Pitch's return!

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  1. The sky was filled with black sand, the man in moon was nowhere to be seen this night either. The guardians whom had been fighting Pitch had just barely made it back alive. Tooth had taken the biggest blow, one of her wings was badly hurt and she was unconscious.

    Jack looked over at the sickbed in North's workshop. The sickbay was rarely used and often only when a yeti or a elf had gotten hurt during work. Jack walked forward to the tooth fairy that laid in the bed, a yeti were bandaging her wing and some other wounds on her body. "I wish I could have done something." Jack whispered, disappointed with himself not being able to protect the other guardians when they had needed him.

    "It is not your fault." North said with a heavy Russian accent. "No one could do anything. We need help." He continued. Bunny had just walked in to hear what North said. "What do ya mean mate? Are we picking a new guardian? Only the man in the moon can do that." Bunnymund commented, looking very skeptical at North.

    "Then we're screwed. Pitch won't let the black sand go away during the nights and we can't stop him long enough to get the sand away for us to talk to the man in the moon." Jack said and looked down on the floor.

    "No, no. We dont need new guardian, we only need assistance." North said and smiled.
    "What'ya mean mate?" Bunny asked North and even Jack looked questioning at him.
    "We search after other creatures to help defeat Pitch. Mother nature, the leprechaun, and everyone we find." North explained and Bunny smiled. "We search different part of world and then come back with everyone we find that is willing to help." North finished.

    And so they separated to get out to different parts of the world. They fast found Sandy to tell him about their idea and even though he couldn't talk he still would be able to get the message threw.

    Everyone was a bit skeptical towards to let their newest member go alone, everyone of them would have a hard time if Pitch attacked them while alone but Jack was probably the one that would be most vulnerable among them. But that wasn't anything they took up in front of Jack since he wouldn't agree even though he knew it was true.

    Jack hadn't met that many of the creatures that existed around the world, he were a winter spirit after all. Many spirits either worked during the wrong season or tried to avoid snow. But except for the four of his friends he had met a few others during his 300 years as a spirit. Though he hadn't really talked to them, or they hadn't talked to him.

    After some flying he came to a clearing in the middle of a forest, he could definitely sense the presence of some kind of spirit. "Hello." He shouted. "Someone there. I need to talk to you."

    The other guardians had been around much longer than him, so everyone knew about them. If they asked for help everyone would at least listen. But for Jack who just became a guardian a year earlier, and that still didn't have many believers nor was known for other spirits, maybe wouldn't be listened to.
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    Elaine was resting in the sunlight, absorbing the energy and becoming invisible, dispersing in the rays. She breathed in and out. It felt great to be able to feel the power. It was also rare these days. Elaine could feel that something was wrong. Sun and moon came out less and less and she, herself, felt weaker and weaker the longer she wasn't able to absorb the light that was her power. Her 'brother', the guardian of dark Itzal, had it easier. Those darkening days made him stronger and sometimes he would make her feel it. He would surround her with the shadows making it hard for her to breath, making her shake. Itzal wasn't evil, he was a kid when he became a guardian and he was still childish even after hundreds of year that he was given the responsibility of guarding the dark. Right now, he was far away, at least that could Elaine say.

    Though suddenly, her peace was disturbed by some other presence. It came from high above. It was another guardian but his spirit felt differently. Cold with hints of joy. She never felt that before but instead of fear of the intrusion, Elaine was curious. She stayed in the sun rays as not to be visible and watched a man descending from the sky. His hair was shiny white and chilly wind was accompanying him. It got to here even through her warm center. Were the two of them opposites? Not really. Elaine's center was warm and bringing relaxation, feeling of safety. He called out. Probably he sensed her.

    "Who are you and why did you come?" Elaine asked still not escaping from her hiding place. Her voice sounded from every place where there was light. It wasn't magnificent but soft, melodic and brought the feeling as if your hair was just stroked by your mother. Cocking her head to one side, Elaine tried to guess who the man was and what his intentions were. He didn't look dangerous but then, her brother didn't look that way either. The breeze brushed against her skin again and her warm center trembled. It was an unusual feeling for her so she didn't know how to explain it to herself. It was one more reason not to step out from the sun rays. This feeling might as well be a weakness if the man was here to harm her and they would get into a fight.
  3. Jack heard a voice, it was soft and melodic. It almost felt like when Pitch had been talking to them the first time Jack had met him. He had spoken from the shadows and it was impossible to know from where the voice came. But this voice wasn't dark, it was much lighter. It didn't feel like the spirit wanted him any harm. He first looked around but stopped when he realized that the spirit wouldn't come forth before she knew that he wouldn't do her anything.

    "I'm Jack Frost, one of the five guardians of childhood." He explained. Even though their main goal was to protect the children, now they had to protect the whole earth and humanity from Pitch. "We need help, Pitch black, the nightmare king has become too strong for us to take care of on our own. So we need help from as many powers as we can. Many children has already stopped believing in us, and if we die then there is nothing that stops Pitch. He will not only take over the children any longer. Now he's after every human on earth." Jack explained.

    "If he gets to that point, then soon all spirits that doesn't follow him will die." That was the last thing he said before being silent and waiting for the reply. They had been lucky that they got to know about Pitch plan, one of the baby tooth's had been able to sneak into Pitch lair and hear his plan, then Tooth had been able to translate what baby tooth had said. After wards she had gotten angry though since baby tooth had done something so dangerous without telling anyone about it.
  4. Jack Frost? Elaine thought and the name rang the able, along with other memory that was connected to this name. She repeated the name in her mind once before turning her full attention to Jack's reasons why he came. It made sense. Pitch was the reason why her powers were weakening. He was the reason why there was not enough sunlight and almost no moon at night. She sighed and it joined the sound of rustling leaves around the meadow. She heard about the Guardians of Childhood. They were chosen by the man in the moon and Elaine always wanted to be chosen by him. After all, she was absorbing his essence for so long, it almost felt as if she had some kind of bond with the moon itself. But no one ever came for her. No one until now.

