Pirates of the Everyocean

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  1. Setting (open)

    A large alien spaceship hovers over Earth. The humanity is scared, ready to fire at them at any second. A diplomatic representative gets down from the ship to communicate with the UN. They offer Earth a seat on the Galactic Union, to make humans a part of the most sucessful nations on the galaxy and to let them take and share technology with the other planets that were a part of the Union. The earthling people are suspicious, thinking that it could be a scam to take over their world. After several months deliberating and seeing as the alien still hadn't attacked them, the governments of all the world agreed to join the Galactic Union. Some special islands are given to the variety of aliens as a gift.

    Aliens have started to travel to other places besides the chosen islands, spreading across the planet. Most of the humans don't like them and still think they're up to something. Earth starts to share its technology with the Galactic Union, and also start to have access to the technology shared from other civilization, except weapons, because according to the deal, only a planet with over a hundred years being a part of the Union can have access to galactic level weapons. The governments take a particular interest in a massive machine capable of producing water. They start to make a deal to get all the blueprints and tools to make the machine. At the end of the year, a few interspecies relationships begin to pop around.

    Thirty years after the start of the deal, all the civilizations involved with the making of the "Pure H2O Machine" finally agreed to share every single tool and give all the blueprints to Earth. Scientists from everywhere start to work on the building of the project. Product of the interspecies relationships, several "crossbreeds" spread around. They're targeted by several racial factions. About ten thousand aliens are living on Earth, but the number of "crossbreeds" are reaching the fifty thousand mark.

    The machine has just finished being built. It is ready to produce drinking water enough for everyone on the planet, and will carry it through several "delivery pipes" set in strategic points on Earth. The government covered the machine with an almost indestructible shell, as to hold on against attacks from several extremists factions from Earth. The machine starts. Ten minutes later, it goes out of control, producing an absurd quantity of water. All the possible measures are taken, but due to the strong shell built with alien tech, apparently no earthly weapon is capable of destroying the machine. After a day of activity, the machine has swallowed entire cities by raising the tides. The Earth begs the Union to destroy the machine. They ask for time to deliberate. Impatient, the government launchs a giant missile over the machine, destroying it along with most of its surrounding. But some of the alien material in the machine evaporated, creating a seemingly everlasting rain that just kept the tides going higher and higher. The Union breaks its bonds with Earth, stating that the humans "should have waited for the appropriate measures and shouldn't have rushed in such a serious matter".

    The rain finally stops, but it's no good. Most of the planet has flooded. Only fifty percent of the humans are still alive. People start to build makeshift harbours in the last thousand islands remaining on Earth. Most of the population are living in ships built with alien and human tech. The ones with more money live on the islands, building more houses for those who can afford it. Due to the contact with the organic alien compounds who fell underwater, the plants and animals start to evolve quickly to adapt to the new environment, all of them becoming amphibian or simply underwater species. Although the Union has broken its bonds with Earth, it left a small space station hovering over the planet, saying that the Earth could join the deal once more if it were to become an economic interest again.

    2110, January 1st - Pacific Main Harbour

    Life is getting tougher. Every day is harder to survive, but you try to make it. Be it human, crossbreed or even a left over of the aliens that were on Earth, the planet is killing everything that can't survive on water. But hey, we're making it work. YOU are making it work. After are all, you're still alive. And now, a work opportunity by this weird letter you received that told you to go this bar on the Pacific, the Broken Bones Bar. Okay, it's a job on a pirate ship. But a job after all... A good way to start the new year!

    Before you could think another thing, a weird man with a mechanic leg walked inside the bar, raising a flag and yelling at the top of his lungs so that everybody could hear him.

    IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/pirates-of-the-everyocean.88854/


    And this wasn't addressed for all the cunts here, only for the ones who got my letter. Those who are wondering 'what letter?' can fuck off and mind their own business. Now, for the rest of you that did receive letter, it is already stated for you all that this is about a job proposition. Whether you're in or out, it ain't of my concern, but for those are in, let me just say there'll be plenty of chances to get some dough and you'll have three meals a day, more than you are being able to eat these days. So, for all of the interested, take these. And welcome to the Flying Fox".

    He threw a bunch of flyers to the air, with a lot of questions written in them.

    What is your name, chump?
    Are ya old enough to do this? How old are ya?
    Tell me a bit about how ya behave (personality)
    How do you look? (pics/description)
    What ya good at? (experience/strong points)
    How did you ended up in this hole? (history)
    Why should I trust you in my ship?
    What are you after?

