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  1. Isabella walked to through the town as she did any day so could escape the high thick walls of their mansion. She hated being couped up, but when her husband was not away she had no choice. Her opinion did not matter in her society. She walked through the town and waved to people. The face of people seemed to light up when they saw her unless they had money. Her position in society was backward from the people's attitude towards her. Her turquoise eyes searched the area for someone. She did not know who, yet she felt the need to search for someone to help or something along those lines.
  2. Jin walked threw the crowed of people.Some of them waved to Jin or they even smiled at him but,it didn't matter to him.Jin wasn't the friendly type he couldn't be one anyhow his job kept him from it . Pulling the sack that carried his Twin blades, he walked threw the happy faces of people avoiding eye contact with any of them. Jins hair fell in his eyes making it a bit hard for him to see anywhere he was going.His reason for being in this town was to search and kill a women . He didn't know much about her except that She as able to use her guns very well and is not a joke.His eyes searched for her in the crowed of people struggling threw people at times and could not see her.Jin took a deep breath and kept on searching.
  3. Isabella then saw an elderly lady carrying a few sacks of groceries. She picked up her walk towards the elderly woman. The crowd had grown thick with women getting the needs dinner for the night. She pushed through the crowd whispering, "excuse me. Oh, pardon me," as she went. Then she finally made it over the woman when a man caught her eyes. He was starring down at the ground it seemed and was carrying long sacks almost like sword sacks she had seen before. It was odd to see a man out at this time but she pushed the thought aside and asked the elderly lady to let her help. The woman with much pride rejected the offer but of course Isabella insisted. Rather than turning away someone who had their mindset, the elderly lady handed over a few sacks still carrying one herself. Isabella then started to walk with her and listen to her happily.
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  4. Jins eyes met the red haired women and there as no doubt about it She as how target.He studied the área to many people around he couldn't take her out not out here to many people would see.Without hesitation he decided to fallow her.Jins Skill as beyond great it would take her a while to figure out She had anyone watching her.Pulling how sack to how side In turned to her direction and started to walk moving threw people not stopping forma anything.
  5. Isabella walked with the woman all the back to her house on the edge of town. She wondered if her husband was home by now and wondering where she had been. It did not bother her what she may come home to. She help the elderly into her home and unloaded her groceries with her. "You really didn't have to help me, Madam Adams," she said as if she was having to be careful what she said. Isabella laughed. "I have told you, Ms. Hindridge, call me Isabella. I am your junior and you are my senior nit the other way around. I do not care what society says," she said softly.
  6. Jin Stopped seeing the older women at her side he turned and hid behind a corner listening to every word that was spoken.His eyes gleamed as he seen the women more closely.She didn't seem to be much of a threat She had bright eyes and a kind and gentle personality She didn't look like She even held a bin before much less shoot one like a pro.In was starting to question why someone would want her dead what had She done?pushing the thought a side he placed how mind back on his objective and it as to kill her and that's it.Pulling his sack which held his blades closer to him so he can grab it easier he adjusted how tie and waited forma her to finish up with the older lady.
  7. Isabella said bye and hugged the woman. She walked out of her house and started on her way home. She walked quickly hoping to get home quickly maybe before her husband got home. Just then a cover wagon pulled around and the man driving it brought it to a stop. "Hey! Isabella! You need a ride back to that fancy house of yours?" he asked with a huge friendly smile. She laughed and nodded. She climbed on the front seat with him. "Thanks, Jim. Make sure to tell Maybell I said hi when you get home. How about telling about your day on the way?" she said quietly. He did just that all the way to her house.
  8. Jin had seen this man coming up to how target so he took the freedom and hid under the wagon.he held the wooden planks that held the wagon together.gripping it with all his strength and it did not help with this man yapping away a storm.In notice that his target had many friends more than he expected it made bin wounder more why someone would want her dead.Dirt went in his eyes at times but he had to not grunt por make a sound.He waited forma the wagon to come to a stop
  9. The wagon stopped at her mansion outside of the town. She climb out as a man rushed out to meet her. He looked of much anger and he immediately started yelling. He yelled at her, "Isa! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!? I thought I told you to not leave the house!" Then Isabella smiled at him and waved. "See you. Thanks for the ride," she said to him as he quickly he began to race away. The man snatched Isabella up and drug inside roughly. Her eyes drained of color.
