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  1. Setting (open)

    A large alien spaceship hovers over Earth. The humanity is scared, ready to fire at them at any second. A diplomatic representative gets down from the ship to communicate with the UN. They offer Earth a seat on the Galactic Union, to make humans a part of the most sucessful nations on the galaxy and to let them take and share technology with the other planets that were a part of the Union. The earthling people are suspicious, thinking that it could be a scam to take over their world. After several months deliberating and seeing as the alien still hadn't attacked them, the governments of all the world agreed to join the Galactic Union. Some special islands are given to the variety of aliens as a gift.

    Aliens have started to travel to other places besides the chosen islands, spreading across the planet. Most of the humans don't like them and still think they're up to something. Earth starts to share its technology with the Galactic Union, and also start to have access to the technology shared from other civilization, except weapons, because according to the deal, only a planet with over a hundred years being a part of the Union can have access to galactic level weapons. The governments take a particular interest in a massive machine capable of producing water. They start to make a deal to get all the blueprints and tools to make the machine. At the end of the year, a few interspecies relationships begin to pop around.

    Thirty years after the start of the deal, all the civilizations involved with the making of the "Pure H2O Machine" finally agreed to share every single tool and give all the blueprints to Earth. Scientists from everywhere start to work on the building of the project. Product of the interspecies relationships, several "crossbreeds" spread around. They're targeted by several racial factions. About ten thousand aliens are living on Earth, but the number of "crossbreeds" are reaching the fifty thousand mark.

    The machine has just finished being built. It is ready to produce drinking water enough for everyone on the planet, and will carry it through several "delivery pipes" set in strategic points on Earth. The government covered the machine with an almost indestructible shell, as to hold on against attacks from several extremists factions from Earth. The machine starts. Ten minutes later, it goes out of control, producing an absurd quantity of water. All the possible measures are taken, but due to the strong shell built with alien tech, apparently no earthly weapon is capable of destroying the machine. After a day of activity, the machine has swallowed entire cities by raising the tides. The Earth begs the Union to destroy the machine. They ask for time to deliberate. Impatient, the government launchs a giant missile over the machine, destroying it along with most of its surrounding. But some of the alien material in the machine evaporated, creating a seemingly everlasting rain that just kept the tides going higher and higher. The Union breaks its bonds with Earth, stating that the humans "should have waited for the appropriate measures and shouldn't have rushed in such a serious matter".

    The rain finally stops, but it's no good. Most of the planet has flooded. Only fifty percent of the humans are still alive. People start to build makeshift harbours in the last thousand islands remaining on Earth. Most of the population are living in ships built with alien and human tech. The ones with more money live on the islands, building more houses for those who can afford it. Due to the contact with the organic alien compounds who fell underwater, the plants and animals start to evolve quickly to adapt to the new environment, all of them becoming amphibian or simply underwater species. Although the Union has broken its bonds with Earth, it left a small space station hovering over the planet, saying that the Earth could join the deal once more if it were to become an economic interest again.

    2110, January 1st - Pacific Main Harbour

    Life is getting tougher. Every day is harder to survive, but you try to make it. Be it human, crossbreed or even a left over of the aliens that were on Earth, the planet is killing everything that can't survive on water. But hey, we're making it work. YOU are making it work. After are all, you're still alive. And now, a work opportunity by this weird letter you received that told you to go this bar on the Pacific, the Broken Bones Bar. Okay, it's a job on a pirate ship. But a job after all... A good way to start the new year!

    Before you could think another thing, a weird man with a mechanic leg walked inside the bar, raising a flag and yelling at the top of his lungs so that everybody could hear him.


    And this wasn't addressed for all the cunts here, only for the ones who got my letter. Those who are wondering 'what letter?' can fuck off and mind their own business. Now, for the rest of you that did receive letter, it is already stated for you all that this is about a job proposition. Whether you're in or out, it ain't of my concern, but for those are in, let me just say there'll be plenty of chances to get some dough and you'll have three meals a day, more than you are being able to eat these days. So, for all of the interested, take these. And welcome to the Flying Fox".

