Pirates, Vampires, and more, oh my.

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  1. On the search for more role play partners. c:
    I'm currently looking for an active partner and mxm pairings.
    If interested in the plots, PM me or comment. (>‿◠)

    Little Red & The Big Bad Wold (open)

    Little Red Ridding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf: Werewolves and lycan have always been seen as a danger, as a threat. In a fear from the past, humans have tried desperately to kill them, their pelts are worth so much gold, their bones and their claws are a vicious weapon that's highly valued. Just about all the parts of the lycan/werewolves is highly valued. Though these beasts are massive and destructive, they don't act viciously without a purpose. These creatures are rather content and live well in small groups. They attack when agitated, when their land is disturbed, etc. The humans won't believe though, they refuse to. A young wo/man has suspicions upon this and goes into the woods when sent to stay with his/her grandmother for the winter like always, along the way this person crosses the territory of a lycan/werewolf. The beasts are highly territorial, causing the beast to act on the stereotype, though something happens...

    Pirates (open)
    A young naval captain is returning from an expedition, they're high class citizens within the land they live, a favorite of the queen to be truthful. The young man is being hunted though, by a very ferocious pirate captain who is quite infamous, a name known over all the seven seas. His want for the naval captain is unknown though... Ransom or just a random desire to cause terror among others.

    Classic Forbidden Romance. (open)

    A prince has fallen for a ruffian trouble making savage that roams around the lands around the kingdom, though the prince is stuck up in his kingdom where he's forced to bare the life of the royal where he has the highest expectations, never getting to live the life he truly wanted. In a way, the two manage a secret relationship - almost like Romeo and Juliet, just less hormonal and childish. The two, though - run off, though the savage gets claimed for kidnap of the royal family - what may happen between the two now?
    {I think what would be good is Demonic entity paired with a more holy entity. c:}

    Des qui dévorer chair (open)

    What do you think of when you hear the word 'vampire'? Do you think of a glistening, handsome, well toned creature hat sucks blood from the living? Or does your mind trail off to the past? Well, the first one is wrong, the second - almost right. Vampires differ in what they devour, some hover over beds and cause anxiety, eating away at your mind and taking all the pleasure of life away. Though, a new breed is unleashed on the world and it's been around since the 1200 th century. They originally came from France, who named them Des qui dévorer chair. Which translate to Those Who devour Flesh. These vampires are immortal, having various weaknesses that bond to their roots, they have an odd appearance. Sometimes, their skin is rough like sand paper or smoother than silk, their hair and eyes, as well as skin comes in abnormal colors as well. Their teeth are that of a shark's. They not only slurp blood from a corpse, but they also devour the flesh straight down to the bone. Affairs between Des qui devorer chair and humans isn't common, nor is it common between their own breed. Seeing as recreation isn't just by creating off spring, but by conversion.

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  2. They all sound really interesting
  3. I've sent a PM. c:
  4. I like the first and last ones the best :3
  5. Awesome, I'll send a PM. c:
  6. I would love to the pirate one, but your signature honestly scares me and I don't know if I could deal with it D:
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