Pirates of the Last Frontier

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    Pictured above: Raging Star.

    The year is 8250, Tanasde, 17:00 Universal Standard Time.

    Welcome aboard the Raging Star, zubek! What you’re reading here is the Standard Information Packet (SIP) for all new crew members, and I’ll be guiding you through standard procedure and what you’re going to be doing on board for the rest of your life!

    Hey, don’t worry, zubek. The crew of the Raging Star is family, and once you’ve been marked, your life matters more than a million of those silfres in the empire. Family takes care of family, right?

    Now, let’s begin by filling out this little thing-a-majig for the records:

    Full Name: Full name,
    zubek! Every single one.
    Specialty: Hey, wait… you mean you can do something I can’t? Well, you better write that down!
    Occupation: Cap’n needs to know where to put you. Got a specialty in Engineering? Go ahead, the ship could use a new one, considering what happened with the last…
    Species: Cap’n needs to know this, too. Well, it’s mostly for records we we know what food you eat. No special requests.
    Former Affiliation: You from the Empire, Rift Territories, or some other unnamed place? Cap’n wants to know.
    Personal Effects: You own anything? Crew needs to run it through the scanners, then you can have it back. Promise.

    Slave Records (open)
    If you're a slave being transferred to our custody, have your master fill out this form:
    Serial Number:
    Planet of Origin:
    Former Master:

    Got that all done? Good, now let’s continue.

    You’ll be staying in the crew deck. That deck’s got seven levels listed, and a fel-ton of rooms. Cap’n will assign you one if he thinks you’re worth something to his crew. Each room’s got a cryo-pod, bed, closet-case, and a window. You can access the mess hall through the sixth level, and make sure to bring your own rags! That place gets messy.

    Cap’n keeps ranks, but for now you’re a Raider - a Kakun! The lowest of the low, the errand-boy, the janitor! Okay, not a janitor, but you get my point. Unless you can do something unique, you won’t be ranking up for quite some time, zubek!

    I should move on to your standard-issue armament and equipment. One Pulse-Rifle, Particle pistol, and a hard-light dagger for all your bloody needs. One tracker, intergalactic map, a cloaker, and one hundred credits. Oh, and your Personal Computer (PC), which is this little thing you’re holding.

    You can trade fellow crew members for better weapons, or check in with the weapons guy. He knows his stuff, and if you offer him something shiny, he might give you a better gun.

    Now that you know your rank, where you’re going, and your standard equipment, we can move on to the Mission Plan. Hit the little red button to open up your missions. Cap’n threads open missions through your PC, and it’ll beep each time something new is up. Credits vary. Current mission is ship-wide-- some big-wig in the Empire hired us to go into deep space that’s too dangerous for their silfre-ships, so that’s where we’re going. First stop: Dreidnos!

    Anyway, that’s pretty much it. Head in to the Hub to pick up your suit, and if the Cap’n likes what you offer, he’ll give you a room number. Remember it.

    Later, zubek!

    Personal Computer Access

    The Intergalactic Empire of the Void is a universal government that spans across three galaxies, known as the Trio. It is led by three Emperors, who each rule a different section of space. Beneath them are System Clans, then Planetary Clans, and then however the planet governs itself.

    The Rift Territories are not a cohesive government, but a few thousand different planets and systems with their own governments, alliances, and etc.

    Universal Standard Time (UST) uses a 26 hour clock, with nine days in a week. Due to relativistic time dilation, this disregards any planetary times. Days include (in order): Anasde, Tanasde, Eyusde, Farusde, Kakusde, Nalisde, Wesde, Paliphsde, and Theyusde.

    Current Mission Assignment:

    From: Duke Alrias
    To: Captain Áeshen Ssaralasskee Chaar’am of the Raging Star

    To Raging Star Company--

    Records indicate your ship has traveled into the deep space territories before. I'm reluctant to inform you that the Empire is... lacking in star charts of that area. And, as the area is much too dangerous for our scout-class cruisers, and considering your Company has many close ties to the slavers and pirates of the area... I'm will to pay you a mighty sum of three million credits for you to chart these territories and return with an accurate map.

    War and rebellion is on the horizon, and we need every advantage we can get.

    Yours truly,
    Duke Alrias Nemen.

    Crew of the Raging Star
    Captain - Áeshen Ssaralasskee Chaar’am.
    First Mate - Position open.
    Pilots - Gaznen and Krekum Carthes. (NPC)
    Co-pilots - Positions open.
    Head Engineer - Position open.
    Engineers - Positions open.
    Onboard Medic - Position open.
    Cook - Position open.
    Regular Crew members - Positions open.

    Rules and Greetings!

    Hello! This is a space-adventure style rp that I’ve had in mind for quite a while, and I would love for anyone who shares my love of sci fi to join me. What I’m expecting of members is decent writing and grammar, at least two paragraphs per post, and activity. I will be making a group for this so that we can stick together for future adventures! As the GM, I have every right to turn your down or kick you from the RP, so please try to follow the rules.

    PS. You don't need to be overly fancy with your app. Just the basic info, with decent grammar, spelling, structure, etc. The overall plot of this rp will slowly be revealed as we move through it.
    1. Basic Iwaku rules.
    2. Swearing and sexuality is fine, provided you are of age to participate in this rp.
    3. No OOC drama in the rp threads. Take it to the OOC thread. IC drama is fine.
    4. Keep to the world given to you. You are allowed to expand upon this world, but changing things is not permitted without permission.
    5. Harassment will get you booted.
    6. Have fun.
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