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  1. Astrid, my character, is part of the rebel group known as Pitch-Black. Its leader is Razor, who sent her into the kingdom's palace with hopes of her coming out as a hero. To become Razor's little monster, Astrid had to take a job as Prince Jacob's guard, which she easily did through her flawless agility and reflexes. After seven months of being at the palace and stalling Razor's plan after learning more about Jake and the own people she worked for, Astrid has finally been caught.


    I'm going to die. I'm done. There's nothing else to think about, no apologies to be made. I'm going to be executed and Razor will be watching the whole thing, grinning like the sick little bastard he is.

    The steel table is cold against my wrists. They're handcuffed to it, the silver metal a stark contrast to my pale skin. The cuffs are attached to tabletop and I growl at them in frustration, knowing that trying to free myself is futile.

    I spent the first hour in this interrogation room trying and all I got from it was bloody wrists.

    My eyes stubbornly avoid the mirror in front of me. I don't want to think about who could be looming behind it because that would involve thinking of Jake and-

    Wow I really screwed up. I should've just told him when I had the chance. I've been at the palace for seven months and even with Razor lurking around, watching us, I could've told him the truth:

    That I was sent to the palace by an infamous rebel group, Pitch-Black, to kill him.

    (Name: Astrid; Age: 19; Sex: F)

    * If interested, feel free to privately message me with a continuation of the roleplay & your character information. Or you could comment here. Don't feel like you have to be or do anything specific, I love confident, spontaneous roleplaying partners!
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  2. The hallway was abandoned, the guards laughing merrily as they drank from their flagons of wine. They laughed about women, about the weakness of the people and how they fled when they approached. It made me sick. Even though i wanted to kill each and every one of them, i held myself in check.
    I proceeded to continue my way down the hall to where i was told she would be. As i approached i could hear the voice of the head interrogator.

    "she's a tough one she is. Let's see...hot irons, flesh rippers, tar, hehehe."
    I growled. She was no good to me dead.
    The light shone on me as i entered the room. My elven face and ears were obvious even though i wore almost all black. My twin short swords shone as they exited the sheaths on my back. My thin body slowly crept behind him and my soft voice whispered his death into his ear.

    Soon as i was done with him, i quickly left. If he was found before i got to her, then we both were in trouble.
  3. "Jake what are you going to do about her?" Came the question. The question pierced like no other. "She betrayed me." I growled; a facade for my hurt.

    "They're going to torture her, you know. With flesh rippers and tar and salt."

    "Shut the f*** up ok, Lanius?" Lanius, the cause of my current headache, was acting as my concience in this case. "Look, you and her shared something special. And who knows who or what might be after her."

    "Fine," I mutter angrily, as I storm off to save my...ex-...guard from the torturers.
  4. I had finally made my way to the dungeon entrance. The door was heavy and slow to open, but i succeeded and began making my way down the spiral staircase. At the bottom, a metal slab upon which a body lay upon it. I leapt the rest of the way down, my footsteps causing a mild echo in the room.

    I approach and notice immediately that her wrists and hands are splattered with dried blood. If she stayed here, she would definitely die. I leaned in close, my voice attempting to stir her awake without startling her, yet loud enough to penetrate the half mask i wore.
    "can you hear me? Are you still alive?"
  5. I jerk awake with a startled gasp, my head flying from its place on the cold table. My muscles tense instinctively and I push him away with my shoulder, the movement not having much of an effect. My handcuffs jingle against the steel and a soft growl leaves me.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" I snap, glaring. My eyes blink quickly, trying to brush the sleep from them.

