Pirates of the West-Indies

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    Avast! The day that they would set sail finally arrived and John couldn’t be any happier. His previous crew had either died or had moved on, but on good terms; for the most part. Running into the British so many times had really done their morale in, but as a captain John did well, as a Quarter Master Illario did great. Nobody could have asked for a better team than John and Illario. They worked well with one another, especially now that they were in a strong relationship with one another. Looking over his ship that sat still in the Havana harbor, he seemed to remember the first time he’d set off from here with a brand new crew. Back then, he hadn’t been with his lover. They’d just been crew members, but their relationship developed quickly. Leaning against the banister, he watched guards eye his ship carefully. Wait…they weren’t watching it; they were searching it. John’s eyes grazed around the ship for the very person he just knew was responsible for the attentions of the guards.

    His eyes rested on a young crew member; they couldn’t be more than sixteen years old. In fact John knew that they were sixteen and had the stubbornness of a mule. Her name was Chris Kidd, though her legal last name was Read. The bastard son of Mary Read (James Kidd), she was orphaned at birth. Her father had been a Spanish man, died fighting next to Mary the day Mary was caught. John himself with Illario had rescued the three year old from British hands. John didn’t think it was fitting to have those who were the reason behind his mother’s death to raise him. John and Illario adopted Chris, who’s name had been Anna but they didn’t like the idea. John wanted more of a neutral name.

    So it was when he saw the apples falling from Chris’s shirt that John knew what their son had been up to to get those guards so riled up. “Chris! What in god’s name do you think you are doing? I wanted a calm departure,” John growled, taking Chris’s arm. Chris yanked herself away, glaring at his father. “Oh come on father, they are just a couple of apples,” she mumbled, not meeting John’s eyes suddenly. John sighed and pushed his face into his hand. “That’s not all you did. I know you too well…there’s blood on your wrist blade,” he said, looking at the guards. Chris shifted but knew he was caught. “Well…he saw me. So I took care of him. I won’t do it again,” Chris promised, but was silenced. “No, you won’t; you’ll be too busy swabbing the decks.” Without even looking at Chris’s gaping mouth John headed for the wheel again. The guards left feeling confused but all in all they didn’t dare come aboard. The Great Phoenix was a infamous ship, known for taking on Man’O’War’s without serious damage. She was a great ship and a beauty, but somewhat of a brute.

    Most of the crew were already aboard, just a few left to arrive…
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  2. The sun glinted off of the files as they fell to the ground. The sound of metal against metal had always made Mary smile, even if she was just cleaning and sharpening her blade. When she had joined the crew, she hadn't dared to tell them of her mother, in case they decided to kill her for it. Her mother had always warned her that she had enemies that she had infuriated and they would not hesitate to take their wrath out on her. But that was the least of her worries. All she cared about for the moment is revenge. Revenge on those who had killed her mother.

    Once the blade was sharpened enough to split a barrel, Mary pushed it back into the sheathe at her belt and recovered the sheathe so that it didn't show. She preferred to keep whatever she could hidden. Keep the element of surprise. But there was one thing she never hid, and that was her gender. Even when going into town, she would wear the dress she had paid for a seams man to create, one that had a place to hold and hide her cutlass.

    Mary tilted her head and listened as the captain yelled at his son. Apples were involved and that was all she could make of the conversation. Chuckling, she stood and stretched, glancing around to see if they were ready to leave yet. May, maybe not. The deck seemed a little empty, so perhaps not everyone had made it yet. She still didn't understand why they hadn't left yet. If they didn't want to show up in a timely manner, then why should they have to wait?
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