    He threw a bunch of flyers to the air, with a lot of questions written in them (sign ups: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/pirates-of-the-everyocean.88853/ )

    After that, he patiently awaited for everyone to fill the flyers as he sat in the bar and started to ask for a few drinks.
  2. A scrawny man reached out for a flyer, only to have his arm grabbed by a large metal hand. "Oi ye lit'l..." He started to say as he turned to face a short woman with a cold stare. He quickly let the flyer go and drop into her other robotic palm. She released his arm and went to a table to sign it. "Rather personal..." She muttered as she finished the paper and returned to the man who gave it. Damn, he was so high up in that barstool that she couldn't tap his shoulder like a normal person. "Hey... Down here." She said holding the paper up and waiting for him to turn around.
  3. Gerard stood there, watching closely everyone of the people who were filling the flyers. It seemed like everyone was "too normal" to work on a pirate ship. But it isn't like there was a pirate university where people would learn how to steal things from others or how to properly drive a ship. He didn't care much about their lives, but he wasn't really the captain of the boat to make any decisions... Looking around, he searched for anything that would raise his interest. Feeling a touch on his back, he turned around. A young looking girl was handing him one of the flyers. Well, it least she knows how to read. He finished reading her the entire sheet of paper. Rather interesting, the daughter of one of the bigwigs. Rare, and could be pretty useful. "Ya see like you'll be of some use to the ship. Aye, you'll be a nice cook. Geddit? Because women are supposed to be in the kitchen! Ha ha ha!", he laughed histerically in an annoying sound. "Leaving the jokes behind, I'll give you a nice position. For now, you are the Navigator. Welcome to the Flying Fox, girl".
  4. "Noted. And the name is Mable." She replied in a slightly irritated tone. That wasn't too bad, she had to take several trips to get here and her sense of direction was pretty good. She almost smashed her fist into his head when he said she was going to be a cook but stopped herself when it turned out to be a joke. She returned to her seat and watched for someone else to turn in there flyer.
  5. "Appreciate it. You'll do a'ight around here, trust me. The name's Gerard", he said with a smile. He turned to the rest of the bar, expecting for someone else to join the crew. He would need many others.

    Gerard observed peacefully until another one of the people gave him one of the flyers filled with more information. Male, young. Damn, all of them were so young. Maybe too young. Or Gerard was just getting too old for this sort of thing... And this one was even too educated for the job. Who the hell would want to be a pirate if they could be anything else? Gerard didn't appreciate those who would be joining the crew to prove something to other people or to themselves. And he didn't trust people like that.

    "Ahoy and welcome. I hope you are satisfied by the things our ship offer. Does the three meals thing sound good to you?"

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  6. § Raymond §
    Okay, remind me to change that Title into Ray only, it quite irks me so badly

    As he crossed through the busy town filled with Vendors selling different goods, Raymond Ray strolled past a burly man buying Graniums. "Stupid Parents..." muttered Ray as he walked down the street. "If I wasn't a High Society Child, I would've cursed them loudly right now..." Yes, yes he would've cursed them right now, screaming on top of his lungs, but no, his Gentleman code is on the way of that path. "Wait, who was that?" Ray suddenly said. I am your Creator, I narrate the stuff you do. Now don't talk to me, your breaking my role. "Oh... Okay, you have better make your narration prestige." Ray replied. Okay, okay. Let's get on with the story: As he was walking down the crowded streets, he saw a burly tall man waving a flag screaming "AHOY & WELCOME YE CUNTS!!!". "Is that a Pirate?" Ray asked "Was that a Pirate Narrator Voice?" I said don't talk to me! *sigh* your making my job more & more hard. J-just go ahead & talk to him & don't you dare say a word to me again. "Fine..." Ray replied in an irritated tone.

