INTEREST CHECK Pirates, Steampunk, Carnival of the Dammed, Anyone?

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  1. Dream Dive Nightmare

    Welcome to Dream Dive, the best escape from every day life. Here you can become anything you wish, do anything you’ve thought impossible—in Dream Dive, you can make your own destiny.

    Dream Dive was originally created to help people escape to the world of their dreams, a place without physics or gravity, a place mankind could do anything they dreamed possible… however, the program suffered a bug and now some divers don’t travel to their dream world but some place entirely different, some other sphere the residents call: Nightmare. The victims that wind up in this alternate reality take the form they thought up before diving; some remain the same as they did in reality, others change how they want to appear. Unfortunately, unlike Dream Dive, there is no escape from Nightmare. Most divers wake up as a slave on a pirate or familiar in a Steampunk city, some wake up as a esteemed alchemists or freaks in a carnival…

    About Nightmare:

    Main Locations in Nightmare –
    Steam City – North. A vast metropolis completely Steampunk.
    The Sea – West. A bayside town much like old Venice, filled with cliff sides, nice beaches and some waterways. This area is plagued by Pirates.
    Carnivale – Center. Carnival of the Dammed, a place that is always night, drizzling with rain and home to the “freaks”.

    Labels –
    Natives - People who were born in Nightmare. None are human.
    Residents - People who appeared in Nightmare and have been living there for some time.
    Newcomers/Rogues - People who are new to Nightmare and haven't found a place to call home.

    Needed Roles –
    Pirate Captain (name your own ship)

    Roles –
    Pirate Crewmates (specify what ship you’re on)
    Pirate’s Slaves
    Circus Freaks – Primarily monsters, ghouls, zombies, vampires, etc.
    Inventors – Scientists, alchemists, scholars, etc.
    Familiars – People with minimal animal features, such as animal ears, tail, wings, horns, etc. They must sign a contract with the person they wish to serve. They also have unique abilities.
    Anything Goes - Whoever, whatever you want!

    Perks: Mixes pirates, steampunk, master/slave and partners (Soul Eater style!)! :3 Anyone wanna play?

    Original, canon and AU characters are welcome! =D
  2. This sounds like an interesting basis for an roleplay. I would definitely be interested in partaking in it once it gets up and going. Question though, assuming that you made a character who was a familiar would you as a result also have to make the character who that familiar is contracted to, or are you expected to find another role player who will serve as the contracted person?
  3. Awesome! Thanks! =D I was thinking it'd be more fun for players to play only one or the other, but if someone had an idea for both characters, they could definitely rp their own familiar and scientist/alchemist. :3 Also, as the game goes on, familiars and scholars without a contract can meet and create one later in the game.
  4. Alright, I will have to remember that assuming I can get these ideas of mine in order. Another question if you don't mind me asking, you mentioned Soul Eater style fighting? What exactly does that mean? Soul Eater style in the sense that everyone has a fighting theme or Soul Eater style in the sense that in some cases people can transform into weapons that might help another person fight?
  5. Sounds good! :3 Oh, I meant in the way that they're usually always together, working, fighting, living, etc. XD But now that you mention it... it does sound kinda confusing... Of course, if the player wanted, their familiar could become a weapon. ;3
  6. Oh no, the concept isn't confusing at all. In fact, it makes a fair amount of sense. Like I have said before this role play sounds rather interesting and now I definitely want to be a part of it, when exactly were you planning to start up the forum or at least let people submit their characters?
  7. Yay! I'd like to start it soon, maybe tomorrow some time. :3 I have the profile form created, so I'll probably post that tonight.
  8. Wonderful, if you could be so kind as to send it to me via PM once you publish it then I will get to work filling it out. I am happy that we will be able to start this role play soon.
  9. *Raises hand shyly* Interested. o-o
  10. Will do Axinite =D I'll send it to ya soon here! And welcome to the thread, Nomad! :3
  11. Just curious, would this be in Fantasy or Jump In?
  12. I'm thinking Fantasy. :3

    And here' s the bio sheet! =D

    (Native, Resident or Newcomer/Rogue?)
    (pirate, freak, alchemist, familiar, etc?)
    (Arrival spot, this is for newcomers/rogues)
  13. Sweet! Oh, if you wouldn't mind sending me a sheet through PM too. :D Or if you're just gonna post it on here then... Nevermind. Haha.
  14. Hehe, yep, just got it posted--I edited my post, so that's why it didn't make an appearance yet, lol! XD
  15. Should I post it here? O-O
  16. I'll launch the OOC thread soon here and you can post your chara bio in there! =D Thanks for waiting!
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