    My heels grind into the floor in frustration and my jaw clenches as I try to keep a slew of curses in my mouth. The interrogation room is piercingly bright and I glare at the fluorescent lights above me, trying to direct my impatience at something else.
  6. I storm into the interrogation room, just in time to see the interrogator dead on the floor with his throat slit. I pause, looking around shiftily, searching for a shadow where an assassin could be hiding - and then, I realize that someone may have come for Astrid. I worry, as it may be someone with evil intentions or good intentions, as one can never tell. I slowly back away to return for reinforcements, when I realize that Lanius is just a few feet behind me, staring at the interrogator...his brother, I remember with a start. I hiss "Lanius..." and he jerks his head towards me. I motion towards Astrid's cell, implying that he could grieve later. He turns, and swiftly moves into the darkness, as I follow behind, with my poisoned sword drawn and ready.
  7. Her pale body shines brightly on the table. "I was hired to get you out of here. That's all you need to know at this point." I work at the captives chains, eventually succeeding in freeing them. Setting one of my swords near her, i face the door.

    "I assume we should leave rather quickly. The sooner you get moving..the better."
  8. Muttering my thanks, I stand up and rub my bloody wrists, cringing. I quickly roll my shoulders, trying to release the tension in my muscles. My body is stiff from sitting in the uncomfortable chair for countless hours.

    "Listen," I start, swallowing as I eye the guy up in suspicion. "It's really nice and all that you're busting me out of here, but-" I pause and take up the sword he placed on the table, shrugging. "I don't know you so I don't trust you."

    My green eyes pierce his sharply and I gesture towards the door, raising an eyebrow. "Will you do the honors? There's gonna be a ton of guards out there."
  9. I turn and glance at her. "good..that's how it should be." With that, i sprinted up the steps. As i exited the door to the hallway, the corner of my eye caught the glint of a sword. I turned to face my newest enemy.
  10. As we crept towards the stairs that Astrid was being held in, we heard hushed voices. I caught the end of a sentence, "...I don't trust you." As the conversation ended, I motioned to Lanius to hide behind the door, and sneak in an ambush, while I took the other side. As an unfamiliar figure rushed up the stairs and turned towards Lanius. I swung my sword at him. He flipped out of the way, and began to run. As I motioned to Lanius to follow him, I turned into the stairs to see a figure walking hesitantly up the stairs. It was Astrid. My breath was taken away at how beautiful she still was, even with the bloodied wrists and the battered appearance she had. I immediately felt remorse for what I had done to her. I owe everything to Lanius for knocking some common sense into me. I took a deep breath and-
  11. My sword is tightly grasped and I watch the fight with tension rattling in my bones. Adrenaline pumps through me and I raise my sword, preparing to attack Lanius if he comes after me, but then I see Jake.

    My eyes widen and I mutter a curse under my breath as I take a few steps towards him.

    God, I really don't want to talk to him.

    As Lanius dashes after my suspicious ally, I bolt after the two, trying to hurtle past Jake. My muscles are still tight so I'm not as fast as usual. My eyes are fastened straight ahead and I avoid looking at him as a swarm of guilt rises in me. It's bitter and causes my chest to tighten.

    I lied to him for seven months about who I really was- how could he forgive me for that? I don't even know if I forgive myself.
  12. She tries to brush past me, but I widen my stance, blocking the door. "I'm sorry," I begin, " for everything. The suspicion, the lockup, the threat of torture, everything." I pause, letting that sink in. "However, the one thing I will never forget, that I will always keep in my heart, no matter if you reject me, is our bond. We shared something 'Trid. I don't want to ever forget that. What you do is up to you, I just hope that you will come back to me, someday." I back up and run behind Lanius after the half-mask guy, hoping she would never notice the tears streaming down my cheek as I possibly shattered my only chance at a happy, semi-normal life.
  13. I give a short laugh, raising an eyebrow at Jake. "You're sorry? Come on, it's not like this was all bullshit- it's not like what they're saying about me isn't true. I'm a criminal, Jake. I always have been."

    My face and voice are emotionless as I look at him, my heart ramming into my ribcage. My palms are damp with sweat and my right hand threatens to lose its grip on my sword. I'm actually surprised at how I'm handling this, I'm proud of myself for not having a breakdown, but the guilt churning in me only heightens when I see the pain in Jake's eyes.