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  2. Name: Mable Crosswinds

    Age: 21

    Personality: A firey hothead of a girl, Mable is perfectly willing to smack any fool's jaw off that dares to mess with her. Dispite this, she's rather protective of her freinds and will gladly take a bullet for them. She likes to fight and loves to win, especially with money involved. She is quite sensitive about her lacking hight so don't comment about it or she'll do more then step on your foot. She has never forgiven the aliens for what they did to her father.

    Pic: image.jpg

    Strong points:
    Examining alien tech(can put a price tag on it faster then a used car salesman)
    Without her gloves she is quick and stealthy

    History: daughter of a devoted scientist who worked on the "Pure H2O" protect, granting her a wide view on alien tech of all kinds. When the machine went haywire he sent her and her mother off as he tried to fix it. To make a long story short he failed and drowned. Mable and her mother settled down on one of the islands only to find that mommy was sick. Before she died they received the odd letter. Her mother gave her all her money to go, she didn't want her daughter to suffer the same fate as her. She only just had enough cash to make it to the bar without selling her dad's final gift: Power gloves. Robotic gauntlets that ignore a lot of weight as well as serving as useful weapons.

    You should trust me because I can keep the weapons running, the engine going, and the ship from sinking. Also, I can take one look a that piece of metal you found flouting about and tell exactly how much it costs.

    The three meals a day sounds good. And it's better then rotting on a island.
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  3. Name: Raymond Denshire

    Age: 23

    Personality: Gentle, Caring, Courageous, & very Picky, Raymond will not hesitate to try to rip out the idiot's arm off if he finds a person that seriously irks him, although he hides it perfectly. He is a realist & will seriously have a nervous breakdown if he is on the verge of dying. He will try to help his friend's life, even have serious injuries for it. He is very polite & he will fit in with High Society Dinner parties. He isn't very strong & knows basic parkour & isn't a very big fan on unnecessary risk, & will be very easily offended, although he hides it well. Apparently, he knows no mercy when it comes to Extra - Terrestial beings, & in almost every occasion, he produces feelings for every animal or things, feeling bad if he accidentally lost his pencil, & nicknaming them through their behavior. He will also be annoyed if you call him Raymond, he prefers you call him "Ray"


    Strong Points:

    Able to fit in with High Society
    Full Education
    Able to make friends with almost everyone
    Can act as different people
    Very Stealthy in the darkness
    Able to calm down most people, although he can't make himself calm

    History: Living in comfort since birth, Raymond (or Ray) has been in the High Society Life. Having Full Education, proper ettiquette, elegance & grace, & politeness, Ray has been rolling in Comfort until he was 26, his overprotective parents told him he cannot join in any job that involves violence, it flared a rage in Ray that he told his parents he shall live their house, & join the Pirates to prove he is not "petite", with all of his stuff. Packing all of his things in his Floating Travelbot, a small circular flying bot that turns things into code & storing it into its storage, & when a person asks for 1 thing, it turns the code into solid form & gives it to the person who commanded the bot. He left his house, found a Captain that needs a crew, & joined him. Now, I have told you my information in 3rd Person version, what is the other question?

    Trust me, I am going to prove to my parents that I am not a weakling at all. You have my word, Gentleman's Code, if I break this word, I shall quit being a High Society person & leap off into Razortooth infested waters.

    Seeking the Pleasure in seeing my Parents' looks when they see they were wrong.
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  4. *Cough*
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  5. *cough* thisguyiscorrect *cough*

    But to make things more formally solved

    Both are accepted
  6. *cough* thankyou *cough*
  7. *cough* weneedvitaminsifwearegonnacoughlikethis *cough*
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  8. Hey! I wanna join! :)

    If you're still open, here's my character sheet:

    Name: Terri Cordeilia
    Age: 22
    Personality: Teri is a very simple woman. She is very black and white and most of what she says is in straightforward monotone. She has a habit of accidentally insulting people by stating just the wrong facts, but also makes most people believe her as she has never told a lie.
    Looks: [​IMG] Terri has long brown hair and dark eyes. She doesn't usually look welcome, but rather alert and watching. She's usually in jeans and a white shirt with the occasional leather jacket to match her mothers old Doc Martin boots. She is also always wearing a pair of alien tech finger-less gloves that shock when they hit. Not enough to kill anyone, but not much less than a tazer either.
    Experience/Strong Points: Terri is a surprisingly effective fighter, having been raised on a ship where raiding, stealing, attacking, and other monstrosities were common. She also speaks a lot of languages, including Spanish and Russian.
    History: Terri grew up on the Savior, a ship meant to act as a saving grace to any and all people that could not afford the 'high life'. While it was probably better than drowning, Terri watched her father leave when she was 4, staying on the ship but out of her life. When she was 12 she watched her mother get murdered. As a tiny 12 year old girl, wearing a pink dress and shaking with fear as she watched from the side, Terri couldn't help her mother at all. Since that point she strengthened up. She brought her gloves and trained with them for years, taking care of herself. However, the ship had no government and when she was 17 she found the man that killed her mother and broke his knee-caps before throwing him off board.

    Sick of a life on an isolated ship with no law, and no kindness, but plenty of memories of her family; Terri decided it was time to move on. At 22 she left, making her way around doing random things and doing what she needed to do. She also had a habit of 'Robin Hood-ing' any people from the high life that she found, if they were old enough. She's not big on guilt, or changing her past. She is interested in joining the pirate ship, as the way she was living was not sustainable and she knows it.
    Why should you trust me?: If I wanted to hurt you I wouldn't infiltrate your ship, I'd attack you now. I'm frank and honest, and you couldn't ask for a more level headed ship-mate.
    What are you after?: I'm bored, and my life isn't sustainable as is. I want a job, and the way I see it it's this or seducing some idiot high life-er. I'd rather starve on a pirate ship.
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  9. Accepted!
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  10. AWESOME!
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  11. Will a description suffice in place of a picture? I can't find anything pictures that I like.
  12. Yep, it will do too
  13. Name: Trevor Clarkson
    Age: 25
    Personality: Social, know-it-all, joker.
    Appearance: 6'2", caucasian, average build. Has short brown hair and brown eyes. Wears dark green T-shirt beneath a worn brown leather jacket; green cargo pants and a cowboy hat. Also has various scars on his right arm, originating from various happenings.

    Strong points: Well educated, excellent marksman and swordsman.

    History: Trevor was raised on a rotting aircraft carrier that was the remnants of the United States. The ship was in poor condition and when he was ten the captain decided to beach the ship on an island. Things went smoothly for six years until a strong band of savages raided the settlement and massacred everyone. Trevor escaped on a small sailing boat with a few others. When they reached the nearest port they split up. Trevor was on his own and had to fend for himself. He worked odd jobs for anyone willing to pay. One day he hopes to do more with his life than work thankless jobs. That day is today.

    Why should you trust me?: I don't know. Why would Anyone trust anyone anymore?

    What am I after: I'm out for adventure and shit.
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  14. Accepted!
  15. Name: Sonya Hock

    Age: 27

    Personality: Plays at being needy and demanding - a fake princess - but is actually fiercely independent and confident in her abilities. Has an impenetrable temperament and a positive disposition. Gets her kicks on getting people to do things for her, especially if it's for nothing in return.

    Show Spoiler

    Experience: Animal Tamer, Swordswoman, Tactician, Sword Hunter, Diver

    History: Need something to eat? Go to a farmer, a fisher, or Sonya. Need someone dead? Sonya's really your only choice there. Sonya grew up alone, inheriting her parents' swords. She learned the hard way how to catch, trap, and tame wildlife, both terrestrial and aquatic. As a teenager, she got daring enough to try deep sea breath hunting. She'd get fish, eels, and the odd aquatically evolved beast. She eventually came across some scuba equipment and started poaching big game with just swords and an O2 tank. Here and there, she'd receive assassination contracts and made some blood money. Essentially, she was a damn talented swordswoman, and nobody could tell her different. She knew she was good, but nobody was as good as she thought she was. And now, oh captain my captain, she's all yours, and if you play your cards right, she'll be all yours in another way. Arrrrrrr!

    Merit: Sonya doesn't really give a damn what you want out of her. Chances are, she'll play along for the Hell of it. What of it.

    Aspiration: Entertainment and sweet, sweet, pirate booty. The loots be mine!
  16. Aaaaand it's accepted
  17. 'Why should I trust you' is a terrible question for aspiring piratea
  18. Indeed. Looks fishy, doesn't it?
  19. You know what else looks fishy

    The ocean
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