Pirogeth's New Project

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Hello everyone, video explains everything.

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And here is the video of which my video speak of.

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Again thank you everyone who volunteers.
Allright, I'll be the first volunteer to post at least... :P

I'll take these two.

Verse 1(2:05)-Working Hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill, payin' anything to roll the dice, Just one more time.

Verse 2(2:20)-Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues, Oh the movie never ends it goes on and on and on and on.

My hours? Well..For the most part I'm free unless something comes up. So yeah, I'd say like night-time like 6-7 PST is when I'm at my best and when I am usually around at.
normally I would run away and say HELL NO!!

buuuut...you have chosen a song that I THROUGHLY ENJOY Piro *nodnod*

TOTALLY COUNT ME IN >D....i'm not picky for lines...just nothing to high pitched haha

I'm generally signed into skype on my down times but for extended convos weekends are your best bet! So fridays after 2 or anytime weekends *nodnod*
I'm so in!

I don't know... I guess the best time to catch me is afternoons and early evenings during the week and Sundays.
Alright a bit of erratta on this one. As some of you may or may not know, a valued member has departed for bigger and better things. So I'm dedicating this entire project to our greatest mentor ever, Asmodeus.
I'm in. =3 I'd like to do the "Long" chorus parts.
I can't participate due to lack of confidence and the fact I don't sing too well to Journey, but I did come to compliment your idea, Piro. If you have a lack of volunteers, I'll man up and fill in.

^_^ Hope you all have fun with this.


But it's such a hard song ~_~ The vocals are so different from what I'm used to ;O

I can't decide on 2 verses xDD
** Edit: I like the ending & the beginning :D
you pick one, haha xD

I should be online & free friday & saturday afternoon/evenings > If I'm not on msn/ facebook me & I'll come online :D

Also, just a question: Are we going to rehearse and stuff? Or we can just record our part & send it to youu?
Well I got audacity over here, so recording and editing will be done on my computer. The whole thing needs to remove noise and what not. Even though I have a lot of work this next week I'll try to get it done. Here's my schedule so make sure if I'm still around that day and your available, to poke me on MSN or here.

((Schedule all Central Time))

Saturday - 4-11pm
Sunday 4-8:30pm
Monday 3:30-11pm
Wednesday 11:30-2pm
Thursday 10-2pm
Friday 10-2pm
Saturday 4-8:30pm

and if it turns out that I'll need to do it during Thanksgiving week as well. ((and the fact that thanksgiving all the schooligans probably have off.)) Here's my schedule for that week.

Sunday 10-2pm & 4-8:30pm
Tuesday 11:30-2pm
Thursday 10-2pm & 4-8:30pm (Don't say aww Pirogeth you miss Thankgiving, I get time and a half during all that :) ))
Friday 4-8:30pm