    As he went near the man waving around a flag, Ray saw a small child with green hair & very large gloves enter the ship. "Wow" Ray thought "That Child actually went in." He walked across the men standing near the man & saw pieces of paper on the ground. He picked up the piece of paper & read it. As he finished, he walked to the man & introduced himself, from his age, his strengths, his history. All in Third Person. Such as this Narration "What?" Ray said, I told you, no speaking to the Narrator, to everyone else that sees you talking to me, they will think you are a lunatic. "Fine..." After the very short conversation of Ray & me, the man told him: "Ahoy & Welcome. I hope you are satisfied by the things our ship offer. Does the three meals thing sound good to you?" "Actually, it depends on the food. I most certainly don't like Crab Goop, if that will be the meal." Ray answered, "Now, will I, as well, board the ship?"
  7. Gerard stood still with a neutral face in front of the boy as he... Talked with himself? Yes, it certainly looked like it. Oh dear lord, this is my crew? "Well, food is food. Is more than most are getting now, but I will see what I can do about it to make it taste better. Wait, I just had the brightest of the ideas!", Gerard said, with his index finger pointing up and a smile on his face. "Since you like good taste on the foods, you will be the Cook on the ship! Yes, I bet you'll do a great job. Yummi yummi, huh? Cooking the monsters we get, trying to make them taste delicious? It will be a good job for you, isn't it? And don't you worry, we got plenty different kinds of spices on the ship".
  8. § Ray §
    Ah, that title is better. Now, on with the story!

    "I would certainly love to participate this crew's culinary arts." Ray replied, he surely would love to make food that is certainly NOT Disgusting. "But, I would need proper ingredients, depending on what we are looting." "Oh, so much to do! Oh, I swear you would not regret this Decision." Although Gerard is a burly pirate with little to no politeness, he felt like more as a friend, than a stranger, besides, it seems like he was accepted, he knew there was no need to ask permission to board the ship, Gerard, the Girl, & more others, all in a journey that will most likely end to death, but, what person gains without a little pain? With one step into the Large Boat, he felt like this was the first step of his new life.
  9. "Aye, I'll find you the best ingredients I can. But I can't promise anything, that I can boy. You know what's happening to the fish out there, right? One of these days I've found a very weird fish. Not that this matters, welcome aboard sonny". Gerard took the hand of Ray and shaked it with a smile. "I think you'll fit alright in here". He then turned towards the girl that had joined as Navigator. "Halo, Mable is it? Why don't you get to know our new Cook while I search for another crewman? Once we have a third one, we're gonna set sail for another little bar. I spread out more of this flyers around, ya know. Got a new ship, need a new crew. And we already have something to do once we're set... Anyway, you two get to know each other while I search for a gunner".

    @Crono @MelodiousLime
  10. §Ray §
    I'm in the ship with a girl I haven't met. What could possibly go wrong?
    As Gerard went out the ship in search of a gunner, Ray was in the ship, with a following message to get to know Mable. From the way Gerard's tone described her name, it seems like she has a very short temper. It was the joy of being Fully Educated. As Ray explored the Ship, he finally saw a girl with a black shirt, green hair, & some sort of heavy metallic gloves. He carefully went to Mable, making sure that his footsteps are audible so she won't be surprised, & as he came near her, he introduced himself: "Hello, my name is Raymond, but I prefer Ray, Gerard told me we should get to know each other. I know we are both strangers, but we need to build trust if we are going to survive the next voyage."
  11. Terri Cordeilia walked into the bar, well, bar was a nice way to put it. Like much of their water filled world, this bar was a dump. She was careful not to show it though, and besides, she was too used to dumps- she wouldn't trust a place that was clean.

    She looked over, away from a detailed painting on the wall of a dry world, at the man who yelled. 'So he's the Captain, boss, classy....' She walked towards him, not feeling the need to walk faster than her usual, brisk, pace. She walked towards him, her jacket hood on and backpack filled. Before getting to him she took her hood off, allowing her full face to be seen. Her hair wasn't braided yet, but big and curly from the braid she had slept in.

    "'Morning," She said, "I'm Terri."
  12. Mable raised a eyebrow at the coming fancy guy. When he introduced his self she wondered how long she would remember his nickname and said "Name's Mabel. I'm the Navigator. Your the Cook huh? Sure don't look like one." She extended her iron hand for him to shake.
  13. "Greetings, Ms. Terri. The name's Gerard". The pirate looked at the new girl from head to toes. She was too pretty to be in this business. He took the flyer that she offered him and started to read it. Hmmm... Let's see... So far, this had been the most useful one he got for his crew. A fighter, and he needed one badly. He already had two for the brains, he needed someone for the muscle. Terri would do alright on the ship. Gerard smiled. "A'ight, it's a good one right here", he said, pointing to the flyer on his hand. "You can hop inside. You're our newly assigned Master Gunner. Welcome!", he said, shaking her hand.
  14. Terri nodded, shaking his hand happily. Master Gunner, that was a good position, whatever that was.... She would ask him about the details of her job later, for now, she headed onto the ship. She was happy to have gotten the job, and wondered where she'd put her things.

