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  1. Here's one idea I have :9
    Searching someone that can write 2-6 paragraphs (the more the better)
    If you have other ideas then you can throw them at me, I don't promise that I will say yes but there's a possibility of 90 % that I say yes.
    (I can't play with people that write one liners, one paragraph is pretty hard for me too, there is nothing to work with for me when it's so little.)

    -A pirate's story
    It's a time when pirate's are ruling over the seven seas. on the pirate ship Black Diamond a boy has started to work. Soon the captain starts to suspect the boy and as he starts to keep an closer eye on him he notice that the boy actually are a girl. What is her reasons for taking the risk of entering a pirate ship dressed as a boy? What will happen between the captain and the girl?

    *I play the girl
    *It's and adventure rp, they will get attacked by other pirates, sea monsters, maybe they get trapped on islands later, and so on.
    *Can be romance but doesn't have to be, can be mature but doesn't have to be.
  2. I would be interested... but what about if we could take the history a little bit more into the future? let's say space ships, huge uncharted sectors of the vast space with indescriptibe threats and valuable treasures waiting for us to pillage them. Space ships battles, intrigue, lots of action and romance in a crazy galactic adventure.
  3. Sorry I'm not really into space and future themed rps, scifi isn't my strong point.