    At that point where she was standing the light became a bit stronger and from within there, Elaine formed. Her shining gold hair at the top and fire-like color at the tips represented all the colors of light. From moonlight, over to sun and ending with coals. Her eyes had the color of amber and she looked straight at Jack. As she stepped closer to him and left her save spot in the light, the cold wind tagged on her cream colored robe that looked as light as the wind itself. Her body was slender with woman's curves but it was somehow obvious that she had a warm, almost glowing energy within herself.

    "My name is Elaine and I am the guardian of Light," she introduced herself. "Pitch has been taking most of my power lately and I am afraid..." It was a harsh conclusion but the strengthening of her brother was not more clear. "I am afraid of my brother Itzal, the guardian of Dark. He has been growing incredibly strong lately. For his sake and the sake of the humans, I will join you Jack Frost," she said and made another step closer. Elaine nearly shivered but refrained herself from doing so.

    "Are there any other guardians? Where are they?" She wanted to know. It was somehow hard to believe, it would be just Jack facing Pitch. Would she get the chance to meet other Guardians of Childhood or maybe other guardians from around the world? It was somehow exciting but the reason for the congregation was dark, scary almost. Darkness scared Elaine, it made her weaker, vulnerable but the matter and the fact that Jack Frost came for her, gave her no other chance but to face her fear and serve her purpose. She had to protect the light against the dark.
  5. Jack waited until a woman spirit of light came forward. He had never seen another woman spirit than Tooth before, most of them he had met was males. He wasn't sure what that mattered, but he suddenly felt some degrees warmer as the spirit appeared before him. Maybe it was because of the warm weather, he wasn't used to being in places without that much snow or no snow at all.

    Afraid, that was a word that shouldn't be used about Pitch since he feed from fear. Even if she weren't human it wasn't impossible for Pitch to use that fear against the guardians. Jack froze most of the ground around himself to keep his temperature as low as possible, since he were on ground that had higher temperature than he was used to. But he tried to restrain himself from letting the frost go too far in case the new spirit didn't like the cold. He hadn't noticed it before but he had started to think much more about other peoples feeling towards him lately. Before he had just been having fun but after meeting the guardians he had started to take much more responsibility. Though one part of him stayed playful and he often became a bit lazy with his guardian work if nothing important happened.

    "The other guardians are searching in different parts of the world to find other spirits to help us. It probably were a bad idea to split up, but we don't have enough time to search for spirits if we would try to do it together. The sandman, Santa Claus and the easterbunny are also out searching. But the toothfaery became hurt after our attack against Pitch and are resting." He explained, not using the other spirits names since he didn't know if other spirits knew them by the names he knew them by. "We should probably get back to the North pole and see if the others have gotten back."
  6. Elaine nodded. She has heard about the Tooth Fairy but she has never met her. "If you think so, Jack. You will need to lead the way though, I have never been to the North Pole," Elaine said without any shame. Other guardians didn't usually go to North Pole so there wasn't shame in that anyway. She was wondering how it is going to look there. Was there enough light? In fact, any type of light would help Elaine to gain power and keep herself warm. Even a candle was enough.

    As she was getting ready for the flight, the light around Elaine intensified but not much. She would fly next to Jack or a little bit behind so that it would be easier for her to follow him. It would also be easier for her to hide her face as she would be thinking intensively about whether the connection she made could be true or not. Did she really see Jack's sister during her last minutes? Was that girl, who gave her the message, related to this Jack Frost who was a guardian? It was a pity that Elaine couldn't access the memories. There was a different guardian for that even though, she has never met him. Whatever her theories were, she wouldn't dare asking Jack out of blue. It might create uneasy atmosphere and in these times, everything had to be in harmony for the guardians to be able to defeat Pitch.
  7. "This way then." Jack said as he lifted from the ground with the winds help. The wind, the only one he had been able to call friend for three-hundred years. Before that the only spirits he met had been too busy to talk with him or just didn't like him. He even got Bunny mad at him because of an incident on Easter 1968. It wasn't like he had met the Easter bunny before that and he didn't really keep track at the days at that point in his life, so he could not possibly know that he had made a blizzard on Easter day. Though it was kind of fun to find Bunnymund after that and quarrel with him.

    Also he hadn't been able to meet that many spirits since he had to move with the snow, he wouldn't take damage of being in a hot place, but it was very uncomfortable for him to be in a warm place. Even though he was Jack frost, the spirit of winter, he still couldn't control the temperature. If the temperature rose above zero degrees then he would be able to make snow or frost.

    They didn't fly far before he heard a familiar sound. He turned around in mid air and saw Norths sled come towards them.
    "See the sled? Jump in it when it comes close enough." Jack said to Elaine. "Its getting us to Norths place faster." He then said to convince her if she felt like not traveling in a sled. He remembered how Bunnymund had been with the sled the first time, it was so funny he couldn't help but tease bunny by throwing himself out of the sled as if he were falling.

    As Norths sled swooshed by them Jack had taken Elaines hand and made sure both of them got into the sled. Mostly since North was traveling so fast it was hard to get into the sled if you weren't used to getting into it in mid air.

    "Hey Jack, I was searching for you. We found many friends that will help. See you have too. Good work boy." North said while taking up a small ball of glass and threw it in front of them, opening a portal to the North pole.

    They went through the portal and landed just outside Norths workshop. "Here we are, the North pole." Jack said.