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  1. Hello everyone!!
    Normally I would sit down and write out a long post about what I am looking for in a partner, elaborate plot ideas, and what I don't like in roleplays. However, right now I just want to send out a basic search request with a few bullet points and then we can work everything else out together!!

    RP Partner points
    1. I want someone that is willing to create the story with me. I want it to be a joint effort.
    2. Be somewhat regular with posts. I understand if life gets hectic (mine gets crazy quite often). If you can't post for a while, just let me know. If we ever need to pause the story to pick up later, just let me know.
    3. Respect my boundaries and I will respect yours.
    4. Please be willing to double. It's not always required but I like to have partners that are willing, just in case the conversation goes that way.
    5. Literacy is a big plus in my books! It doesn't have to be perfect but good grammar keeps me interested. My usual post is 2-3 paragraphs.

    Now, as for the stories that I like, there's quite a list of them but I can't think of everything right now. I'll just make a quick list that will be updated fairly regularly.

    * = how much I'm craving it
    If a plot/pairing is in this color, it means I will be your best friend if you'll rp this with me!!!!

    Lord of the Rings **(Searching for an Eomer)
    The Hobbit **** (Would love to find a Kili)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Fairy Tail **** (Craving a Gajeel for my Levy~)
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Marvel Universe
    DC Universe
    Harry Potter - Next Generation ****
    Historical Setting
    Fantasy Setting (like Stardust or Narnia)
    Modern Fairytales or Fairytales with a twist to them
    Modern Setting with some magic

    Tourist x Local **
    Tourist x Tourist
    Celebrity x Cast member/Stunt crew *
    Bad boy x Good girl
    Man x Mermaid/Woman x Merman
    Reunited First Loves **
    Gypsy x Nobleman/Noblewoman ***
    Cosplayers at a Con **
    Pirate x Captive
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Geisha x Client / Samurai / Lord
    Japanese Court Lady x English Nobility **
    Waitress at a Cosplay Cafe x Client
    Vampire x Reincarnated human lover *
    Werewolf x Human
    Tattoo artist x Client / Co-worker
    Pet Shelter worker x Customer

    Story One
    A young woman has been assigned as the nanny for a famous actor/singer/director. She moves in with the family and gets to know the family, becoming like a big sister to the children. While working with the family, she meets one of her employer's famous friends (who just so happens to be a famous singer/actor). They get to know each other and a romance begins to blossom.

    Story Two **
    An actor has been cast in a new historical film. For the role, he must learn some ballroom dancing. His manager has set up private lessons with a local professional. As their lessons continue, a bond begins to form and from there, romance develops. (I am wanting to play the female part in this story)

    Story Three
    A princess has been captured by a terrifying dragon and taken away to a castle in the far mountains. This story is kinda basic right now but it's like Beauty and the Beast but with a dragon shapeshifter instead.

    If there's anything that you have an idea for but is not on this list, just shoot me a message and we can see what can be done! I'm willing to work with my partners to find something that we'll both enjoy!

    I hope to hear from you all soon!
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  2. I would love to do something with you for the Marvel Universe, if you're still looking?
  3. Sure. Send me a PM and we can work something out!
  4. I'm interested in the Harry Potter: Next Gen one if you're still looking. I seem to be doing a lot of them lately, but I can't help it--I gravitate towards them. :-)
  5. Sure! Send me a message and we can work out details!
  6. Hi I am interested in either doing Ouran host club idea or the vampire x reincarnated human lover with you.
    Let me know.
  7. Always looking
  8. Hey I'd like to do the cosplayers at a con.
  9. Awesome! Message me and we can start on details.
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