    When she got on the ship she was instantly hoping to find people. She heard a girl speak,

    She followed the sound on the ship, walking in to a short girl and a clean cut guy. The girl was wearing curious gloves that Terri instantly wanted to ask about. Navigator and cook, it occurred to her then that she didn't know anything about the ranks on the ship. The guy though, she didn't like his looks. He was too clean, stood too straight.

    "I'm Terri," She said, "Master Gunner."
  15. § Ray §
    3 Persons at the Crew, at least we are going to set sail soon.
    As Ray shook Mable's hand, he introduced himself to Terri. "Good Morning, my name is Raymond but I prefer Ray. Judging by your expression, you are quite suspicious about me. Sorry if your uncomfortable with my appearance, I am a High Society Person.
    "& As for Mable's Question & as an Introduction to Terri, I am your new cook & maybe your assistant. I know some culinary arts that will fill your stomachs & make you feel warmer. I sure do not look like one but trust me, I make mean delicacies. I am also fully educated & can be very stealthy."

    "Great," Ray thought "A person is already suspicious, & we haven't even set sail." with a step closer to Terri, he extended his hand, expecting no greetings at all.
  16. Trevor was already in the bar downing whatever was put in front of him when the captain entered. He snatched up one of the papers and filled it out. He held it out to Gerard. "Trevor Clarkson. Marksman, swordsman, ladies man." Trevor was happy. This was his ticket out of this shit hole. "You wouldn't by any chance be havin' any rum on that boat of yours would ya?". Despite the fact he was a marksman, Trevor liked to drink. Some had thought of him as a legend. The man who could pin a fly to a wall after 7 straight shots of tequila. Some legend he thought to himself.
  17. "Glad to hear that now we got some serious shooter around here. I'm Gerard, quartermaster of the boat. And man, I wish I had some rum, but you know how hard it is to find it these days. I'd do anything for some rum", Gerard said, looking serious. "I mean it man, I'd fucking do ANYTHING", he approached Trevor, looking inside his eyes. "I'd suck dicks for some rum man. This is what I'd do. You don't have any rum with ya there, do ya? DO YA?". The quartermaster laughed. "I'm just fucking with ya, mate. Or maybe I ain't. If you ever find some rum on our future trips, you know where to get something", he said, making a serious face again. "Anyhow, welcome to the Flying Fox. You'll be one of our Gunner. You'll take orders from that lady over there", Gerard pointed towards Terri. "You'll better hand your ass to her already, 'cause she'll be pounding it everyday on the ship. Trust me, I've been a gunner, and Master Gunners may start kind, but as time passes, they can become very bitter". Throwing a complacent look at Trevor, Gerard left to look for more crew men.
  18. Mable smiled at the new girl. She didn't know why but she liked her. "Mable, Navigator but I'm sure you already heard that. Nice to met ya." She liked the thought of Mr. Fancy thinking he was her assistant, maybe she could teach him how to get along with his Narrator. She looked over at the new Gunner, she contained a chuckle as she thought of Terri bossing him about after trying to put the terrifying mental image Gerard had implanted out of her brain.
  19. Terri rolled her eyes and shook his hand, deciding not to explain to him the scum he was. She turned away from him when Mabel spoke,
    She smiled, "I did. At least someone on this ship will be able to hold their own." She noticed Mable looking behind her and turned to see the Captain speaking to someone.
    She nodded to Mabel, "I'd probably be best to introduce myself to him." She then turned to head towards the guy.

    "Terri, Master Gunner," She said to him (@CoShocker ), putting her hand out to shake.
  20. He shook her hand. "Trevor, gunner." He looked her up and down. "What makes you the master gunner?" He asked curiously.
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