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  1. I really want to roleplay a setting (perhaps an alternate reality in some part of historical England?) in which pirates are incorporated. There will be many genres in compliance with the roleplay, but mostly action and romance. If anyone is up for collaborating with me to help build a roleplay (i.e. help on creating ships, pirate positions, plotting, etc.) revolving around pirates, I'd be more than happy to accept help! :)
  2. would we include real famous pirates like Blackbeard for example?
  3. No, it would be completely original when dealing with characters.
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  4. when you say original do you mean characters we will create?
  5. ok .. so what have you got so far
  6. Not enough to convey inspirational interest. That's why I asked for collaboration.
  7. I'd be down for a good pirate rp. :) As always, you need a good antagonist. A "Barbossa" for your "Jack Sparrow", so to speak. Maybe they're after some sort of specific artifact or something?
  8. I recommend the dreaded Neckbeard Terror of the Barber Shop!

    For real though, I'd be down for some Pirate rp!

    Here is what I say....let's be pirates for hire! We were hired by *insert political figure head here* to hunt down a Pirate ship called *Insert pirate ship name*. Savy?
  9. But your going to miss the whole experience of being a pirate .... a real pirate kills and steals for there money and gold. #ARRRR
  10. Agreed.. although! We could have two ships. Some of us play as the pirates, and some as privateers, as digi suggested. No side is right or wrong per say, we're just enemies with opposing interests.
  11. thats a good idea . so its basically bad pirates and the kings navy and there could be Spaniard navy too. but that would be too much like POC 4 .
  12. Thanks for your suggestions, guys. I'll keep them in mind, perhaps figure out how romance could be implemented into both and maybe somehow merge them together. (:
  13. Ah, a fierce samurai woman joins the crew and seduces all the mens with her sword skilllllsssss......

    Truthfully romance is not my thing so I have noe advice on that point.
  14. If romance is not your thing, I don't know if you'd find much within here, although I do encourage you to continue throwing out ideas, suggestions, etc. There will be action yes, but I planned for there to be an equal balance of romance, as well.
  15. Hmm okay. Well if there is a decent sized group of romancers then it may be easy for me. Or I could play two characters and romance them? In the past I have had some dicey situations come from romance RPs, so I am apprehensive to romance with another player. But for sures I'll throw out more ideas!
  16. You don't have to play a guy/girl who romances others. It's optional. I don't know about the others, but my main reason for doing this roleplay is for some sort of romance between my character and, if possible, the captain or another pirate. There will be action, of course, but like I stated above, an equal balance. (:
  17. I hear yah! :)
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  18. Anyone still interested?
  19. Yup , I'm sure people will join when u make the sighnups
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