  10. Jin slipped out from under the wagon unseen he hid in a near by bush hiding from them.As the man came out in watched as he yelled at her and dragged her in the house he felt pity for her.JIn waited for it to get dark out as he knew in would provide him more cover . Hours must have went by wen it finally got dark.He studied the area for any openings that would lead to a enter way he also searched forma body guards he would need to handle
  11. Isabella was beaten all night until dinner. Then they sat at the table as he drank a lot of wine and she ate silently. After that she realized it was getting dark as she watched him leave on a horse to town. She knew exactly what he was going to do. She was glad she did not hav to take care of his needs herself. She walked outside as soon as he left and sat on the porch as she watches the sunset in a short nightgown with her knees pulled to her chest and her legs covered in bruises. She waited for dark outside welcoming it with a gun secretly tucked in her stocking.
  12. Jin moved in silence to the side of the mansion His target in sight he held his blades in his hands his grip tight on them he slowed down his breaths so She wouldn't hear him there as no doubt She had her gun on her .His eyes studied her once more then without hesitation he attacked her swinging his blade with all how might he angled it so it would hit her head with one quick swipe.
  13. She had felt someone move in. When you had been in the field she was, you got this kind of six sense. She looked up to a blade coming at her. She reacted in a millisecond. Her gun caught his blade with its barrel. Her face showed a lot of pain as she moved. When the movement stopped, she let out a noise of agony. "Thank you for waiting for him to leave," she said kindly. Then her voice went dark, "who sent you?" Her finger danced on the trigger.
  14. Jin looked at her he had to admit he as impressed that she was able to stop his blow.he pulled up his second blade and held it for protection and stared her in the eyes his green eye was covered by how hair and his other blue eye as barely visible with his messy hair falling in it.He held his blades ready for another attack then he gave her a a slight chuckle "What makes you think i am going to tell you?"he swung his blades again aiming for her stomach
  15. She laughed but stop as she barely dodged but the tip off his blade jumping back. It caught it in her hand slashing it very deep. It was definitely painful she left out a loud grunt. Just then someone from the second story window tossed her another gun matching hers and yelled down, "I am coming Madam. Hold in there." She let go out the blade quickly letting out a cry. Then she caught the gun then caught his other blade with its nose. Her face showed much pain as she pulled a trigger and put a bullet in his leg. "Now, we are even. If you give up now, my butler will not kill you when he gets down here," she said through gritted teeth.
  16. He yelped as the bullet hit his leg falling to his one knee he held his one blade up keeping it pointed at her the warm blood dripping threw his hand "your a smart girl but...tell your butler to hold his place or i will have to kill him too".With all of Jins power he stood up on his injured leg he pulled up his second he as breathing hard but still he held his ground he swung how blade again cutting her shoulder he stumbled a bit but regained his balance
  17. She yelped out in pain not expecting another strike. She stumbled back. "You are a great opponent. Why not switch sides? I need a new partner," she asked not knowing why she had. Something about him made her feel like he was perfect for the position. His hidden gaze was something she wanted.
  18. He stopped looking at her he never expected her to ask him such a question.Yet part of him didn't want to hurt her he couldn't understand why.He knew if he sided with this women he would be able to learn more about her and help her but,if he sided with her he would be hunted down by the head chiefs of how job he would be known as a traitor.He looked at her how sight starting to blur holding him self up was to hard alot of his blood stared to drip out how body Jin taking a deep breath made his mind up."Alright.....just close this hole in my leg" he fell on his knee again how eyes could hardly see his own sword in his hand.
  19. She smiled at his acceptness. With that, she said to the butler as he walked up, "Tate, help me get this man to the old guest room in the basement. Then get Margr-." Tate cut her off lifting the man, "All due respect Madam, you need to go get your wound tended to. I will take the man down there and get Margrit to treat him AFTER you." She shook her head. "Fine fine!"

    Tate took the man down to the basement as Isabella made her way inside to the maid named Margrit. She had a lot of medical training so she quickly took care of her hand and stitched it up. Then she went down to the man and trended to his wound. Isabella changed and got in bed. She kept her guns close to her bed side. She was not a fool when it came to inviting assassins in. It was not the first time she had either.
  20. Jin felt him self Blackout it was only a few moments then he woke in a odd room.He looked and saw that how leg wound was closed and wrapped.Looking around Jin saw that he was in what seemed to have bin a Guest Room.Getting up Jin stumbled but regained his balance.He searched forma a door and gladly found one limping his way over he opened the door and looked around what time is it?where am I? Questions gran threw his head as he continued to look around the huge room

    His patients shortening Jin pulled out his watch to find it cracked in Anger he threw the watch on the floor.Stumbling around he looked at the amazing items She held then it hit him he didn't have how swords nor where Hey next to him in the odd room.
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