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Pitching in a new type of collaborative storytelling

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sister, Sep 23, 2016.

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  1. Good afternoon Iwaku, and welcome to my first pitch to this community!

    This idea came to me quite suddenly a few minutes ago, and as such is still quite rough; please bear with me if I sound vague at times! I know that most people would not like this craving of mine, but on the off-chance that I get a few brave souls to try it out, I will outline a new (old?) way to rp!

    This experiment will start with a set setting with a sole character; the Protagonist. This protagonist will be utterly devoid of features at first; the goal of this adventure is not only to create a storyline collectively, but to also shape multiples characters as well as possible as a small group as well! As such, as the rp progresses, more and more characters will be created, some kept in the background and others becoming as vital as the Protagonist themselves for the story.

    'So what,' you may ask, 'it's just about sharing characters?': The answer is no, the whole process will be a tiniest bit more complicated than that. In short, while each writer will have complete control over the characters, the next scene itself will be outlined by the previous poster in the form of a small tab at the end of their post, providing a challenge to take and (hopefully) a chance to use the OOC thread for assistance and planning between the roleplayers of the group. In order to keep the characterisation, plotline and posting cycle relatively tidy, each such groups would be comprised of four to six roleplayers.

    So, would anyone be interested in such a method?
  2. This is almost improv. The values improv teaches are what would be needed to do this well, but a random collection of online RPG people from here are not too likely to understand those values. You might enjoy that as a hobby if you live near somewhere that teaches it.
Thread Status:
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