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Poevettea Domovoi
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Did this count as losing? No, not exactly. It just wasn't playing to her own preference.

It was not Poe's intent to slump down in her seat after Sergeant Sumford's declared their path come dawn, but she had nonetheless. With a stray hand wandering to her hair to knot a strand around her finger in absent contemplation, Poe came to the conclusion this was nothing to be upset about, and even if she had, it wouldn't have mattered.

She released a vocal breath and pushed herself from her seat in a single action, her brain shifting from how best to approach a potential hot zone, to making friends with her new team. Her continence shifted from one of cold duty, with sprinkles of bitchy-ness, to almost aloof joy, and she fold her arms in front of her before observing the others that were beating her to the punch in terms of getting to know one another.

The quaint nurse, who had been the last person she had expected to agree with brute force, had started making friends with the assumedly older southern man -- was it Jed? Yes, she was almost certain his name had been Jed.

Then she noticed the girl who had been scrawling notes like a mad woman. In absent curiosity, Poe took a few sauntering steps until she was positioned to look over the younger woman's shoulder without obviously snooping, only to discover that she had no way of discerning whatever language the girl was taking notes in.

It was then that she stood, spoke and introduced herself and made her revelation. A former savage? There was a brief moment were she thought this Esme might've taken some resentment at her quick draw to burning through the savage village.

No. She was here, and it seems, she knew they were murderous monsters to anyone not with them.

"Nice to meet ya', darlin'. Povettea, but you can call me Poa."

Povettea hadn't known that Esme had been a savage, but she had gathered her name before the meeting, after all they had the same job.

"You're Containment too aren't ya'? I'm sure someone with a background like that is quite talented at quartering infected."

The woman who spoke now seemed like a different voice than the one who had opted for immediate violence during the previous briefing; a full Texan draw was now in action, and her tone betrayed none of the prior teased violence, but instead, a light hearted kindness.
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Jade glanced, seeing back to the refreshments more food or a refill of beverage did cross her mind, however, she didn’t pay much thought when she heard Peaches begin to share her own decision on the matter at hand . Then nodding upon hearing the tie breaker decision. ‘Alright go around it is.’ Looking around Jade wondered exactly what everyone truly felt about the final say on the plans. Then before she had anything to say someone else began to speak up. ‘Esme was her name, got it. I think I have it anyways.’ Immediately upon hearing a brief bit about Esme and her Savage tribal past Jade’s eyes lit up a moment. “Nice to meet ya!” Jade commented enthusiastically.

Suddenly many questions filled her mind she would certainly need to ask. Perhaps she could ask if Esme knew anything about tech and share a little about her side project. For Jade has become a bit stumped: a new perspective from someone with a very unfamiliar background might help, for she wondered a bit about how the Savages created some of their own contraptions with the obvious limit on supplies to find around now days. Jade hadn’t realized how much day dreaming she had quickly began until checking back in a while late of the conversations. ‘What was it they told me back in the army and Peaches reinstated? Hmm oh right mission first. Anything for the reappears must be the primary focus; side projects are on my own time and can not risk others safety.’ Jade seemed to fidget within her seat a moment. Maybe she should stretch that might help her refocus. “Well Esme I try not to judge too hard about the past. It’s the person you have become that sets a first impression.” Jade added finally after she knew she wasn't interrupting anyone else she hoped her words set Esme a bit at ease.

Jade didn’t plan to just head out but she began to realize it would be wise to make a point to double check she had all they could need to keep transportation up and running along with taking a chance to familiarize herself a bit more before they set off. She was a noob after all even if she wasn’t new to working with the technology Reapers had on hand.
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