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  1. Here, we have the sign ups and out of character for the thread: Pirates Of The Forever Sky. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/posts/1249945/

    So you want to join the air navvy eh? Here are a few forms to fill.
    Last Name (You will be addressed by this):
    First name (Just for the records):
    Age (18-21 is the recruit ages):
    Position On The Ship (Cabin Mokey, Engine repairs, Ship Defence, Ship Offence):
    Academy Training (Yes Or No):

    Now, go submit your forms and be on your way. NEXT!​

  2. Last Name: Harrison
    First name: Samantha Rowena Eleanor
    Age: 18
    Appearance: See image (drawn by me) She stands 1.68m tall, has a chest size comparable to oranges or grapefruist, a slim waist and rounded hips, all which is amplified thanks to an underbust corset.
    Her hair just about reaches her middle and is golden blonde in color.
    Her eye color is blue, bright blue.
    Her skin normally is quite fair and pale, but it’s tanned in every spot the sun can reach.
    Even though she's on a ship, and she used to have a hatred towards stuffy dresses that restrict her, she has grown to like them, and will wear any type of skirt as long as it gives her a lot of room to roam.
    Other than that she has a small gun strapped to the right vambrace, makes use of smoke bombs, and always has a gun within reach.
    Position On The Ship: Gunner, or musician if the guns don't need tending to.
    Academy Training: (I'd say yes, but what does it enthrall?)
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  3. A fair sailor if ever I've seen one. because you're an academy graduate, that means you have less learning to do, and you're first in line to your post.
  4. Ah okay, having her have some previous training definitely makes some sense to this character. :)
  5. [​IMG]

    Last Name: Saint
    First Name: Dursley
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Stands about 6'3 off the ground, short blonde hair sits upon his head, is fairly built muscles from working on airships and steam boats all day, he keeps in shape by lifting and operating heavy gear.
    Position On The Ship: Ships engineer, works on the engine, guns, escape ships, and tunes up the fighter planes (all on his description for the job.)
    Academy Training: Yes and no. He never went to flight school, but he did go to and graduate from many engineering schools.
  6. I added Sammy's standard weaponry to her appearance as well, it's things she tends to have on hand most of the times anyway, regardless of whether it's needed or not.
  7. (Sorry I dont have a picture for him)
    Last Name: Tetrial
    First name: Jexxal
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 5'9, about 164 pounds of mostly muscle. He maintains a lean build working to provide for his mother and younger brothers. Deep brown eyes slightly sliited from his oriental decent, his skin though has the normal appearance of a tan
    Position On The Ship: He is a cabin monkey, moving cargo, ammo, what ever the ship needs that doesnt require training. The moment he has a chance though, he will do anything to prove his prows in martial combat, whether that being defending the ship from invaders or attacking their enemy.
    Academy Training ( No): He trained his body and his skills as a swordsman every day growing up within a poor slum but he never was allowed within the academy. With a little help from an elder living near his childhood home, he mastered both martial combat and swordsmanship. Being the first born of his family he mandated to join the navy. (Is this right, becuase if not I can change it ^^ )
  8. *pokes to see if there is any life in here*
  9. I wish. The idea of this is really interesting.
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