
  18. Kavina lowered her gun and simply grunted as she watched their little standoff, which was rather amusing, however if they were intending on doing that it would probably take all day. "You know, thanks for the help with the bandits, I think I'm just gonna... Y'know... Leave." The girl rose to her feet and pointed the opposite direction before disappearing beyond the treeline. She had no intentions on sticking around, especially since they were having such a nice soiree.
    One hand was wrapped around the strap of her backpack, while the other tightly gripped her newly acquired gun. She enjoyed the feel of having a real weapon on her, so her new gun probably wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.
  19. The young boy heard the gun shots in the distance. Completely ignoring the girl in front of him he ran out the church door, grabbing his stuff as he did. It was an instant reaction for the boy, whenever he heard gun shots he would walk to them, stupid i know. But he knew that there might be some good things to take from the dead bodies.

    As he left the church he noticed another person walking in the direction of the shots. He quickly darted behind a car, he calmed himself, he hadn't been seen yet. Josh carefully listen to the background noise " two people are alive" he whispered to himself. Including the person walking towards the shots and Kira in the church that made a total of four people. Josh clutched his machete as he decided what he would do next
  20. Clary Shae, 21


    Hearing the sound of gunfire, Clary pulled the Rocinante off the road and tucked it between a couple houses. She popped the velomobile canopy--waterproofed canvas stretched over bamboo slats bent in tension to produce an elongated teardrop shape with fins at the back to complete the zeppelin look--and climbed out. That stylistic choice was marred a bit by the fact that it now towed a bike vardo, a four-wheeled bike trailer similarly roofed with canvas and bamboo, but with more resemblance to a miniature Conestoga wagon. She snapped her fingers, then held out her left hand, palm toward the ground. Bjorn and Journey, her two sleek Belgian Malinois, both sat beside the Rocinante to wait.

    Pressing herself to the wall of a house, she drew a pair of fold-out binoculars from a leather pouch on her belt, and used them to peer around the corner. Up ahead, she saw a young woman shriek and duck. A man tossed something near her while blazing away at a group of attackers. Whatever brand of heat he was packing was loud, with big muzzle flashes. Two of them got by him, and were coming at the female. She scooped up the object, then pointed it at them; apparently, a firearm. That was confirmed seconds later when the woman fired.

    Huh, Clary thought, as the woman, apparently without a word of thanks for the man who had saved her life and provided her with a rather valuable resource, got up and walked off into the forest. She turned her binoculars back to the man, who was by now confronting another man, this one in OD-green pants with what looked like a military rifle propped over his shoulder. Macho posturing probably, but it didn't look like either one was in a big hurry to start killing. Well then. Folk worth meeting, she thought.

    She folded and stowed her binocs and unsnapped the shoulder holster for her .357 magnum hogleg so she could draw quickly if necessary, went to her vardo, lifted her Cold Steel Italian Longsword and baldric from the hooks that held it to the left side, then slung it over her shoulder. It would be a bit awkward riding with it the rest of the way, but one advantage (if you wanted to call it that) to being a girl in these times was that the wrong sort of men often wanted to take you alive. Which meant, they might be more inclined to close in to attack from melee range instead of shooting from a distance. Which meant, in turn, that Clary might have the option of defending herself with her blade instead of her pistols. Nobody was makin' bullets anymore.

    Clary pulled a white flag out of a pocket of her coat pocket and attached it to the top of the bike's flagpole. Back in the day, before the Big Death, she kept the flagpole festooned with brightly-colored Tibetan prayer flags to draw drivers' attention to her presence. There weren't many drivers anymore these days, and it wasn't such a bright idea to draw attention to oneself. A flag of truce though? That might prove useful, or so she hoped. She loosened her sword in its scabbard, then clambered back into the seat of her recumbent tadpole trike, adjusting the sword and scabbard so she could close the canopy and pedal. She pulled the canopy down, poking her head through an opening rimmed in leather, modeled after the look of World War I fighter cockpits. Then, she poked a hand up through, snapped her fingers, and twirled an upward-pointing index finger. Follow.

    Clary used a bit of electric boost to get the Rocinante moving, then pedaled to sustain momentum. Bjorn and Journey trotted to her right and left, dogs' tireless, casual jog. Their feet were enclosed in leather boots she'd made, to save their foot-pads from being worn down by the pavement.

    "Howdy," she called out when the men noticed her presence, braking to a stop. She popped the canopy again, ducked under it and rose to her feet. "I don't mean nobody any harm. Mind if I come up and talk?"
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