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  1. The only reason for this thread, is to let out your inner freak and not be insulted in the progress!


    Yup!!!! We got rules.

    Basically, do not get Extremely Detailed in Gore, and the 'Sexy-Time,' but things like "Struttin' your stuff, jumping over dead panda's"/"I used to be a adventurer like you... Then I took an arrow to the ____" Yup, Skyrim reference bitches! is allowed.

    And please, for the mother of Vay's third cousin who is actually the lost brother of Diana's Third grade friend Phillip,

  2. I had a random urge to post in this thread. Does that count? :v
  3. Yup! That's the point. In the event you snort butterfly dust suddenly go berserk and start killing, the napkins are located by the door.
  4. I have an urge to play video games and can't fulfill this said urge.
    ~goes crazy~
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  5. I've recently had on obsession with ferrets... And this has been accompanied with the urge to go on a Domination spree with an army composed of ferrets! Nyahaha!
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  6. I want a day off.I haven't had a day off sin January and 7 days a week is starting to make me pissy.

    I hav an urge to taken a day off.
  7. I approve.
    I shall be a General in your army!


    I have an urge to use a Benedict Cumberbatch character.
    Like. Now.
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  8. I have the random urge to go shopping. It's warming up really fast and I don't have enough summer clothing to keep me comfortable. x__x I get heat flashes and shit, this town will slowly bake me to a crisp. Which brings me to another urge:

    The urge to move somewhere that's cold most of the time.
  9. I have an urge to hit on an old christian lady just to see what happens.

    Ps. Im not into old christian ladies. Although some old people are fucking adorable <3 But old ladies have this gayness about them if you said they have nice lips or something they'd make a joke about it. Most of the time I think. Unlike christian ladies in their thirties or who have a higher possibility of throwing holy water on me and making me melt
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  10. I've also had the urge for some time to go to an anime convention as Beatrice from Umineko. I did Haruhi from tMoHS a few years back and I'm all set to go as Snake to one that's coming up in a few months. People in my battalion mistook me for a Sailor Moon character when I went as Len Kagamine for Halloween two years ago, but now I'm getting off topic.
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  11. I have the urge to marinate you in sugar and ginger.
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  12. I once had the urge to go to a Anime Con as Nymph from Heaven's Lost property, cause' I'm short like that. (Completely forgot how to say the original name)
    But! I was not comfortable wearing the outfit, so I went as Pres instead.
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  13. I have the urge to see what human tastes like. >_>
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  14. I have the urge to smash my keyboard.
  15. I have an urge to try out the weirdest food combination I can find.
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  16. Last Monday, I had this urge to throw a small piece of bread from my sandwich at the local stray cats near my school and watch if they would eat it. They didn't. To this day, I'm still throwing them bread everyday and see if one of them will eat it eventually. So far, no progress.
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  17. I have the randomest urge to just go walking and not come back. I don't know where I'd go or what I'd do, but I just want to grab my backpack, throw the stuff I'll need in it, and take off on an adventure. I fucking love adventures.

    Smear it with mayo, have a tuna salad sandwich, or something else to attract them to it with a strong scent and lots of salt. Feral cats won't recognize thrown objects as food visually; you'll need them to smell it. ^^
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  18. I have the urge to run into my neighbor's yard while they are outside, take a dump in front of them while making eye-contact and barking like a dog.
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  19. I have the urge to cover a bunch of pigs in oil. Label them 1,2,4. And then watch the search for three.
  20. I can make several breakfast foods and grilled cheese and not totally fuck up. I feel proud.

    That's better. Thank you. *tips hat and walks into the horizon, colliding with it like a backdrop of a movie set* Ow. <_< *points at the general direction of everyone* YOU DIDN'T SEE SHIT! *turns and runs, again into the false horizon, falling over*
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