    As he runs off, following my nameless ally and Lanius, I take up my own run but head down a different hallway, know that there's a shortcut where I can catch up to my new buddy and get Lanius and Jake off of our backs.
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  14. I turned round to see one person chasing me. Where was she? could she have been caught? Staying to fight was useless, especially if the rest of the guard patrol arrived.
    I stopped in the hallway and turned to fight my assailant, except now the other one showed up.
    great..this just has to get worse.
    I glanced over their shoulders for a sign of Astrid...nothing.
    "Give up!"
    I scoffed. As if I would do such a thing! I readied my weapon in case they struck at me.
  15. I pop up out of nowhere, taking down Lanius in one swift tackle. Even though he's much larger than me, I couldn't think about attacking Jake.

    Lanius's weapon goes skidding across the tile floors of the corridor, whose walls are stain-glass windows, and I land a clean punch on his jaw. I've completely forgotten about my own sword, too caught up in the adrenaline of a good fight. My legs are wrapped around his torso and he tries to push me off of him, but I punch him again, this time hitting his nose. Blood spews from him and onto my knuckles. Lanius screams, spitting curses at me throw his blood-covered hands.
  16. I cross inbetween the guy still standing and Astrid, my sword poised to strike should he come close. "we have to go. Get up."
    I watched her land a couple more blows.
    It seemed like she glanced at me, though i couldn't tell.
    "We have to go...now! Leave him!"
  17. I lunge at the masked rouge, drawing my sword in one fluid motion. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Astrid tackle Lanius, and send them flying. I have no time to worry about either as the masked rouge is still in my sights I stab, he dodges, I recover and follow through as he ducks and weaves under my blade. Finally, after what seems like hours, but is only minutes, I manage to scratch him. I smirk. Finally, an upper hand. By this point, the whole castle is aware of the fight, and, as per protocol, the entire building is under lock down. Nothing goes in or out.


    Lanius is finally catching up to the masked swordsman, when, out of no where, Astrid leaps out of a passageway. "Fuck" he cursed. He never should have taught her the secret passages. As he falls to the ground, his sword skitters away. 'Can't attack her,' he thought, 'shes a girl', as his last thought before his nose crunches. He moves his hands towards his face, as though protecting them, but in reality setting up for an attack. Astrid goes for a gut punch, and while her hands move away, his fists strike like a snake at her ears, boxing them in order to disrupt the inner ear, and mess with her already terrible balance.
  18. I yelp as Lanius hits me and I'm suddenly aware of my vulnerability as I press my hands to my pounding ears. I yank off of him and roll away, jumping to my feet. Still, I stumble around, my vision blurring. "Jesus-" I mutter, shaking my head to try and rid myself of the blurring images. The vertigo only worsens.

    Through my hazy vision, I see Lanius get up, nose still bleeding, and come over to me. I'm leaning against one of the windows, but am somewhat prepared for an attack. My fingers tremble and as Lanius tries to punch me, I duck and slide past him on the floor. His fist collides with one of the windows and it shatters. He howls in agony and he turns around to face me with glass shards embedded in his flesh.
  19. Lanius, still in great pain, turns and recoils in horror. She has landed near his poisoned sword. If she grabs it, and is able to cut him, he is doomed. Luckily he is able to walk over to her, who is still laying on the floor. He jumps on top of her with a mighty swing at her temple in an attempt to knock her unconscious. It works. He drags her body over to the side, picks up his sword and moves towards Jake and the rouge when he hears. Astrid croak "Why?" He replies "Because he loves you." and walks away.
  20. That man scratched me with his blade. Not bad for a non-elf. I needed to focus on him, but also try and help her fight off her attacker. She wasn't fully ready to fight. On top of that, i could hear the clanking of armor rushing down the hall towards us.
    That man lunged at me again, and again i dodged, but this time i was able to get close and last a blow to his gut.
    He stumbled backwards, attempting to get his wind back.

    At this point, Lanius had got hold of her and drug her back to the other man. damn..took too long!
    Picking up my other short sword that she dropped, i considered my options as the soldiers approached behind the two men.
    Lanius turned to Jake.
    "What do we do with him?"
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